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Not at this time unfortunately. The interest doesn't quite equal the efforts, though perhaps if enough people ask I can get it to Drivethru print on demand.

Basically, Humanoid allows you to use and gain bonus with equipment equal to its level. So, using a Weapon gives you an attack bonus, not a boost bonus. Weapons do not combine with other attack skills.

Magic attacks main benefit is gaining bonuses from the Magic Boost skill.

Dice gained from any single skill, if not stated elsewhere, is 1 dice, but if its level is 5 or more higher than a comparison skill (attack skill higher than defense skill, for example) it awards two dice instead.

I hope this helps! Also, download the quick start guide for more tips!

1. They apply to both
2. Fair enough
3. +1 to all skills you currently possess.
4.  It is an improved skill boost.

Fascinating concept and resolution system, but the magic trick to relationship metaphor felt slippery to me. I'd love to see this card and phrase mechanic revisited. 

An interesting meditative wistful memory generator. Has an eerie sadness to it, but it's pretty cool. Would make an excellent tool for backgrounds of characters who've had a few romances gone by. 

An interesting meditative wistful memory generator. Has an eerie sadness to it, but it's pretty cool. Would make an excellent tool for backgrounds of characters who've had a few romances gone by. 

I love this one. Playing a princess whose expressive a change of heart looking for live with the help of her loyal retinue after being banished? Yes please! This seems very cute. I would've liked a little more guidance on the kingdom/setting, as anything that makes it easier for a GM to run makes it more likely to get played, but the premise, tone, and mechanics are very good. 

I think this is a charming thought exercise and roll your own adventure. I would've liked a little more control then just ruling and hoping for the best? But I liked the subject matter, style, and tone. 

Hi there. 

I checked out the game. Seems very condensed. I think I might've liked some sample NPCs or possible plot twists to liven things up. I do think the rose mechanic has potential though. 

is there a file associated with this entry?

I'm only on hour 1, but having been around for the end of an MMO I really loved, it really hurts when you see it shutting down. This game gut punches just a little. Will say more when I've played more.

This doesn't appear to have any isekai content. Am I missing something?

Seems a fun little game with some philosophical twists and minor nonsense. Could be a great prelude to a campaign!

Sorry about that! I'll update the main page in a moment.

Hey there!

I was planning on getting a Discord together for the jam. Still a work in progress, but if you'd like to chat, collab, and share, here's the link!

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I really dig all the random tables here. I could see using this just for generating a restaurant as a backdrop with strange and fantastical dishes.

I kind of wish the combat/cooking actions were a bit more detailed though.

This looks very cute! I like that you've included a list of NPCs and plot generator there. Not gotten a chance to play, but this is a pretty awesome package.

This looks really fun! Playing around with CC to start. With the limit broken ability, does that include the class you start with?

I think I needed this. And lots of snacks, apparently.

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to make it a point to check out and comment on everyone's games I can. There are a whole lot of them, so it will take me a bit. Some of them really blew me away, at least one of which made my New Year's Eve a lot of fun. (it involved sharks)

Anyhow, I'd also like others who participated to check out my game if they like. I had a sale up, but that only lasted for a few days until the jam ended and I don't want to limit access to pay, so I'm providing a zero sales link that should operate for the rest of the month.

Anyhow, I think everybody did a pretty amazing job, and here's hoping to even more excellent games in the future.


Grudge Globes link

This is really cute and creative. Always loved playable monsters.

I think with the tone of this game, it could be a really good one for young kids, letting them play wacky stuff and emphasizing rescue and standing up to bullies.

I think this game could get a lot of mileage out of making a custom discord server with separate voice chats for different locations. Randomly generate task list based on roles. 5 minute rounds. Can move to adjacent areas. 

Garage.                  Northern hall.       Sleeping quarters. 

Western hall.    Central junction.  Eastern hall.

Laboratory.         Southern Hall.       Cafeteria


Anyhow, fun idea, may try it out sometime soon. 

Spooooooky. Very fascinating vibe and mechanics. Mysterious and interesting.

This game drips with so much style. It's so over the top. I feel like I'm playing a series of elaborately scrawled pieces of graffiti in the hallways of a nightclub while thrumming music and lights keep me from quite seeing it's form, but knowing without a doubt that whoever wrote them was divinely inspired by some drug and that I was never meant to see them.

I love the idea of playing OP succubi kissing gods and angels to death.

This made me smile.

This is is legitimately a really cool game I can see supporting a narrative and playing a campaign with.  I bet this would be an excellent game to do a podcast with just for all the drama of potential betrayals and trust. Good job!

Combine Caltrop Core Jam Games; Play "Beachcombers" while another group plays "The Beach"! Put a Shark Repellant into the store. See if you can gather up enough shells before the beach shuts down or you get munched!

Afterwards, if you die, play Journey of the Isegais with the same character. :D

I laughed out loud when I read sharketypes and the game being over when the beach is empty. I so want to play this one shot. OMG

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Oof. This is pretty neat, but also very, very painful. Looking through the list of strains and realizing I'm basically the character is not the best.

*opts to Focus on Self again, still at 0*

The system and pacing is very cool though. I love games that step out of the minute to minute to focus on actions over a time span, or other non-traditional round by round structures.

I have not found a download at this time. Still working on it?

This is pretty cool! I'm thinking of hosting an Isekai jam sometime in the near future. Definitely see potential here.

I might add Creative Commons to that list. There is a lot of neat stuff on there, including a lot of fantasy related silhouettes, objects, and figures if you take time to search.

OMG yes! Kaiju game?!?

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So sorry! The pdf will be updated within the hour. In the meantime, here is the relevant information.

I think it finished? Like four puzzle pieces I couldn't put together?

I really enjoyed the sound, aesthetics and feel of this one. In a game jam of many very hard games, this has been one of the easier ones. I basically died because I got bored of playing. I'm not saying it should get a lot harder, but I think it would have been perfect if it was just a little more bound to end, rather than just my hand getting tired.

Still, easily one of the most enjoyable games I've played this jam.

So, gave this another shot. I actually really like it, though a more forgiving difficulty curve might be nice. The randomness of the 'riddles', some of which were just questions, could range from three letters to a dozen, so the difficulty to get a single point is really high.

But yeah. Super solid concept, game play is good if a lot frustrating, really good work.

I thought this was very fun. I liked the sort of trippy narrative with the weird static, goofy eyed 'kid', the talking crib, the Violet just being an enemy because. I'd love to see another interesting little acid trip like this one. Great mix of cute and creepy.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

I may take a look to clean up some of the phrasing in there. I'd debated on what might be too much or not enough, but if more is needed, I may go in and see what I can do.

The End Game was meant to essentially be two options- in one, you can continue rolling events as you wish, but I think many people would become more concerned with ensuring they ended up being the self they wanted to be, or as close as they could come. Thus, people could simply begin rolling as they try to go from being Indeterminate to their new Determinate state.

As a solo RPG, there really isn't anyone to tell you you're doing it wrong. You could play all events and then go end game, or do 1d6, or any other way of deciding the events you want to play through. As is, I wanted it to be a varied experience, but you're correct- progression is a little fast. I might set the default rolls a little wide to allow a little more time before End Game.

Anyhow, I'm so glad you had fun with it! I wasn't 100% sure if it would work for people or not, but glad to know it made someone happy. :D

It's a good design, though intensely frustrating in places. Some areas felt like you needed such a perfect jump to continue that even the few seconds of getting back to where you died began to be intensely irritating.  Overall, very good, but wow was that difficult. 

Way too hard. 

Okay, now that that's out of the way. It's a cool concept. Might even be fun with like, two people tag teaming the game to coordinate or something. It's aesthetically pleasing and has a good soundtrack.

That sad trumpet can go get tarnished in a music room somewhere though. *grumbles in bad at game*