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nice as in good

I think this is a really cool concept, with a pretty good execution. I thought it got pretty repetitive after a while, perhaps more minigames should have been introduced or even just a steeper difficulty curve would have helped but other than that it was a pretty fun time!

this is nice

I guess I didn't really think about the speed, I just input random numbers until it felt playable at the start of the jam lol.

There should be more controls than just attack / defend. Also I think the UI should be more clear, I found myself struggling to understand what my HP was and what the enemies HP was and what the dice rolls did but I've never played earthbound so I don't know how much of that was me. but other than that I thought it was pretty fun and a nice looking game jam game!

This game is completely unlike anything I expected to come out of this jam it is one of the best game I have played in this jam and caught me so off guard. When I started and saw how much info there was it nearly scared me away but I'm glad I stayed because the world building done in this game is incredible... I am definitely sending this to my friends!

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This was a surprisingly fun game! I went into it not expecting much from the screenshots but I found myself anticipating the dices result and the disappointment at missing. I only wish that there was more depth to the enemies attacks instead of just attacking but over all a really fun game!

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This was an incredibly enjoyable and charming experience. My only grievance with the dice rolling system but it was a very minor problem that was still fun and intuitive to use, also I thought the puzzles were amazing with solutions that were very unique. I have never seen much like this so it was a breath of fresh air.


Instant hall of fame... best thing since the creation of the sun!

Easily one of my favourite games of the jam, this game was beautiful and relatively easy to understand but could be played many different ways, there is so much potential in this idea and I think you did it perfectly!

I found controls quite annoying but I still found it an enjoyable creative game

Art was brilliant and the gameplay was fun, although very hard to learn. I think maybe more time should have been spent explaining how to play...

I really love the way this game plays, it took a little while to get used to but it is suck a unique yet equally frustrating game. I love it

I am addicted tot his game... help

That's a good idea! I ran out ideas right at the end so I just posted it and hoped for the best...

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Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked;
That's how

please lock the mouse in place

I had loads of fun, It fit the theme flying around on a cload with a season gun was very unconvensional. The graphics were great too, the only thing I dont realy like is the lack of sound effects. One of my favourite Jam entries so far!

yeah, We were gonna add a floppy banana as a melee weapon but the deadline was looming so we had to scrap it. Power-ups never came to my mind, if a 1.1 update ever release I'll add them for sure!

thanks, my friend @detonate53 did the models for the game! I had alot of fun playing your game :D

this is my favourite game of the jam so far, it's so well polished and looks amazing

I like this game, it was fun experience. nice job!

I think the idea is there but the execution feels off, great game but it just needs more overall polish

I really like the idea, but the controls feel abit too slippery and it feels abit random wether you land a jump or not. Great game, I had alot of fun playing

will do, thanks for the advice! :)

its good, but the delay on the jump is just unfair

this was a fun expirience

This game was so fun lol

Great Game!

Great game!

Great game! The music needs work XD

This game was very interesting!

no game?





fun game and relaxing farming game, well done!

Really fun but hard game, well done!