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New here, got a question

A topic by papercookies created Feb 27, 2017 Views: 146 Replies: 4
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Is the idea that you make 1 game, each day of the week in only one hour? Or is it 1 game a week in one hour?


Thanksfully for our sleep time, it's one game per week! Well you can make a game per day anyway if you want to, but my goal with this challenge is to a have a regular creative moment, while not taking much of my time.


Oh, well then I got my submission done early haha :) Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely continue joining this game jam. It's fun!


I think making 5 games a week in one hour increments would be a pretty interesting experiment. :D I heard on NPR a while back that an experiment was done on something similar. Basically one group tried to write the best quality article they could, and the other group tried to write the most quantity of articles. The end result was that the highest quality articles, when examined by 3rd parties, were all from the high quantity subjects. I think the intention of iteration makes trying new things less of a risk/pain, so we end up with more creative products as a result after a few cycles. That's sort of what I hope to glean from doing these gamejams.


That's really interesting. It's definitely true that the more games you make, the better you get at it. I'm looking to try game-a-week as soon as I'm finished on my current project, because I'll definitely learn from it a lot, I think. For now, I'm just going to participate in this jam. It's less demanding but at least I'm still doing something with code. My current project is mostly art now.