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Michael Miriti

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Thanks for the feedback! And yes.. that's definitely a bug :/

Oh no :d What dist are you using? Has it happened more than once?

Thanks for the feedback! :D I'm on improving the game right now! Hope I'll be able to finish it :)

Thanks! :D

I'm planing not only to publish my code but also make a "review" of it on youtube. There's a lot of silly stuff and flat out design flaws in my code so I want to show people how not to code games :D Follow me on twitter if you're interested: @michael_miriti

Even it the review idea won't work out the code will be published on my github.

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm definitely going to implement all of that! :D

Thanks for the feedback!

The fact that I couldn't manage to add bosses in the game makes me feel bad the most... I mean who needs a beat 'em up game without bosses? :) But I'm gonna fix that!

Thanks! :D

Thanks for the feedback!

I know, I should have been more focused on the mechanics and fun stuff in the game.. but as a programmer I tend to be more focused on the inner guts and forget about the most important stuff :(

I hope so too! Thanks :D

You've managed to multiply Flappy Bird frustration by adding enemies and weapons :D Fun and addiction has been also multiplied :)

Awsome little game! Reminds me of the castle level from the Duck Tales nes game :D

One of the best! :D

And Battletoads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team is one of my all time favourite games :D


Thanks! :D


Yes! Food from the garbage was one of the things I planed :D

Thanks! I'm planing to maybe make a full game out of this after the jam :)

Thanks! :D

Wow! I like the original concept of this game! Somehow you've managed to combine rouglike and match3 and maybe something else! You could probably also add some kind of rpg-like level-up system or something like that. I hope to see more of this :)

Thanks! I think I'm going to at lest implement some other features that I wanted. Such as bosses, weapons and maybe come up some plot :D

Couldn't beat it yet. I think I'm gonna find someone to try the the multiplayer feature. But from what I saw it seems really awesome! Visuals are neat and the music fits perfectly and causes nostalgia :D

Thanks! :)

Wow! Thanks! :D

Thanks! :D


Wow. Sound design is awsomly creapy! :D

Thanks! :D

Oh great! I'm not the only one who made a beat 'em up game for this jam! :D

Your's got a neat mechanics and absolutely awesome music which perfectly resonates with the aesthetics.

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In the meantime you can try the browser version! Of course native build is better but still :)

Finished the last level only minutes before the end :) But it's done... I guess.

Almost assembled a whole level and also got some assets for another two. Made some menus.. Oh! Also implemented a gampad control... what else.. Oh, now enemies are wearing some polo neck kind of shirts :D

You're absolutely right! Any game is better with screenshake!

Tomorrow I'm going to do something with characters design. I promise!

I'm still hoping that I'll be able not to just change the palette but create several different enemies (and bosses!) :D

Regarding multiplayer - of course beat'em ups much more fun when played with a friend but my primary goal to make the game at least somewhat fun for a single player :D

I'm trying really hard but still can't see the mustache :D

 What are you using engine/language wise?

I'm using haxe + OpenFL and even expressed some love of it in the corresponding topic :)

I'm using haxe+OpenFL. It's a pity that only a few people (and no one in this thread) actually using it because it's absolutely awesome. Haxe translates to the wide variety of different programming languages (C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, even PHP and Lua) therefore allows to make 100% native builds (no runtimes like java, .net, mono, etc.) for different platforms (one can build for windows, linux, android and html5 right away with minimal effort).

I also making a game in which gamepad control is preferable. Subscribing to this topic :)

And answering the original question: I have an Xbox 360 controller and also some cheap Genius Nintendo-like controller (found the name of the model: MaxFire Mini: .

I hoped my next devlog entry would be more impressive... But here what I got:

Still got only one "skin" for all the characters. I spent hours on making a state machine and it's still far from perfect (in the end of this video you can see how an invisible enemy beats the crap out of me :D).

I think I'm going to polish the existing mechanics and focus on level design and graphics for the rest of the jam.

well, that's an interesting perspective :D

simple-simon Konami Route

I thinks this one. Because the key word here is "simple" :)