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Holes in memory, blackout. Holes in rocks=caves.

The box collider is maybe set too low. Try move it up in the editor without also move the sprite.

Wiki page about NES: Wiki

Condensed info:

SystemRelease year
Apple II
NES1986North America

Take a look at the jam calendar, you will see 1 month long jam is not unusual.

I have seen a jam 10 years long. Pixel Game Maker Jam is 6 months long.

I wonder why upload to Dropbox is required.

You can upload to for free and even give better info with trailers and screenshot for all to see.

I'm not sure what you mean by panel. Is it a scene or background? A scene can use some backgrounds if using different angles.

1st prize winner "only" gets indie games, no triple A games.

Regarding Rights and Privileges

At the time of winning (either at the time of notification or publication of results, whichever comes first), the winner is considered to have agreed to give KADOKAWA exclusive rights on the use of the winning content (including all related novelizations, electronic novelizations, comic adaptations, animation, motion pictures, games, merchandise, digital goods, translations, as well as other adaptations, reproductions, and uses, including granting said uses to third parties).

The winner also cannot use the submitted work for commercial reasons for either themselves or other third parties outside of our company without prior written consent.

Also check this:

Very nice little game. It was fun exploring. I don't think the fisherman added anything to the game, meaning not needed.

Is it OK for me to make a 3D remake of this, if I credit you with link to this game?