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Impressions Sticky

A topic by Pixel Lifetime created Feb 27, 2017 Views: 97 Replies: 3
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What are your impressions from the jam? Will you participate again sometime? :) I'm glad that we have so many submissions, yeah, 7 is a lot to me! Also, I want to know your opinion about making ratings public next jam? Would it be unfair?

I had fun, and was pleased with my progress over a single weekend, despite all the previously planned family activities. I'll need to figure out how to emulate Windows on my machine so I can test all the Unity games. I don't mind public ratings, personally. I'm just glad to get any feedback at all on my games. And yes, I would participate again!


It was a lot of fun. About making ratings public... Hmmm... I think it would be worth a shot. There's going to be bias either way, and getting more people's opinions would be cool. There's drawbacks, but I say at least give it a shot! I definitely plan to participate again! Thank you for setting it all up, Pixel. Take care!


Thank you all for participating !!!