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whaaa~ this owns! once i have the game twitter up and running properly i'll be sure to retweet this. thanks so much. :)

i'm glad you like it! it's very encouraging to see how high up you got.

oh i'm glad you enjoyed it. i don't actually have much else that's like it (at least not publicly available) but you should check out BARCHboi's Deidia ( cos that's what initial inspired a lot of my design choices.

it's spooky yes, but there are no jumpscares or anything gross or violent. it's all very abstract.

you can grab and pull individual raindrops around so there's an even more god mode run where u don't place blocks at all... 👀

wow yeah that does sound like complete OS incompatibility, which is crazy cos this game was made on a not-that-old mac. it might be worth trying to use wine or something similar; i've generally had more success with 2D games being emulated in wine, but since unity's 2D is actually just flat 3D it might not make any difference. 

good luck!

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i'm not sure that i have the project files anymore, but regardless, i don't think i can get official support for new versions of macOS. apple is cracking down real hard on independent app development (apps that don't pay for authentication) which basically locks that market away for anyone like me.

have you tried the command line workaround for unauthenticated app permissions?

oh i just realised what you meant by this question; the windows version was zipped with a save file inside it already because i am an idiot. this will almost definitely cause some save problems due to various permissions about where unity games are allowed to write data. i deleted the save file and re-uploaded the windows build which should solve any future problems. sorry for being a dolt.

:') thank u paul u r so kind

ok yeah so the save file should just be in the game data folder somewhere. if getting to the "thanks for playing" screen doesn't reset you then deleting that file will. if the save file isn't in the local game data directory then it'll be stashed away somewhere deep in your computer, wherever unity games store their persistent data.

yeah if you get to the "thanks for playing" screen it should reset you back to the opening stage, but if that doesn't happen then there is a save file that you can delete. what platform are you playing on?

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it's called "Syne Tactile" and it's a free google font :)

thanks me too

i'm glad u enjoyed your stay. 😌

😭 thank u~ ❤

change gears by holding space (or any face button, if ur on a controller) and pressing any cardinal direction, then releasing space while still holding that direction (u can also tap space and no direction to return to the "neutral" gear). each gear changes what the action buttons (R/L bumper on a controller, and J/K (among others) on keyboard) do. the west/left gear is your friend. try pressing the left action button (left bumper or J) twice.

this system has been altered (but not removed) in the current (non-public) build, and i may replace the demo with an updated version at some point soon, but i hope this helps for now. 

thanks me too lol


aaaaaa thank u~

thank you~!

lmao that shouldn't be possible got darn it

the game icon is actually a piece of scomo """satire""" that i eventually decided to leave out of the full game.

if i get my act together maybe I'll re-use some of the assets from this and make a full aussie post-apoc rpg where u can fight a coal-powered scomo-mecha.

- no, lol. sorry.

- no, there are 50 total. 

- that's one way to go. there are 3 ways total. one is common (asphyxiation), one is random, and one is difficult (achieved by collecting all 50 pieces of wood), but none of them change the ending in any way other than the causal text. 

oh yeah ur right idk how i missed that. I must have forgotten when updating the demo.


you mean the desktop app? i have no idea, I've never looked at the app before. 

I just got a fix through so now it should work on mac and linux again!

Hey i just got a fix for that shader problem so maybe it has also fixed the linux issue! Lemme know if it still doesn't work.

Nah no fix yet. In fact I can now no longer run builds of the game on my own computers! Agh!
Anyway you can follow the bug here if you like (but I haven't received an update in quite some time).

((((((( j u m p )))))))

me too. I shall. :)

Hey turns out this is a unity error and not a problem I can solve on my end (at least it was for mac and web builds). I have filed a bug report which has been successfully replicated so if we're lucky there'll be a fix in the next update.

Oh no! I'm sorry I don't have a Linux computer to test on. If the problem you are having is that the game does not progress past the opening menu (appears to freeze when you select the play button) then this is a known issue on [some] macs as well and I am VERY confused about it. I am going to try moving to the latest version of unity at some point and will release updated builds when I do.

that's very-nearly all of them! I'm glad you like it :)

Oh no! You are right! Now that I see this on a regular resolution screen it is indeed much harder to see. I'll look around for another font. Thanks!

Thanks, I'll send further details soon.

Hello! I would like to show this game at an exhibition sometime in early October, and was wondering if I could contact you personally to discuss some more details and get your permission. Twitter or email both work for me.

!!! That's awesome I'm glad you like this one :)

The Dragon Palace? ? ?

Thank. :) Worked hard on wiggle :)