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Awesome! My Skype is m.mccabe93 :) I got pretty much all the voips though, so if you want to use another one just let me know.

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You guys can find me on Skype searching for my email

Anybody here ?

If anyone started a chat on Skype, Discord or whatever, please let me know so I can start doing the project =D

I just added you on Skype, sorry, I had to afk for a few hours because emergency. ><

Now, we just need Czerw's Skype and we'll be good to go !

For some reason the Windows blocked my account and I can login my Skype account.

So If until tomorrow I cant talk to you I will post something here

Same problem, My skype account is blocked =(

Ill try to create a new one, maybe

Damn... :(

Yeah, try to create a new Skype account.

Worst case scenario, we can try to move on Discord or anything else.