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Progress Of Your Games!

A topic by HatlessStudio created Feb 25, 2017 Views: 98 Replies: 3
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Hey another community post, I know not many people have time during the jam so I took a moment just to ask if you can say how far you are so far? I myself am around 40% done and 3d modeling a few things at the moment. I need to improve and import a couple of animations and still haven't done music or sound fx

Whats your progress?


So far 24 scripts and more than half of them do nothing :) Just created them due to inheritance and architecture, though I haven't started writing core mechanics and modeling. Probably took to much for 2 days of full work :) But I hope I can finish some models to midnight as concept of models is not complicated at all. In last 5 hours will be the most productive work :P


Probably 20% complete. Last night I got the planets properly scaled and revolving correctly and the targeting system done. Then we had family birthday most of the day today, and I won't get back on it until this evening.

I'm around about 60% done, I have to 3d model the player and apply a couple of animation variables, just finished an inventory script and I have a couple of asteroids to fall down. I decided on a few new features but the game works good right now. The last thing I have to do is soundfx. Might do a couple of piano pieces if I have time if not I will use NoCopyrightSounds, Spaceman is great for this game.