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Yassine Bouallag

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Thank you, I'm glad you appreciate the game !
I had to remove some levels because game breaking bugs and not enough time... so I'll definitely update the game to fix those and add more !

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Thank you ! And yes, that last level is kinda difficult (especially compared to the 2 previous ones).
It's all about timing and patience, so once you get it, it's not that hard, but the difficulty spike is way too high (since there is levels that I had to remove because bugs), but I'll definitely update the game and fix that !

Thanks ! Yeah, only 3 levels, and I know the last one is quite the difficulty spike, sorry about that.
Thing is, there was supposed to be more levels (and the third level was supposed to be the 7th), but most of them started completely breaking the game, so I had to remove them for now, since I didn't have much time left. :(
I'll defintely fix that and update the game later though !

Damn... :(

Yeah, try to create a new Skype account.

Worst case scenario, we can try to move on Discord or anything else.

I just added you on Skype, sorry, I had to afk for a few hours because emergency. ><

Now, we just need Czerw's Skype and we'll be good to go !

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Sure thing guys !

Looks like we got a nice little team here. :D

Do you guys use Discord, Skype, or anything else so we can talk / share things more easily ?

Heya there !

1) I'll probably use Unity.

2) Solo, but if someone is looking for someone work with or a team, just ask !

3) Of course ! Who isn't ? :P

4) Not that much, I only participed in the 2016 Global Game Jam so far.

5) Yeah, I'm not much of an artist (I can do stuff with MS Paint if needed haha !) and definitely not a music composer.

6) I have experience in C, C++, Javascript, Java, some notions of C#