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Michael Miriti

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I loved it! The tether mechanic was surprisingly fun and effective, and it was also quite challenging. My mistake was trying to play it with my keyboard, but the top-left level still almost made me throw my gamepad :) A very solid entry!

Haha! It is actually a "remake" of a similar game I've made for a LD jam about 10 years ago. Unfortunately it's hard to play it today as it was made in Flash so actually this entry was an attempt to revive it. There was a lot to explore in this concept so maybe some day I'll continue working on it :)

I tested the Linux build and it runs smoothly! Didn't get past the second day yet, but definitely returning to complete it!

Wow! This dodge mechanic feels so good :D It was challenging at first but immediately addictive. I like kicking their butts from behind while they're still charging their swing :D Would really love to see what can be done here with less limitations although even these super lospec graphics are very neat!

Wow! Thanks! :D

Whoa! Thanks! 

Wow! I couldn't imagine that this little unfinished game can be an inspiration for anything. How awesome is that! I'm going to play your game right now :D

Aaah yes, it's buggy :[


Yeah, adding engine sound was on my list but I didn't get to it :( And low base is a bit trick with nokia sounds :)

Thanks! :)

Wow! Thanks :)

A solid top-down shooter! Now imagine if it wasn't possible to move with WSAD and the only mean of moving would be the kickback and rotation! :D Great use of 2bit color depth!

I wish my teammate was a bit more helpful because looks like I'm pulling all the weight in this game :D So few pixels but so much fun! So far the most fun entry with fewest pixels :D +1 on perfect execution!

Thanks for your comment! True. The challenge starts at level 5 for me too. I'd implement a difficulty select if I had more time :/

Ah. I figured it out. CSS property `image-rendering` must be set to `crisp-edges` in order for firefox to render it properly. Thanks for pointing this out! I updated the game so now it should render properly on firefox as well.

A solid tower defense entry! Just needs a little bit more challenge

Huh. Weird. Can you tell what browser you're using?

I don't now what's going on here but I enjoy it :D The screamer got me. Things escalated to creepy and weird quickly. Nice!

The amount of content and polish just mind blowing! Fantastic pixel art and sound design. Definitely one of the best for this jam.

Nice take on the arkanoid/breakout game! The graphics and sound design are top notch!

Can't comment, laughing too hard. Kinda brings me back to the golden age of flash games in the early 2010s :D

The visuals are quit nice! You're too harsh to yourself. But the resolution doesn't seem to follow the 64x64px limitation. The gameplay is also quite good and addictive.

Whoa! The level design is just top notch. I see some speedrunning potential here. Incredibly fun with so few pixels and colors. Just amazing.

At the beginning I thought the loading bar got stuck :D But then I figured it out. A nice and minimalist puzzle game

It's nice to see another game made with Haxe ;) And a fun and nicely done one!

Ah, I love trains and rails ;) The controls was confusing at first but I figured it out. Also it's possible to stuck in an infinite loop :) Overall a very nice and fun little game!

Beyond impressive! Everything about this game is just awesome. Can't even pinpoint any specifics :)

Whoa! Thanks for your comment! I impressed how precisely you ID'd this 8x8 font :D

Nice little puzzle. Definitely something I would love to have on my 3310 back in the day :D It gets challenging quite quickly. I got stuck for a short time even on the second level. But maybe I'm just not very smart :D

Thanks for adding a build for Linux! Runs perfectly on my Arch :)

3d looks very impressive in this one! I'm still wondering if it is the "real" polygonal 3d or raycasting. Probably the former considering the models but still looks as sharp as raycasting would! Awesome.

That definitely looks like something that could perfectly work on a real 3310. Just add more levels, challenges and a high score table :D

Wow! Thanks for such an in-depth review!

Obliterating objects is game breaking bug I noticed only after the jam has ended :d

That's amazing how clean the 3D you've implemented looks in such low resolution and only two colors. The puzzle mechanic is simple and solid. I want this to be a full-blown game with higher resolution :D

Simple yet fun concept! A solid start in game jams :D

Interesting take on the original Snake II game :D I wonder how it would be played in real time

Such a nice simple yet addictive puzzle game. I like how level design acts as a perfect tutorial for the mechanics! Great job!

Although it doesn't seem that the game adheres to the 84x48px restriction (but don't quote me on that!) the concept is just so confusingly fun :D Never seen anything like that. So simple yet fun. I'm surprised that it can be so challenging to fight against myself :D

Hey! Nice touch on the theme! I see several motives that using it. Also the game sounds very authentic for a Nokia 3310 game :D Character don't seem to move on the 84x48 pixel grid though :)

Such a nice tiny metrodvania with an interesting twist on on/off theme! I'm really impressed how you managed to fit such an enjoyable game into restrictions. I'm gonna get back to collect all the 96 parts later :D