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Can You send to me all report files? I will try to find solution.
And board with rules understandable or not?
No, they are just planned and fills empty space). And modes can be changed with time.

Maybe antivirus counts .uproject file like infected and gets rid of it. Try to download again but without active antivirus. I have same problem few times. Or computer don't have some .dll files

I found what 90% of projects is on place, only engine disappeared with few garbage projects. I will add alpha 0.0.3 today or tomorrow. 0.0.2 alpha was so glitchy

Да, русский. Кто же ещё мог придумать такую фамилию)

With division look at "truncate" number, it shows how many numbers needs after dot. And i will fix Granny and Mr. Cleany, if i can resurrect my HDD
With division look at "truncate" number, it shows how many numbers needs after dot. And i will fix Granny and Mr. Cleany, if i can resurrect my HDD

Soda works when You use it close to Victor, "door key" is for "punish room" door. And i work on the 10th notebook, other half of map and ending.

You like math? And You need to improve knowledge of mathematics? Welcome to Viktor Strobovski school! Here You can easily increase math skills, and great teacher Viktor Strobovski can help You. Do what he speak, walk around the school and solve mathematical examples. Then when you finish, Viktor will told to you what to do next.

Replied to LanceChunky in Mac?

I'm added access to mac download. There was just no file for mac, now there is for mac and linux.

Posted in Mac?

Game not runs on MAC? UE4 supports mac platform.

Sorry for long reply)

Hi. I'm glad what You want to help with some textures, and i think panel texture should have two layers - lower paintable white panel texture, and upper texture with schemes. And door is a 3d model, it just have seamless metal textures, it not so easy to texture it.

Created a new topic Ideas and suggestions.

Here You can suggest trap, cube type, gamemode, or change something. If it will be interesting, i'll add this.

Created a new topic Bugs and glitches.

All glitches write here. They will be fixed soon, i'll write when.

Replied to Nevula in A Bug Report

It happens because wall appears after closing one moving door, ignored others. It will be fixed with opened door counter.

And traps not attached to room beacuse i forgot about this.

This will be fixed soon.

Posted in A Bug Report

And third coordinate from 72, 72,undef. for room moving memory. In future they maybe will return to start point.

Traps not reactivate for now. Later they will.

Posted in A Bug Report

Thank You for reply and bug report.

>I was opening a door and suddenly it closed quickly then reappeared open but another door was directly behind it closed. No tunnel between them.<

>No tunnel between them.< looks like this? :

"CUBE" Unreal based on "Cube" film trilogy.

You are in a strange cubic room that has a hatch on each side, behind them is exactly the same room, differing only in color.
The rooms are part of a large labyrinth, and this labyrinth is not as simple as it seems at first glance, it is stuffed with death traps, and you need to get out of this hellish place until it's too late.
But something strange happens to the labyrinth, you can find out, or get the hell out of here!

Game contains map with 7^3 rooms, death traps, final alpha level.

Planned to add 4 cube types (cube, hypercube, zero, some other kind of cube), but now ready only first and some  from second.

Small video from game with hatch opening:

Room moving from outside:

Other videos You can find on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCthmkgnVs7mohAakF4ucjlQ

itch_io game page

indieDB game page

Replied to CoalFire in Big problem

Can You send log for me? Maybe i can fix that problem.

Posted in Big problem

I'm replace old door with new with easier opening mechanic.

I hope this is easier.