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Apologies for the lack of license, ahh!

This tool is completely free to use in every project. You don't need to credit, but it is very appreciated!

Let me know when your project is released, I'd love to check it out!

I got this game in a bundle and had to go back and purchase it directly. Amazing, incredible game that I can't wait to play more of!

I can't wait!!! Good luck, team, I'm so looking forward to it!

This game is so beautiful! Everything from the sprites to the cut-in style effects really make it enthralling to read. I love it!

You may have to update your Ren'Py to the latest version. Otherwise, you can comment out the caret transform and the tooltip from the code. Thanks for downloading!

Stunning music! I'm in love with these tracks!

Nope, I don't think Ren'Py itself allows for GIFs. However, if you export your GIF as PNG frames, you can create an animation using ATL language to cycle through the frames!

The alternative is to use a MP4 instead of a GIF, but that's a biiiit more work. It depends on what your project needs!

I can't open the game, it says that the rar can't be opened as an archive.

I love the art! I hope I can play soon!

I love EVERYTHING about this game. Thank you WOAH_MAAAN.

Hi! To anyone who's tried opening this before, it looks like the newest update has fixed this issue.

Please give it a shot if you can to support this awesome dev!

I've tried playing your demo, but I get an error and it says it can't be opened as an archive. Please let me know if this gets fixed at any point! I'm interested in trying it out. Thank you!

also, by the way, there's a typo in your game screenshots. "We're supposed to b f-fun". 

Wow!! Thank you again for playing through it. Love your energy and style!!

We're all so happy to see people enjoy our stories and thank you once again for your support <3

Thank you so much for playing!

We're sorry you didn't connect with the characters as well as we had hoped, but we still truly appreciate all your feedback. We're thinking about every point carefully and how we can use this to further improve the main game! Thank you for sticking with us, we're happy that you could still enjoy the story as it is. <3

(Oh, and Apple is a star, and since they don't have a gender, they/them pronouns!)

Wow... Thank you so so so much for the kind words and support! We're all so touched that you enjoyed Prelude so much and it makes us all feel so grateful to have fans like you.

We'd appreciate any screenshots of lines that have typos! Or you can make a list with just the line in it, whichever is easier for you. Thank you!

Once again thank you so much for this. Everyone is still sobbing over this comment, so thank you for making our day <3

If you've come across any bugs, this is the place to let us know!

Please include:

  • Operating System
  • What the bug is
  • How you came across it
  • If/how to reproduce it

Alternatively, you can send us a bug report by shooting it over to

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the kind words. Everyone worked very hard to create this demo and your support means the world to us. Thanks again!

Thank you so much! We're so glad you're enjoying it. Loved your video too, it's fun watching your thought process and theories... Thank you again for your support!

This was so absolutely adorable and well-done! I might have prefered if the fight scenes were replaced with dialogue since it seems unfinished, but overall I just love this!!!

So glad to see it released! Congrats!