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Scott McCormack

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Thanks for playing! You did better than me: I made the game, and the furthest I could get was 15.1 days :) The radius, distance, and orbital period of each planet was based on the stats published by NASA for the Trappist-1 system. So those are meant to be Earth days, and if you survived 23.3 days, then that's more than one entire revolution of the outermost planet in the system. Congrats!

Been following development on twitter, and would like to see a macOS build. I really wanna try it!

I had fun, and was pleased with my progress over a single weekend, despite all the previously planned family activities. I'll need to figure out how to emulate Windows on my machine so I can test all the Unity games. I don't mind public ratings, personally. I'm just glad to get any feedback at all on my games. And yes, I would participate again!

Probably 20% complete. Last night I got the planets properly scaled and revolving correctly and the targeting system done. Then we had family birthday most of the day today, and I won't get back on it until this evening.

  1. Löve2D
  2. Solo
  3. Absolutely
  4. Just getting into game dev
  5. Probably only for music. Graphics I'll try to do only with built-in Löve functions.
  6. Lua, because Löve. My background is functional javascript, so this will be a good challenge.