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actually kinda easy 10/10

The gameplay is insanely good for a gamejam!! That feeling when you shoot a chain reaction cube into a load of things knowing it's gonna delete everything is great! This game has a ton of potential. Good job!


If this doesn't make it into the vid it's all rigged


that's a cool idea for a game and a neat execution. Nice!

Great stuff, it reminds PracticalNPC of adam c youni

he's stealing all my points dude

There will be. Thanks for the feedback!

Very good looks, but very unforgiving gameplay. Also I was disappointed that you can't dash into enemies to kill them

Well, if you do the calculations again, eggs are shaped like circles. Do you know what else is shaped like a circle? zero. therefore, the real rating is 0/10.

I rate this egg/10

Very cool

Best game!!11!11!!

Ok, I have a few things to say:
- First of all: The game looks amazing! You have done a very good job with the lighting, effects and atmosphere!

- You have picked a great main mechanic and you made it in a way that can be expanded on alot, good job!

I do have a few small faults with the game though:

- The HUD - I didn't even know there was HUD until a few minutes into gameplay. That may not happen for everyone but making the HUD more visible would do your game well!

- Bugs - You may know this bug, but when the player dies a few times, death completely stops working and you stay at 0 HP.

The final suggestion is to make the room exits pop out more than they do now.

Other than that, you have created an awesome game! Keep working!

Hope you enjoy!!

Honestly, this is the best game ive played so far.

Really fun, and the polish is amazing for a 3 day jam.

Great work!

Absolutely gold!

I played this game longer than I played any other game in the jam!

This is my first 5 star for enjoyment, and I really have no complaints.

Great job!

Can't really rate the game since every time my attack hits an enemy the page crashes.

Really a shame :(

Love this one!

Very nice game all around.

If I were to add something, it's more indication that the carts are slowing down.

Other than that, Amazing game!

Nice game! I liked the visuals and the music. Though for the gameplay:

I think you should make it clear inside the game that your goal is to go down.

In my first playthrough, I didn't even notice the score.

Good job!

This is pretty cool.

In my first run I tried to not hurt anyone but I accidentally shot them lol

This is kinda fun to play but I don't see the use of the limitation

still better than fortnite

Great game all around, I really enjoyed it!

One thing is that the reality glasses are a bit overpowered as you can use them with almost no payoff or cooldown(I know they need to recharge but that happens quickly).

To prevent that I would suggest adding a downside to the glasses like one of the following:

1. You can't move while using them

2. there is a limited amount each level

(1 edit)

I think you needed to make it more clear that the main character is dreaming.

The movement feels super clean and the music is cool!

Also I liked the player's design!


Thanks so much!!


Thanks, it means alot!

I enjoyed it because I spent time on it

This game is actually really fun to play, and I love the graphics!

Though I feel like the enemies have an advantage over you because its hard to peek and shoot at them

and their accuracy is pretty good.

Thanks for the feedback and dont worry, Ill rate your game!

This game had me laughing out loud.

Good stuff.

Oh, and also the fact that this is your first jam is amazing!

This game is a Gem in all of the unpolished games(including mine).

I loved pretty much everything about this game and it has a lot of potential!

Every Engine/framework is allowed 


ill also use Godot