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bastyllias sweep

Super awesome idea, I really enjoyed it! There was a bit of difficulty at first because player 1 and 2 have different views. Apparently where I could see the menus, P2 can't, so I just had to verbally communicate switching players/starting the game. It might be good if possible to make it a vote mechanic with both players clicking "Ready" to start, or "Switch" to switch? The game said "You died" to player 2 and "Game clear!" for P1, and it sort of locks you out after you get to the ending screen, so a "retry" button might be good.

I also think it'd be nice to either do separate lives or maybe a "Follow the leader" mechanic, where the follower's lives don't matter but the leader's do. Would make it a fun opportunity to learn patterns without making the other player beef it because you're bad (ME, IM BAD LOL)

The music was super jammin and I loved the art! A multiplayer entry must've been a real challenge to make and it was super easy to connect and play, so thank you!

(Special thanks to Rosy,who played this with me today!)

I played on Easy, but I think I had crazy luck or something since by the end of my game I had most companies at 80. Early on I invested in Moriya because I love danger, and I almost always rolled 4+ on them, so they kept splitting! I ended up getting Momoyo to Love :)

I was surprised at how fun I found this!! I was sort of afraid to try it out since it has math, my greatest enemy, but not even one full round in it sort of clicked and I got really excited about it. I think the board design could use a tiny bit of tweaking (the price change tables being staggered made it easy to miss Kawashiro and use Yamawaro's table, for example). Another suggested change would perhaps be to change "Month" in the rules to "Turns"—it was a little difficult for me to understand you can do a move multiple times in a "month" since I wasn't sure if I had to replay the phases a certain number of times to progress it. Could be a "bad at reading comprehension" thing, but I think it would help understand the rules at a glance too!

Overall though, despite Vassal deciding to bless me with great fortune, I think the game is really well balanced and very fun to play!! I hope other people give it a try: it's super easy to get into and have a great time doing it.  

Very sweet story!! I really liked how Marisa is reading one of Patchouli's favorite books, and the little quips between the two. The art is really cute, too. I would echo some of the comments on the font choice and some errors here and there, but it's a really sweet game! I enjoyed it a lot! <3

I'm obsessed with the presentation of all of this. Incredible music, fantastic art, and it's an RPG! I agree with the comments about balancing: It's unfortunately incredibly difficult to make any progress. Some balancing changes would help make this game probably one of my favorites of the bunch: again, I can't sing the praises high enough for how well everything fits together into one cohesive game.

Magnetize is such a cool mechanic, and I loooved the time slow in place of bombs too (but i do wish it had some sort of death-bomb effect?). Fun patterns too! I think it may be a bit easy, but I struggled at first still, so was a nice challenge for me. The story and no new art were both a little lacking, but again, really fun game with creative mechanics!

Great great great danmaku game!! I'm not the best at them even though I love em, so it gave me a challenge. I'll definitely have to retry for 1CC.

It's so impressive that there's two bosses at once, and switching between characters giving just a moment of invulnerability is great. The story was surprisingly really sweet too! I know how hard it is to add a whole plot with just some dialogue and you did a great job. The music was really pretty too. Also all of this and I haven't mentioned how beautiful the spritework and UI layout is, wow!!! The little animations are so nice.

Really good patterns and just a great shmup. I like how the patterns are new but callback to the characters spellcards from previous games too.

Amazing use of theme, writing was amazing, and the art!!! HOLY HECK the art! The opening story gripped me immediately: what a fantastic way to pull players in and get them invested. 

The dialogue flowed really well and very naturally. It was a little hard to stay invested at first—perhaps if there were things to break up the chats, like ordering food or perhaps Mokou asking you a few questions too? But that's the tiniest of complaints. I had so much fun and the format of talking as friends at a bar is such an underutilized concept. This is so well done. Great job to the team!

I didn't know this was a sequel, so I'm definitely going to have to play the previous game now, too. It's so nice that it stands on its own, so an extra kudos to the writer.

I really loved this! This is such a fun danmaku game. (My biggest desire is for a graze counter, and also maybe changing the controls a bit? A/S is a bit awkward compared to Z/X)

The idea of being able to cut bullets in front of you in exchange for a bomb adds a bit of leniency to the player in emergencies, but maintains a good level of challenge (you can't cut behind you, after all). I have a soft spot for danmaku games in Touhou game jams admittedly—on it's own, though, I think it'd still be one of my top games of any jam. Great job to the entire team and super fun patterns!!!

Good attempt at a game with such a short time limit! It definitely is rough with the slow movement and aiming. The music is good and the idea of activating a buddy character is always fun—hopefully with more time and practice we can see Reimumania at its peak potential.

I think every game needs a +YURI bonus to hit

Really cute and fun!! I would play the hell out of this, especially one made with more time to add more characters/depth. It's really cool that this doesn't use an actual grid for movement and it seems like the bullets are actual objects: an enemy "missed" one of my units but hit the one a bit behind her. The models are such a cute low-poly style.

This is such a fun concept (couple's therapy for dysfunctional gods?? YEAH) and I really like all the effort put in so far! I hope this gets finished so I can really appreciate it. I think later on there should be an option to turn off the text sound? The portraits were really cute: Suwako and Kanako were probably placeholders but I love them LOL

Uuwuugh I'm not crying you are 😭

Absolutely stunning artwork and story, tied together with fitting music and a beautiful romance. The amount of CGs was so crazy to me, so great work!!! Seeing the girls find so much joy in who they are and in each other was the highlight for me. My biggest complaint is that I wish it were longer!! The changing main menu after completion was SUCH a neat touch. Big big love!!! I think someone who doesn't know or play Touhou at all could enjoy this to the fullest extent, which is so hard to do in a visual novel format, so: incredible job. <3

Super cool concept, but really difficult to play just from a controls perspective.


The opening is so beautifully sang and the visuals are incredible—I was hooked! The episodes themselves are bite-sized and very cute. The addition of minigames was fun, I wish Ichi were a teeny bit easier to follow along when it's your turn! I loved all the character art, and the funky text sound for each character was such a neat touch.

Very fun and nice to read!!

SO fun!! Alice was definitely a big challenge — I almost wonder if I just got lucky beating her? Lol. Panel de pon is very near and dear to my heart and seeing a panel de pon entry made stars shine in my eyes and blocks fall from the ceiling. Really fun!! Thanks for making it! The story is amazing too—hilarious and cute.

(1 edit)

Really fun! I enjoyed this a lot. I got a few game overs before I opened up the Help menu and realized I could dash, but that's a me problem LOL. I wish the opening scene perhaps would've been displayed differently: maybe even just showing the game sprites over the background with text bubbles? It's a little hard to follow. Overall though, the actual gameplay is really fun. I'd play more levels! The pixel art is super super cute and the music is BOPPIN'.

The SCREAM that I SCREMD when Reimu started running through the walls was real

Absolutely incredible art from top to bottom: t-posing Suika made me smile and all the expressions are amazing!! What an expressive game! I was sort of hoping for a Katamari Damacy type transition when the first stage occurred, giving you access to bigger food, but I think it just takes you a different Suika? It was a bit confusing. Overall though, very very fun and the Reimu boss fight added some good difficulty that would make this addictive with more levels! Really loved the music/script too :) Great job team!!

Played up until I got one ending! (8. Sorry about that)

Overall, really good writing and voice. I was sort of hoping for a bit more depth to the choices pre-date scene, like the possibility of not being able to afford everything. Also, the choice text is a light blue and sort of blends in with the light purple of the gradient, so that was a tiny bit hard to see.

I love Twine games and I think it's really cool that it has an inventory though! It's nice seeing the items on screen, not super typical. Seeing their date slowly progress throughout the day is really fun and cute, and I loved all the descriptions. I'll definitely be coming back to this one!!

How odd! Sorry for the trouble. I'm actually working on a new update to the tool that should hopefully fix a lot of issues and be easier to use, but for now if you open up renedit_functions and go to line 12, you may be able to fix this by replacing it with this.

editlog.write("\nTypo logged at "+ str(renpy.get_filename_line()) + ":\n" + str(_last_say_what) + "\n\n----------------------------\n")

This will make sure the _last_say_what will be written down as text in the event no one spoke last (usually if you're using something different to display text... but not going to discount it being a Ren'Py 8.0 issue!)

(4 edits)

I don't have a video, but hopefully this will help!

  1. Unzip Renedit into the GameName/game directory.
  2. Open renedit.rpy in Atom, Notepad, or any other text editing software.
  3. Locate the lines beginning with "init python" and ending with "config.keymap...". . (These lines only have one # instead of three!)
  4. Delete the # before these lines and save the file.

Then, just press "e" on your keyboard in-game to bring up the overlay.

Thanks! Maybe I'll make a download version specifically for drag-and-drop use for these cases.

Apologies for the lack of license, ahh!

This tool is completely free to use in every project. You don't need to credit, but it is very appreciated!

Let me know when your project is released, I'd love to check it out!

I got this game in a bundle and had to go back and purchase it directly. Amazing, incredible game that I can't wait to play more of!

I can't wait!!! Good luck, team, I'm so looking forward to it!

This game is so beautiful! Everything from the sprites to the cut-in style effects really make it enthralling to read. I love it!

You may have to update your Ren'Py to the latest version. Otherwise, you can comment out the caret transform and the tooltip from the code. Thanks for downloading!

Stunning music! I'm in love with these tracks!

Nope, I don't think Ren'Py itself allows for GIFs. However, if you export your GIF as PNG frames, you can create an animation using ATL language to cycle through the frames!

The alternative is to use a MP4 instead of a GIF, but that's a biiiit more work. It depends on what your project needs!

I can't open the game, it says that the rar can't be opened as an archive.

I love the art! I hope I can play soon!

I love EVERYTHING about this game. Thank you WOAH_MAAAN.

Hi! To anyone who's tried opening this before, it looks like the newest update has fixed this issue.

Please give it a shot if you can to support this awesome dev!

I've tried playing your demo, but I get an error and it says it can't be opened as an archive. Please let me know if this gets fixed at any point! I'm interested in trying it out. Thank you!

also, by the way, there's a typo in your game screenshots. "We're supposed to b f-fun". 

Wow!! Thank you again for playing through it. Love your energy and style!!

We're all so happy to see people enjoy our stories and thank you once again for your support <3

Thank you so much for playing!

We're sorry you didn't connect with the characters as well as we had hoped, but we still truly appreciate all your feedback. We're thinking about every point carefully and how we can use this to further improve the main game! Thank you for sticking with us, we're happy that you could still enjoy the story as it is. <3

(Oh, and Apple is a star, and since they don't have a gender, they/them pronouns!)

Wow... Thank you so so so much for the kind words and support! We're all so touched that you enjoyed Prelude so much and it makes us all feel so grateful to have fans like you.

We'd appreciate any screenshots of lines that have typos! Or you can make a list with just the line in it, whichever is easier for you. Thank you!

Once again thank you so much for this. Everyone is still sobbing over this comment, so thank you for making our day <3

If you've come across any bugs, this is the place to let us know!

Please include:

  • Operating System
  • What the bug is
  • How you came across it
  • If/how to reproduce it

Alternatively, you can send us a bug report by shooting it over to

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the kind words. Everyone worked very hard to create this demo and your support means the world to us. Thanks again!

Thank you so much! We're so glad you're enjoying it. Loved your video too, it's fun watching your thought process and theories... Thank you again for your support!

This was so absolutely adorable and well-done! I might have prefered if the fight scenes were replaced with dialogue since it seems unfinished, but overall I just love this!!!

So glad to see it released! Congrats!