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The full, function-by-function Lua API reference is hidden at the bottom of this page: (replace 5.3 with whatever Lua version playdate uses).

I too got tricked by the existence of the two seperate-but-similar books "Lua Reference Manual" and "Programming in Lua"!

Just finished playing through this: great work! Mixing quake/doom style movement with megadrive music/sfx/visuals was an inspired choice! Definitely going to try out Sonic Robo Blast now.

Love the style, best visuals of any of the 7DFPS games I've played so far!

Just played through this. Really great presentation and hook that I could definitely see expanded further! The only thing I'd fault is the responsiveness of the mouselook: it seemed to have a bit unwanted of acceleration/deceleration built into it.

Great work! I saw this randomly on the frontpage having never played a "mouse maze" game before, but I loved it!

Just played this after watching Jupiter's video. Love the concept, there's definitely scope for more puzzles building on these ideas. Nice work.

Just finished playing this and had a total blast! This level of polish and solid gamefeel doesn't come often in a jam game. Well done to all involved.

There's no voting or winning, 7dfps is not a competitive GameJam.


Great concept! I felt really bad after taking both the health kits...

Incredible work! I love the enemy spritework especially.

Thanks for playing!

In case you were still wondering: the reason you died at the end is you primed a grenade too long and it exploded in your face. I should probably make this clearer with sound in the next version.

Thanks! My only regret of the Jam is not allocating any time to add sound and music, which is something I plan to rectify in the next build.
For now, I recommend either the Metal Gear Solid or Wolfenstein 3D soundtrack!

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

There's no rebindable controls in-game at the moment but: you can rebind your controls in the settings file! Just open the file
%AppData%\Tank Commando 3D\settings.txt in the text editor of your choice, and scroll down to Input.Mappings. Listed under there you should find Crouch bound to "Keyboard.LeftCtrl". To change the binding, change this string to something else, like "Keyboard.C", then save and reload the game.

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Thanks! Players blowing themselves up the first time they use the grenade was definitely something I was hoping for

Nice work! The movement is tight, the visuals are lovely, and the game loop keeps you hitting retry! You must have had a very busy week :)

Heya, glad you're enjoying the game!

I just had a look at the game files on here for Linux, and the level "Infinite Loop" is set to grant you 6 cones as it should. Had you maybe placed 2 cones already? Try launching the level again and see :)


Yeah, I posted the Alpha here on Itch. The game has grown a lot in the 2 years since!