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I really like the music, the controls felt tight, and the graphics were great. Really talented team you guys are!

Hey, thank you PointTime! I was the GUI programmer for this game. Agata (our artist) came up with the idea for the main menu.

@Pixel Lifetime

Thanks! I might try to tidy it up -- add victory/defeat screens, replace the blank spheres with some of the planet sprites Agata made, add the music we meant to add :P

I really like the art style. Looking forward to more updates!

Pretty cool stuff. Music would at a lot to the experience. Look into making fractals, I think adding them would be really cool, and they're not very hard to code.

Nice little game. I always loved these sprites from OGA.

I meant to add a few levels, but honestly work wore me out today and I'm just trying to gym and pass out! There's always the future. Anyone else procrastinate hard? lol

lol thank you. I was thinking of toning it down in the future but maybe I can try to work it into a mechanic :P

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Hey man, nice game. Didn't realize you were in this jam too! haha

Edit: I thought Papercookies made this, that's what my second sentence was about. xd

It was a lot of fun. About making ratings public... Hmmm... I think it would be worth a shot. There's going to be bias either way, and getting more people's opinions would be cool. There's drawbacks, but I say at least give it a shot! I definitely plan to participate again! Thank you for setting it all up, Pixel. Take care!

I think making 5 games a week in one hour increments would be a pretty interesting experiment. :D I heard on NPR a while back that an experiment was done on something similar. Basically one group tried to write the best quality article they could, and the other group tried to write the most quantity of articles. The end result was that the highest quality articles, when examined by 3rd parties, were all from the high quantity subjects. I think the intention of iteration makes trying new things less of a risk/pain, so we end up with more creative products as a result after a few cycles. That's sort of what I hope to glean from doing these gamejams.

Awesome! My Skype is m.mccabe93 :) I got pretty much all the voips though, so if you want to use another one just let me know.

Can I join you folks? I'm a programmer, and I'm trying to find people to jam with! I have a decent amount of experience with Unity, so I think we can get on pretty well. Let me know!

Welcome. Aside from the one-hour game jam I just finished same here. What sort of tools/environment do you use? What's your history as a dev?