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It has potential, I would play a full game based on mechanics like this. However it does have some annoyances, the corridors are annoying to get through without removing components, and the force fields are just terrible to navigate through even with all of the components. I was also able to keep the slowed time effect after removing the component which should probably not happen, I was also able to clip into the force fields using the thruster. If it was refined and polished I think it would be a great game.

I never played the Flash original game but I feel like this was one of the best games I've played in this jam. The art, music and sounds were all amazing, the way the truck flips is super satisfying to me, the mechanics are easy to understand and fun. Overall this game is great!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely be adding something like a tutorial or levels that teach players how to play.

Thanks for playing and for all the feedback, this is really helpful! I also tried out your game and left some feedback.

Quite fun, the mechanics are good. The graphics and music are great. My only problem was the lack of keyboard support. Other than that it was fun to play.

Great concept! The camera was the main issue, having a sensitivity option in the settings would be nice. Some of the colliders are bigger then you would expect and you seem to get stuck when climbing up surfaces. Overall it was pretty fun though.

Wow- thanks for the tip! And also thanks for the feedback!

Really good! My brain hurts after playing.

I'm very lost.. help.

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As other people have already said it is beautiful, there are some points that I got stuck at but overall it was a good experience. Reminds me of Celeste.


The main issue I had was that the dash wasn't very consistent, sometimes it wouldn't activate or sometimes it would activate but dash to the side while I'm holding the up key, I was not able to finish the second ghost room due to this. Also in the reflection towers you could spam wall jump to completely avoid some sections.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

Really fun! Would've been nice to know at the start that the enemies can't directly hurt the player but the graphics are great and the music really ties it together. Was kind of hard to focus on the character when there was a lot of bullets on screen but that might just be me.

Amazing! The level design is great, the simplistic art style and lighting effects looks amazing. The dashing feels satisfying. Love the improvements since the original version!

I enjoyed playing it the cutscene at the start was really nice, it felt fine to control. Few things I noticed, the shotgun is overpowered you can just blow through the enemies, you can shoot through walls if you get close enough to them, and on the boardroom level if you go around to the side of the elevator you can just clip through the wall and go to the next level.

It was very fun to play, I liked the way you handled sight. It did seem a bit glitchy sometimes when you tried to rewind someone then melee them, but anyway good job!

Enjoyed playing! I especially liked the little touch of the movie names.

I think if you had it so you could just drag items from your inventory to objects it would be a lot more smooth.

Great game! The controls felt smooth and the graphics were great.

Thank you!

Timeless classic! couldn't resist Loved the art style, the game was very fun to play. My only wish was that it was longer

Great mechanic, liked the art I didn't hear any music but that might have been on me.

I enjoyed playing it! the art is great and so is the music. I did find the item system to be a bit clunky but maybe that was just me, anyway great game!

Very fun! I liked the cute graphics also very hectic.

BAD is still very early in development but I'm hoping to have a beta download available this year.

I really like the art style that you used! The camera movement felt a bit wonky sometimes, and the cursor didn't follow occasionally but other than those bugs it was fun to play!

The squirrel and environment look amazing, despite having a terrible memory it was very fun to play.

Very fun! But gets tedious after lots of waves. I feel it would be better instead of clearing all holes after the wave ends to instead if a wave is not going on, allow a button to reset the holes. A wave counter would be nice, I'm not sure how far I got but I think I got pretty far, I was getting multiple armored giants at that point.

After awhile the level just started to loop, I think I was doing something wrong but I couldn't progress from that point. Other than that I really like the game.

The art is great! I like how the flowers and bushes fall down when you dig under them.
The movement feels a bit floaty, but I like the overall concept.

Very fun! I found it a bit annoying when you would transition areas and get killed by an enemy you couldn't see yet.

I wanted to implement an online multiplayer but due to the time limit I was not able to.
I may add online multiplayer as a later update.

You can change the keys to anything you want by right clicking on them once they are placed on your creation. By default the parachute is 'E' and the grappling hook is 'G'.

I really liked the puzzles in this game I have a similar comment as dk5000p that a restart key would be helpful but I understand the reason why you didn't add that, anyway it was really fun to play I liked the effects that you used, sometimes it seemed that they stopped working maybe that was intentional?

In the description it says that you can press 'R' to rotate objects it is in the how to play section.

This is only an issue when you are not in fullscreen, I do not know if there is another way to solve this.

Very fun, the simplistic art style suites the game very well, I noticed if you just mash the K button the game breaks very quickly. Other than that it was great fun to play.

I really liked the art and level design of the game the only thing that I would say is the magic carpet cat feels a bit floaty pun intended.