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This hand gesture means "loser"

And yeah, because it's just a dumb ripoff. People will not lie☝️

Look, that's easy. They don't write to youtubers about game -> youtubers don't record game -> nobody knows about game

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1000th comment is mine!

Illuminati one was most F up.


0371558900666 lol

This achievement is easy to get. No brainiacs required.

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Lol music is same but with other effect)

If all will be good, update will came tomorrow.

34:41 (!)

I know what i will do before i go to sleep))

Like this?

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Do not mess with this kid, he wants attention and show how cool and daring is he.
He enjoys to play in 30-minute parody game, he doesn't see what baldi has a small amount of content, what baldi was created as parody game, he thinks what baldi has better graphics as aewvs, what baldi better in anyways (is some things it is). And he doesn't care what aewvs has a some story, what i spent 4 mounths on it. He protects a parody game that been created in few days, and wishes "aewvs" to die without a good reason, because it exists and it's "copying" baldi. He likes baldi because of what? because it's baldi. Game, that have one mission - walking in empty corridors, collect shit and leaves, without attention on other things  (which is not)

So, your time is worth of it?

Just don't waste time and ignore him. Let his comments remains as an footprint in "comment history". Small and not so big, but still history.

But I interested what the video is)))

"sarcasm". I'm just kidding🙃


I'm sad too, nobody just don't want to know more, and chooses game with small amount, and created in few days, instead game, that developes for 4 mounths. That's not funny, i got a headache.

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Update will come tomorrow, don't worry. Just alpha 0.0.11 can came out after a long time. And money can't help in game progress a lot.

(My 900-th comment😏)

me too

"No running in the corridors during the lesson"

Thing, what comments are filled with spoilers is not important.

Try to set old data on computer. Maybe some things responce for data loading can't load data.

And erase the code text, it takes a lot of space and it useless in that format.

Did it happen spontaneously, or You somehow interact with .sav files?

Я думаю, что обновление выйдет не скоро)

I need to know who complete the level, what difficulty, version, and also who found which secrets.

Seems bear trap is closes too fast.

Pink bubbles is for winning language without math.

Кто хочет русские субтитры😏?)))))))

Cool art! I like it) but Viktor's eyes are grey color.

I wanted to make costume party on halloween, but i have bad mood and i didn't want to do anything🤷🏻‍♀️

I'll give You a hint, search in class rooms in "9 door" part of the level.

I didn't see any ad-comments. Only two ads a long time ago and 3 comments from bot.

Markiplier has on aewvs video 1,8 M views and it contains a lot of fragments of overture music. Also a lot of youtubers has this music in their videos.

I have 40 minute video long with Overture To The Sun music that plays whole time in that video. And one day i got mail where Warner Bros unpublish that video. Then i describe what this music plays all time, and video was published again.

I make a version without copyritht music.

poor melon

Open the door in rust, it must give an achievement.

Need to do something while opening the cookie.

oof 7 edits

I wanted to add new sentences, and i know what i will add) but these long ones is too long, notebook line has a limited amount of letters.

AEwVS can gives unforgettable emotions)))

My big Congratz to You🍾🎂

U goin' 2 the leaderboard)

And today we reached 100 followers. Great anniversary)

And now, we see a scramble of the century, battle of two titans, two temigods! This will be an unforgettable sight! Are You ready?!

Marzia VS Baldina

Who is Your schoice? Select Your fightet XD