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Melon Man: plunger head + stick = plunger

Yes, i added a new texture for this npc. And he has head.

Do You press RMB while holding duct tape?

Duct tape is more helpful)

Try to enter 653798858 again.

Done, You can download it again.

And window have the same number?

Wait a minute, something goes wrong, i'm recompile it.

And fix misprints and magnet.


Screenshot or text.

Achievement is bound with "rust".

I will do something like when fork was losted, Albert will give it back.

But now i can give fork with num0 "give" menu.

The most right achievement.I can give a hint how to find it.

This is misspelled, i can fix it now, if it necessary.

I just changed achivement icon.

Do You complete the tutorial? I add new thing and tutorial explains how to use it.

i'm acccidentally changed to cancel, missed the button on hold, sorry)

Wait a few minutes, files are compiling.

Thanks for comment, and cool art! And seems Cleany can't reach trash can/

Follower is secret character, and character in bunker is Antibreather.

Ok, anyway, did not have time to compile 64bit version.

I'm now preparing the 0.0.6d patch that fixes Phonty and other things, after it i will start work on second level.

(1 edit)

Also a controls tutorial level, because people entered the game and don't see giant amount of letters, and then they said "i d0nt know wha happens i dont kn0w how 2 play and game is stupid dumb", and subtitles to every sound of door closing, and extremely wild easy mode by default, and tips in every corner what to do next, and ofcourse less scary.

Cut Chemist - Motivational Speaker

As the game is very scary and repels people, i make game little bit not scary. I hope people LIKE it.

>albert more understandable or add subtitles

As You wish.

Screenshot of a number.

(1 edit)

This is cool, my congratz, and i can return a fork, i just need to know something, press Num 0 and do screenshot or write a number, or You can do it on stream later.

Yes, something goes wrong, i'm recompile game again, thanks for comment.

Im make him louder, with subtitles it's not interesting.

You download a new version?

Now this game MUST work correctly.

Can you run this version of game and set the tape in VCR? https://yadi.sk/d/19kP4OOG3ZR3JN

I'm trying to fix media player problem in alpha 0.0.6b, and withh fix i will reset MrMix curse.

Can You test in-game media player?  in alpha 0.0.6b it not works on other machines.

Black key in game from alpha 0.0.6

It's ready now.

But very good try!

Maybe id's are mixed and first location was not founded. I will fix this.

I did it on purpose, and it's like "YOU CAN'T ESCAPE"

No, he mean quit from other minigame.