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Hi Daniel, just bought the game and I'm having great fun with it!

Or rather... I was having great fun until I reached the "Infinite Loop" level. After struggling with it for more than one hour I gave up and looked up for a solution online. And to my surprise, I saw that in all the solutions I found, you're given 6 cones in said level, whereas in the Linux build here on I'm only getting 4.

Could it be that the builds available here are outdated or bugged? If so, could you please update them?


Heya, glad you're enjoying the game!

I just had a look at the game files on here for Linux, and the level "Infinite Loop" is set to grant you 6 cones as it should. Had you maybe placed 2 cones already? Try launching the level again and see :)


What the heck?!? I've just fired up the game and you're right, 6 cones it is.

My mind must be playing tricks on me, as I'd swear I only had 4 yesterday. Oh well, thanks for the reply and sorry for bothering you over nothing. :S