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When i made ceilings higher, previous rooms reminds me basement.

Nobody played this version ackchyually, only 20 people. But there is a chance to check game that have been created in 2-3 days.

I found something wrong in alpha 9, i will recompile it.

Already done.

I made 0.0.8c build, it will appear tomorrow, because now i can't. At short i added dificulty levels to language, made ceiling a little bit higher, and changed pillar model, but full devlog will be soon.

Need to write to not so popular youtubers only like Markiplier, on youtube a few "middle popular" (idk how to say that) youtubers that played this game. Maybe it works๐Ÿค”.

Ok, i upload alpha 0.0.1, try the first build ever๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒš

And console is working in this version, if You know what i mean๐Ÿ˜

It will be difficult to write to Markiplier ๐ŸŒš

I'm not mean to spam to comments literally from one account, just more than 3 comments about aewvs from 2000, from different people.

"older players" is that youtubers? I can't ask them for playing again, because they don't read any comments, they just don't want to see game again, and only me can't change something. And there is my blame too because i upload t00 raw and glitchy version. Need to ask them with massive amount of messages to play it again.

Other users can't download older files because i hide them, if i make them visible, You can download exact file from devlog, but they will appear on game front page and takes all space. But they hided, and hided files from devlog replaces by latest. I found alpha 0.0.1 in gamejolt invisible releases.

I found ancient version of this game, alpha 0.0.1 Yes, this version that ruined first impression for big amount of people, because this fukin' g4rb4ge.

I can upload it if You want ;)

Fastest character in entire game))
(Except Alice that just teleports)

(1 edit)

I thought a little (several months) and decided to recreate one of my projects: "CUBE unreal". I want make this game again, because it pretty good project, and it have a Fk ton of garbage assets, stupid glitches and logic mess, and i want to make co-op in it.
What do You think about it and entire game? game here:

Of course i will add You, but i make new menu first, the space on desks ends)) and on computer can easily compress lot of texts.

Big thanks for these ideas, i want to explain some:

I will add all subtitles, and option for it in "options menu". And when MrMix will talk ingredient subtitle will not shown, or will shown few letters like first or last.

Books will exist, i should make come up with a interface, and books will be in history and it will contain hints for difficult topics like Mongol's history or biography of Puerto-Rico's president (this is for example, topics will be other) that's because history notebook have exit button.

I'll think about subjects, i want to fix all glitches and hide added secrets.

Write if i miss something.

Thank You all for making ideas, that's very helping me and shortens time. I made lockpicks "rating" and change it's repair method, but i choose another because it's weird in first concept: one bad quality lockpick magically consumes other lockpick and repair itself; and second concept: duct tape acts for lockpick like bandage for humans and regenerate lockpick (also magically); i think i made more realistic concept: some small welding machine and fusible material repair lockpick.

10 -th notebook must spawn, i don't touched math level.

Tits level: "Lara Croft"

This is one of my favourites. This cat has so mocking smile)

This is not final looking menu, it just an element, and lil puss mode for language not working correctly. This mode needs some time.

I'm replying Your comments if i can, or i just can't see Your comments.

And sometimes i don't understand Your comments properly)

Sorry if i create inconvenience.

I wanted to make biology instead history, and how notebook works: it shows you picture of insect, animal, plant, bacteria or smth else and you need to write it's name.

And for mimicking thing i have other using. But anyway good idea.

I will add language difficulty levels in next update.

This just element of menu, it will be computer screen and design is not finished, i tried to make flat 3d touch screen. I will change menu anyway, i make a full menu like i imagine, and if it will not looks good, i will change it to something else.

No, this just a test for now.

Good job!

No, this old area, bunker have item that can be used to get to this place.

Lol, game at the first place in "top popular", if it means something ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

Not the bunker, "other" place (but bunker needs too)

Needs 4 items, and 4th item is not on the default map.

Visit sysadmin and server rooms, and one "special" place๐Ÿ˜

On language level (one of them near the "9" door)

If You stays too long on start, he will come to Your a$$

666 comments is reached, next target - 1000 ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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Somebody found new items that i added in 008b0.7 ? 

Add this green screen on old menu? I want to make new menu (in old menu is difficult to change something like papers), and this will looks like: class room, camera will be on teacher's desk, old computer in right side of the desk (with this green screen), some desktop crap on left side (papers, pencils, copybooks etc), in room: student desks and chairs, blackboard, trash cans, pots and something else. I'm thinking about it.

I put translucent green text button in main menu interface, take a look. This is element for new main menu.

It exists, it can run through new menu test element, but it not working correctly. I will add other difficult levels to language level in next update/patch.

Only one use. Actually 2, but these 2 items are very similar.