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Neither the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality nor the Bundle for Ukraine included any Steam keys at all, even if the games in them did indeed include keys for regular purchases.

Maybe this is an option/setting that somehow overrules your (or any other dev's) preferences. 🤷

Nice, thanks! Waiting for the new build.

The recent update (November 2022) has some issues, both the Linux and the Windows builds. The game starts and works, but the audio for the dialogues is not loading, and the text disappears almost instantly.

Judging by what I could find on the Steam boards, looks like it's not the first time something like this happens. Could you please take a look at it?


No problem. Just downloaded the new build, thanks!

Just bought the game on the Humble Store, and the DRM-free build I downloaded from there is called "", which seems to be quite outdated compared to the one available here (v1.1.17).

Could you please update the downloadable build on Humble?


Is there anywhere a complete list of calls accepted by the server-side itch API? I know there's this page in the documentation, but it only covers a couple of calls, and they're focused on the game creator's side. As a simple user and customer, I'd like to be able to automatically get a list of all my purchased games, and check the date of modification of their downloadable files, etc.

So, does anybody know if such documentation exists somewhere?


Thanks again! (I'm on Linux so that does it for me)

Nice, thanks!

Hi, I'm posting this here since the The Maker's Eden page doesn't have comments enabled.

This is just to let you know that neither the Linux nor the Mac builds of The Maker's Eden can be downloaded (the download gets redirected to and produces a "503 Service Unavailable" error page). On the other hand, the newer Windows build can be downloaded without problem. Could you please take a look at it and restore the Mac and Linux downloads? Thanks!

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Same problem here, on Arch Linux.

When something like this happens, it's usually because the game is fixed to run at whatever my system's monitor refresh rate is, and I have to manually reduce it from 144Hz to 60Hz. In this case that didn't fix the problem and the game still ran at something like Spaceballs' ludicrous speed. :P

EDIT: to point out that this happens with the stable Linux build. The experimental one doesn't start as it segfaults at launch.

EDIT#2: the Windows build works fine with Wine Staging out of the box, so at least there's that.

Nice, thanks!

I also got the game with the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, and I'm afraid the Linux build is incomplete: as the file name suggests it only contains the RadishLinuxBuilt_Data directory, and it lacks the RadishLinuxBuilt.x86 binary to launch the game.

I could get it to work with the binary of another Unity game built with the same runtime (version 5.6.5f1),  but still I think you should re-upload a complete Linux build. Thanks!

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The new updated build works just fine, thanks!

But I'm afraid that the new LOVE Linux build has the same problem: cannot run without the Steam client. Could you take a look at it, please?

After experimenting for a bit, I guess the answer to your question is "Yes", because:

  1. After managing to make the Creaker go, its entry on the entities list is now green
  2. If I quit the game and start it again, the Creaker entry is still green


  1. If I select the Creaker, I can go through its process all over again (though that's probably the intended behavior)
  2. If I go back to the menu in the midst of a conversation with an entity, my partial progress isn't saved (again, that's just probably an intended feature and not a bug)
  3. Until I "beat" an entity, no save file is created at C:\users\MYUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Shakles\Totem, and the same "file not found" exception that I experienced with the Linux build, is also thrown to the Player.log file

So in conclusion, I'm no longer sure the "file not found" exception was relevant to the crashes with the Linux build... :\

PS: The game was rather hard to play because I didn't get a little dot in the middle of the screen acting as a crosshair, but that could well perfectly be a Wine issue...

Hi! Like with Bittersweet, thanks for the freebie!

But I'm afraid the Linux build for this game is borked as well. In this case, the game crashes as soon as you select an entity. Judging by the Unity logs, the problem seems to have to do with save file managing.

This is the error I found at first:

Then, after I manually created an empty TotemSaveFile.dat, I got this error:

Again, like with Bittersweet, the Windows build worked alright with Wine and DXVK.

Hi! First and foremost, thanks for the freebie! :)

I'm afraid the Linux build is somewhat borked, though. It's playable, but it has a strange graphical glitch. It's not easy to explain in words, but basically the whole screen is replicated in the lower left quadrant (and, in turn, the lower left quadrant of that quadrant is completely black): see here and here. I didn't find anything in the log that could explain this behavior.

The Windows build doesn't have this problem (I could run it with Wine + DXVK).

Nice, thanks! <3

Hi, I know I just got the game for free, but (at least) the Linux build doesn't seem to be DRM-free and it asks for Steam when launched. Did you perhaps upload the wrong builds here? Could you please take a look at it?


PS: I'm posting this here since comments aren't allowed on the game page.

That's because this is really a Windows-only game. It was kinda being given away in the Install Instructions: "...execute the .exe file."

@TeamSix: nanos, canvieu la descripció de la pàgina i desmarqueu les caixetes de macOS i Linux. Merci.

The same goes for Linux. What you've uploaded is only the Windows build.

Unity can build for Windows, Linux, and Mac (plus other OSes), but you've got to tell it to do so, and do it one at a time.

Thanks! :D

Will you be adding macOS and Linux builds, like on GameJolt or Steam? I'd snatch it without a second thought if it was available for Linux... :)

First of all, congrats on the release!

Count me in among those who wait for a Linux build. In the meantime I've tried it with Wine, but I'm getting the same "FATAL ERRORS" like others have reported in other threads. Downloading the file and extracting it at C:\Users\<YOUR USER>\AppData\Local\AdventurOS\data didn't help. :\

Also, the game seems to perform an update check at startup, and it gets stuck "Loading..." if there's no internet connection available. Could you check that and skip the update step if no network is found, or after a certain timeout?

Downloaded, thanks! :)

Great, thanks!


Any plans on uploading the updated version of the game here? :)

What the heck?!? I've just fired up the game and you're right, 6 cones it is.

My mind must be playing tricks on me, as I'd swear I only had 4 yesterday. Oh well, thanks for the reply and sorry for bothering you over nothing. :S

Hi Daniel, just bought the game and I'm having great fun with it!

Or rather... I was having great fun until I reached the "Infinite Loop" level. After struggling with it for more than one hour I gave up and looked up for a solution online. And to my surprise, I saw that in all the solutions I found, you're given 6 cones in said level, whereas in the Linux build here on I'm only getting 4.

Could it be that the builds available here are outdated or bugged? If so, could you please update them?


I don't use Steam actually, so I'd greatly appreciate a download link. Since you probably wouldn't want to leave it here 'in the open', I'll just fire an email to you so you can send it to me. Cheers!

Oh, sorry to hear that. :(

No need for a refund, but thanks nonetheless. I'll just play the game via Wine. Or better still, is there any way you could make the initial Linux version available to me? I don't care if I can't save, the game isn't that long anyway, is it? :)

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Did you drop Linux support for the game? I bought it a couple of days ago when still had the penguin icon but I can't see it anymore...

Is it because all the Linux-related problems that have been reported lately ([1], [2], [3])? I'm running Arch Linux and I'm getting both the "fullscreen bug" and the lack of certain textures like human skins (see [4]) or certain rocks.

On top of that I'm having some shader problems, probably related to sunlight going through glass and water (see [5]-[8]). I found these warnings on the Unity log:

WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Y Projector and Waterline' - Pass 'DEFERRED' has no vertex shader
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Y Projector and Waterline' - Pass 'FORWARD' has no vertex shader
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Y Projector and Waterline' - Pass 'FORWARD_DELTA' has no vertex shader
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Y Projector and Waterline' - Pass 'META' has no vertex shader
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Y Projector and Waterline' - All passes removed
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Special/Sun Shaft' - Pass 'FORWARD' has no vertex shader
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Special/Sun Shaft' - All passes removed
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Skin' - Pass 'DEFERRED' has no vertex shader
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Skin' - Pass 'FORWARD' has no vertex shader
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Skin' - Pass 'FORWARD_DELTA' has no vertex shader
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Skin' - Pass 'META' has no vertex shader
WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Eastshade/Skin' - All passes removed

I've tried running the Windows version with Wine and, while performance is noticeably worse and there are other minor graphical glitches, none of the above happens so it seems like it's all indeed Linux-specific.

So: are you looking into these problems or have you definitely dropped Linux support for the game? I hope not, and I don't really think so since it's still listed as Linux-compatible on Steam, but still I'd like to know.