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Linux and Mac?

A topic by Adri created Jul 07, 2018 Views: 412 Replies: 16
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On your Indiegogo page, you promised "AdventurOS will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux.", but I only see a Windows download.  Did Mac and Linux get dropped at some point, and I missed it, or will they be released later, or what? Congrats on finishing the game, but it's a huge disappointment if many of us won't actually be able to play.


Hello there Adri!

The Windows version is the one we are releasing now, and the Linux and Mac releases will follow. We have been dealing with few yet game breaking bugs and we are working on getting them fixed at the moment. I'll keep you posted!


Great, thanks!

First of all, congrats on the release!

Count me in among those who wait for a Linux build. In the meantime I've tried it with Wine, but I'm getting the same "FATAL ERRORS" like others have reported in other threads. Downloading the file and extracting it at C:\Users\<YOUR USER>\AppData\Local\AdventurOS\data didn't help. :\

Also, the game seems to perform an update check at startup, and it gets stuck "Loading..." if there's no internet connection available. Could you check that and skip the update step if no network is found, or after a certain timeout?


Yeah, we'll try to create a 'portable' version that doesn't require that check, specially now that we are using as the distribution. I don't think it will run on wine anyway, I was never lucky when I tried :(

Again, I'm sorry gnu/linux is not out yet! I'll do everything I can to get it up and running as soon as possible

same here - looking forward to play on my Mac 

Any rough eta?


I'm sure Mac will be out next week!


Great to hear! Congrats on the release! <3

Super! Same key as the link sent or shall I do something different to get it?


Same key should give you all versions available plus the OST :)


Hello there! We pushed a new version for Mac, can you test it to see if it works?

Just tested. It says the file is damaged and cannot be opened.


Can you try re-installing instead of updating? maybe some of the old files were still present and that created the error message

same. re-downloaded today and it still is saying the file is damaged and can't be opened.


I think this is happening for people that are not using the app. It is weird that the file works fine when you run it from the launcher but not when you extract the zip file manually. We are looking into it!

same here.