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Ready to start game making?

A topic by HatlessStudio created Feb 23, 2017 Views: 349 Replies: 18
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Hey Jammers,

Ready to work on your games, dose up on caffeine and be prepared for no sleep as we begin our games! Once the topic is revealed I think everything will go a bit quiet! A few of questions:

1) What game engine are you using?

2) Are you working in a team or solo?

3) Are you ready to start game making?

4) What's your experience in game design?

5) Are you going to be using asset packs?

6) What do you code in or do you code?

Exactly 1 day until the jam starts! Good luck to everyone and have fun creating games! Looking forward to seeing entry.


Heya there !

1) I'll probably use Unity.

2) Solo, but if someone is looking for someone work with or a team, just ask !

3) Of course ! Who isn't ? :P

4) Not that much, I only participed in the 2016 Global Game Jam so far.

5) Yeah, I'm not much of an artist (I can do stuff with MS Paint if needed haha !) and definitely not a music composer.

6) I have experience in C, C++, Javascript, Java, some notions of C#

Hey Yakuin, Can I help with the music ?

I am a starting doing music, I believe I can do something, worst case scenario I will select a cool music CC lol

I see 2 people here in the team ;) Wanna my help? I am an 2d artist ;P

Can I join you folks? I'm a programmer, and I'm trying to find people to jam with! I have a decent amount of experience with Unity, so I think we can get on pretty well. Let me know!

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Sure thing guys !

Looks like we got a nice little team here. :D

Do you guys use Discord, Skype, or anything else so we can talk / share things more easily ?

Awesome! My Skype is m.mccabe93 :) I got pretty much all the voips though, so if you want to use another one just let me know.

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You guys can find me on Skype searching for my email

Anybody here ?

If anyone started a chat on Skype, Discord or whatever, please let me know so I can start doing the project =D


I just added you on Skype, sorry, I had to afk for a few hours because emergency. ><

Now, we just need Czerw's Skype and we'll be good to go !

For some reason the Windows blocked my account and I can login my Skype account.

So If until tomorrow I cant talk to you I will post something here

Same problem, My skype account is blocked =(

Ill try to create a new one, maybe


Damn... :(

Yeah, try to create a new Skype account.

Worst case scenario, we can try to move on Discord or anything else.


1) Unity.

2) Solo, but I will be finding someone in next jams.

3) Yep!

4) One year of solo learning.

5) Nope, I want to try out myself, as well as learn something.

6) I have coded in Python, Java, C# and have some knowledge of C, Javascript.

1) What game engine are you using? Unity 3D

2) Are you working in a team or solo? Solo, I stated in the other community post

3) Are you ready to start game making? Yeah, I am getting prepared by doing example games and example

4) What's your experience in game design? Self taught, over amount of 4 years but with unity 5 released just starting to relearn

5) Are you going to be using asset packs? No I can do music production, coding, 3d modeling, etc

6) What do you code in or do you code? I code in C# for game design but also code in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java.

1. I'll choose engine when theme announced

2. Solo

3. YES

4. long story short: messing around

5. No all from scratch

6. Will choose when theme announced

Hello from Colorado!

1) I'll be using Unity
2) Probably be working solo, sipping hot cocoa
3) Heck yeah
4) I've been messing around with game development for 5 years
5) Probably some foley from the Kennedy Asset pack, and some textures
6) I code C# Visual Studio

  1. Löve2D
  2. Solo
  3. Absolutely
  4. Just getting into game dev
  5. Probably only for music. Graphics I'll try to do only with built-in Löve functions.
  6. Lua, because Löve. My background is functional javascript, so this will be a good challenge.