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play the first chapter of Project Afterlife
Submitted by Practical NPC (@PracticalNPC) — 11 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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Thank you for organizing this jam. I enjoyed my time with this game. It’s far more challenging than the games I might typically play, so I appreciated having the easy mode. I managed to get through all those portals after 113 deaths. I found it difficult to understand the difficulty selection screen at first, and might suggest introducing higher contrast or colors to better indicate the selection visually. Keep it up!



some springs on nightmare bugs out and pushes the player on spike

white spring blends in with the white spikes which makes them hard to locate

the platform blends in too well so i had no idea where to go at this part

some other bugs but i will leave that to the videodddddddd

things i liked:

the pinao music

the game overall is very solid

8 way dash system

subjective opinions:

i wish touching the side of falling platforms doesnt trigger them so i can jump climb up

i agree that players should stick to walls without holding rmb like the megaman x games

an option to make respawn even faster


Fantastic as always! As you know I got stuck on a certain level, but I'm definitely planning on giving it another try - the gameplay is just so good and really makes me want to play more. I also love the new mechanics and how well everything is colour-coded (green for extra boosts, pink for portals etc).

I did miss the background music, and I also liked the "mystery" of the previous versions, but that's just a personal preference (not sure if it's just a demo thing but having it explicitly state that you're in hell, for example).

I also thought it'd be cool to be able to "look around" somewhat, i.e. move the camera over slightly so you could plan ahead a little better.

Overall a really great entry and I'm looking forward to the full release!


Very cool


Good game! A few bugs / suggestions:

- An arrow showing where you dash is not aligned with the cursor for me. I assume it is a bug.

- It is very difficult to close sign windows. It seems to open the window again when I press 'E' and my movement is weird while the window is open.

- Dark red platforms look like they are in the background. It took me a minute trying to pass the level without them to understand that I can stand on them. While white background lights sometimes look like they are spikes.

- Why won't the character stick to walls as if I always hold RMB? This input doesn't seem necessary and makes movement a bit clunky.


Didn't have anything to submit, so I cant rate it, but here Is my opinion as a memori gamer.
First opinion you may get from this game: "Damn this game is a copy of celeste!"
And... yes - that is true - to a certain point. NPC has spent 2 years working on this game, using some of celeste's mechanics, but in no way has he copied it! The game's story is completely different, and is a lot more presision based. After playing this game for almost half a year, and playing celeste for a few months, this game appealed to me more. Controls felt much better, and the platformer felt more responsive in general. Celeste's graphics were made by professionals and have been polished again and again to a point where it cannot be polished more! Memori has still got many stages of it's life to go through, one of them being an upgrade from it's current graphics. PracticalNPC has not got the artistic talent of someone who has worked in that area for years and years, however he has done the best to achieve our high standards. That's the solo development way, you can't always be the best at everything!

For people that have never played memori, I think that you will love this action filled game, with complicated mechanics, NPC's, and much more!

P.S.  this is my opinion on this game, still in it's development stage, however I'm sure there is a lot more to come from this game!