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Target of last update was adding of that photo1 item. These doors should showed when someone press some button, like player presses the one button and then shelves will move and shows these "secret" doors. And door size will be different.

I forgot effects sequence)

Yes, room and photo. After long period I'll return to develop. I had too much work and i couldn't work on it, but i opened engine again and started working👀

Thank you, now I'll remember how to do it lol)

I see nobody understand that photo, ok then.

Oh god, there are two of them!😆

Good job) and what you think about it?

I added one WIP thing on third floor. And it's "experimental" because i didn't open project too long and idk what i changed last time))))) and i'm little bit busy now so full update didn't come out, but i opened the project and starts working on it. Slowly, but still work))

What happening actually? program can't record, game crashes, if it crashes, what kind of error? Or something else?

"Christmas Curse" was moved to separate page:

(I upload this event to separated page to return original page)

New Year is already near! And decorations, pines and other is not ready, and so little time before celebration! Help to Viktor and his friends to finish school decorations and celebrate with all his friends!

What's new? Different mechanic, costumed characters, new items, Christmas atmosphere and 4 different endings!

(Also fixed and changed few things: in "start before end" exists one pine and one crack; Fixed missing speech line and wrong text colors)

Game event page


Yes, you will go to board as special winner.

This is not a monster, take a look, you know him.

And he is not secret character, there is other secrets.

I added .txt file with instructions, and watcher says what to do.

I will see what happened.

You don't know who Watcher is.

Characters who have consciousness can celebrate Christmas, but what happened with Marzia and Alice, this story is written on end screen.

There is 3 endings, if you don't closed all cracks, and other 2 endings you can get if you ask Erie question "yes" or "no"

Yes this is canon, they celebrate christmas to get rid of evil for few days.

Ok, i will fix this.

I fixed it, and i think now it should be good.

[[[I found few critical glitches and i need to fix them]]]

[[[Wait few minutes]]]

Let this channel exist, i want to remove it too after i saw what's happening here, but... Let this just exist, for "special" type of users.

And about nsfw joking and talking in other channels, i can add the rule about that, "don't talk about nsfw sh!t in other channels", i will personally look after it.

That's very cool 👍 This clock is more important than just random thing. I hope Santa will give me that sort of the present, but you wish your present for youself, but anyway thank you😄

I will fix these glitches after New Year, I'm just busy doing special update and I can't work on default updates.

pokemon bot and other bits (except music bot) maybe was fun, but now it's forgotten and don't used by anybody. But nsfw channel can exist, for content diversity.

And discord server have few pluses: in comment section you must wait half-day, one day or two for reply, in discord you get replies instantly. In discord you can post spoilers, secrets and other things (special channel exists), but comments are visible to everyone, and somebody can lose interest by reading all comments (but this have low probability, but ok)

Fireydeath and you just can not visit other channels you don't like, or say what you don't like.

Nobody talks about nsfw, it just was few spudid jokes.

This is awesome what you complete language level without Viktor, i really can't beat it myself😅

What about history level, it's just a draft, not completed level. You can search secrets and easter eggs in it.

This hand gesture means "loser"

And yeah, because it's just a dumb ripoff. People will not lie☝️

Look, that's easy. They don't write to youtubers about game -> youtubers don't record game -> nobody knows about game

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1000th comment is mine!

Illuminati one was most F up.


0371558900666 lol

This achievement is easy to get. No brainiacs required.

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Lol music is same but with other effect)

If all will be good, update will came tomorrow.

34:41 (!)

I know what i will do before i go to sleep))

Like this?

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Do not mess with this kid, he wants attention and show how cool and daring is he.
He enjoys to play in 30-minute parody game, he doesn't see what baldi has a small amount of content, what baldi was created as parody game, he thinks what baldi has better graphics as aewvs, what baldi better in anyways (is some things it is). And he doesn't care what aewvs has a some story, what i spent 4 mounths on it. He protects a parody game that been created in few days, and wishes "aewvs" to die without a good reason, because it exists and it's "copying" baldi. He likes baldi because of what? because it's baldi. Game, that have one mission - walking in empty corridors, collect shit and leaves, without attention on other things  (which is not)

So, your time is worth of it?

Just don't waste time and ignore him. Let his comments remains as an footprint in "comment history". Small and not so big, but still history.

But I interested what the video is)))