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If you want to get more updates check twitter or discord server

Be patient aight i cant stamp updates every month like a robot lmao

I still have irl stuff like uni and shit and d06 isnt ready yet, it lacks a big thing that will make it a big update

Sorry, spoilers

I wouldnt recommend it
It doesnt have intense "flashing lights" but the game is quite dynamic and might make things flash\change quickly and stuff

Don't post major spoilers in the comments please, thanks

d052_gray is a shitpost, if you want a normal gameplay get a d051

Go to appdata\local\votv\saved\saveGames and delete data.sav

alt f4


You can try to delete data.sav file

No the locations are the same

Save files are stored in appdata\local which means they will appear in any future update, but i strongly recommend to reset Days and Objects

im doing a patch rn

theres 24 days in total

A: this is purely visual glitch it not affects the report
B: you can disable fines in settings>game>disable fees

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The saves shouldn't be too corrupted if you switch version from d041 to d042 for example, it shouldn't corrupt anything. The one thing that can be broken are vents in d042e3 but its not too game breaking 

Transition from d03 to d04 might break much more things and yeah it cant be fixed atm

Infinite mode is for signal searching only, Story mode has events and spooks

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you're old, and wrong 

Big thanks for Your support!❤️

You can report bugs in discord server preferably, or right here in the comments.

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i know reports are fucked and even i dont know why
i fixed everything i had ill upload new build soon

The saves might break because big update adds a bunch of new stuff like events and objects, and new objects that has been added in new version wont spawn on old save which might create some problems

The problem is i need Mac to make a Mac version, and idk if using VM will help

I released the patch that should fix that


This is the second time i delete this shit

i swear to fuck ive seen this guy too many times than i should

Idk abv macOs since it requires macOs itself to compile it for macos, and i dont have macos and idk about VM for it oof

Idk maybe when the game got at least 1 ending but ill think about it

And i think i need to replace hl2 sounds lmao

idk if mobiles can run votv lmao

unless on super stinky graphics idk lol, i have no xp in mobile yet

Lmao yeah alot of people think its source, but this is ue4.25 so yeah
ue4 is quite a heavy engine plus the game has alot of dynamic stuff like lighting, shadows, day-night cycles, many foliage etc

Dw votv got some nice aliens lol

They have a wiki page but idk i think it can be considered as spoilers 

Put the disc/usb in a slot on a server

I think alt+enter

Theres a data shedder in demo 03

Fixed in demo 03 lol

Thankk m8👽

In demo 03 you can disable the borders

You should hold E on Red knobs, look at the screen and use mouse wheel

Not really, it has some spooky moment but no jumpscares

Reset your save file, go to main menu, press Reset and select Vehicle