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Shoot it out in space as Cirno battles Clownpiece!
Submitted by Zirk, Aurcereal, helianthus48, Mad (@Mad1Hav), WordedPuppet, jonter64 — 3 hours, 15 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Story / Writing#163.0913.091
Use of LGBT Themes#192.8182.818

Ranked from 33 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Aurcereal, helianthus48, Jonter64, Madhav, WordedPuppet and Zirk

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Jam Host

Dang, rockin' Clownpiece arrangement.

Sometimes it felt like the rng on the danmaku arranged just right to give me an unwinnable match, but after a few tries I was able to clear it fine. Definitely couldn't beat The Secret Thing, but it was fun to try; I like the patterns. Quality twinstick shooter action

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is a cool concept that seems to have been executed as a complete vision, which I like. it's cool to have more prosey dialogue. The music was also fantastic. I did have a bit of a hard time with the controls since I'm a weirdo who uses a Mouse on the left side of my laptop. Maybe allow Right Click to also be dash?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is nice. My only real complaint is the cursor being hard to see. It makes it hard to aim and hard to even select things on the main menu.

Update: I just found and beat the Lunatic difficult. That's a nice extra piece of content, but maybe a bit hard to find?


A fun twin-stick shooter! The gameplay is simple but well executed, and the addition of a reset button is definitely handy! The bullet patterns are all fair, I could see that you took your time to make sure the gameplay experience felt as enjoyable as possible.

I really liked the visuals! The backgrounds for the story segments are quite detailed; the final pixel-art scene, in particular, is very cute. The art for the shooter segment is even prettier! I especially liked the characters' sprites and animations. The movement of both Clowpiece's and Cirno's projectiles looked really smooth, as well.

I think you did a good job on the soundtrack, too. The rearrangements of the characters' themes fit right into the respective sections of the game! The battle track is frantic and engaging, while Cirno's mellow theme lets you cool down (heh) after the fight.

The only thing I felt detracted from the experience was the cursor. I often lost track of it in the middle of the fight, especially on insane difficulty: whenever Clownpiece got out of the arena, the cursor ended up blending in with the dark background. Perhaps you could make it brighter and maybe a bit thicker, as well.

Overall, though, it was definitely a fun and polished game! Also, I don't know who of you guys thought of the line below, but it made me laugh out loud!

Deleted post
(1 edit) (+2)

Fun little twinstick shooter.

The cursor was a bit hard to see and Cirno's hurt sound was a bit too quiet but other then that I enjoyed it a lot. Always good to have some Clown representation.


Thanks for your comment, I also do think that Clownpiece deserve to be in more jams/games so I’m glad we got to put her here!

For the audio yeah we did SFX integration a bit late and that reflects on some of the sound volume, will be sure to be careful of that next time


Please tell me no frogs were harmed during the intro…!

Fun game, and although I found Cirno’s bullets a tad too small and three lives (just two hits, really) on the unforgiving side, I persevered and I was able to beat Clownpiece! 2:47, 1 heart penalty, score: 933. The patterns were very well done and they combined in unexpected ways that kept me engaged. I also tried the secret mode, but as expected, I couldn’t get far.

Regarding the story, I was a bit confused, and I wasn’t sure if they were in hell, or in space, close to the Hakurei shrine, or by the Misty Lake. That said I also liked the intro background, those 3D shapes are rather unsettling. The ending CG was a good reward. The music is quite good, and the sprites are cute.


Thanks for your comment! I didn’t write the intro so I can make no promise but congrats for beating the game!

If that can reassure you I also didn’t manage to beat the secret mode but the other dev did (twice)


Short but fun twinstick danmaku!

Really cool attack patterns with really cool visual effects on them! Pretty good music tracks that fit the game.
I find it kinda funny how just before the fight CIrno and Clownpiece seemed to be at eachother's throat, and just a few minutes after they're really close. Life works in mysterious ways at times.

The crosshair is hard to see - it's thin and it's grey-colored, which doesn't make it contrast well against the arena and the danmaku. In an action-packed game it's important to have your crosshair stand out, would make it way easier to see where you're aiming. Make it red or cyan and I think that should be good.
Maybe there's a little too much exposition at the start. The "game" part of the game is literally only one third of the total content. Exposition and narration might be good story tools, but in this case it felt like story-dumping, especially when the only visuals is only a static background. Maybe the intro could be shortened, or have something to look at during the intro on top of the background (like an illustration of Cirno scattering her prank frogs)

Gotta say though, I really like the looks of the intro background, of the arena and of the title screen. Like Clownpiece's bullet's visual effect, they're so interesting to look at. They're not the ordinary types of landscapes, I might even say they feel lunatic.


Thanks for your feedback, about the cursor we used it because we had the same issue with the mouse cursor… but it indeed doesn’t really solve the issue

For your second point yeah, we spent a lot of time on shoot them up part and thus the VN one could have went with a bit more polish, something we will have to think of for the next jam

About Clownpiece bullets, the other dev did a really great job with them and the patterns, saw an amount of math I didn’t expect to meet on Unity


Cool game. Controls felt nice, though the dash is a bit unwieldy. The patterns were rad and I quite liked the way dashing worked with them. The story is pretty funny, and I liked Cirno's gratuitous cussing-- it's weirdly in-character for her, I think. My only real issue was how short it was. Pretty cute for what it is.


Thanks for your comment!

If you found the game too short don’t hesitate to check the in-game credits, someone told me a secret difficulty may be hiding around there…

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Really fun! I enjoyed this a lot. I got a few game overs before I opened up the Help menu and realized I could dash, but that's a me problem LOL. I wish the opening scene perhaps would've been displayed differently: maybe even just showing the game sprites over the background with text bubbles? It's a little hard to follow. Overall though, the actual gameplay is really fun. I'd play more levels! The pixel art is super super cute and the music is BOPPIN'.


Thanks for your feedback!

Glad to see that you enjoyed the game, the VN part is indeed definitely something we need to improve upon, we will need be more careful about that next time :)