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[Team ] Follow our progression !

A topic by monkey king studio created Mar 01, 2017 Views: 234 Replies: 10
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Hi we're 4 a game designer, a sound composer, an artist, and a dev.

We are going to work with Unity with only home-made assets only !

See you on friday dudes !


hi, where we're so far :

we have a game mechanic based on dash, the character will move and dash in the level and will take outstanding rose damage if he touch the walls or ground, full of roses and spikes :)


I really like the art style. Looking forward to more updates!


Thanks ! here some player animations


last animation but important: the dash one ! :)


Cool! Amazing job!

(1 edit) (+1)

erf we have submit at -4 second. can we have some god hand help?


Sure, now you have 20 min additional time :)

Host (1 edit) here is a url to submit, first time trying this, but I guess it's ok that it's public, couldn't find a method to write in private here.



what is missing in our game we have planed, but not done:

- more levels ( actualy only 2...)

- speedrun timer

- stats screen at the end of a level ( score, time ...)


Thx to the team it was great expérience and long live to the

Weekend Crazy Jam 2