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Thanks for the feedback! This was the most common critique of the game when I entered it into Ludum Dare.

The game was made in a weekend and has not/will likely not see any further updates. I hope other parts of the game were enjoyable for you. 

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks, Nick. Your words are super encouraging!

There were a couple of weeks where I had pretty much decided to can it out of frustration. IGEO has always been one of those labors of love for me and I felt like I was trying too hard to make it into something palatable for others.

I think you either like these kinds of games or you don't. It's simple and challenging and throwing anything else in there was ruining it for me.

Thanks for playing!

There is an Undo function coming in the Open Beta. 

I have also put a top-down "Classic" camera option into the game but perhaps another angle could be useful, too.

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah it sucks. I'm just super happy it wasn't the HDD I use to store all my game projects and back ups!

Glad you enjoyed it!

I'm currently working through a couple different ideas for how N-Gons are awarded and one of the concepts I'm leaning towards involves variable rewards. Speed and less moves would be the determining factors, most likely.

It is definitely an opportunity for juice! I've already begun to come up with a shiney look for the N-Gon "icon". Can't wait to get into more graphical polish in the coming months!

Thanks for the comments, Nick!

Please submit any non-bug related feedback here!

We do appreciate all comments and constructive criticism - but please acknowledge that posting here does not guarantee that the feedback will be fully or partially incorporated into the game. 

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We strongly encourage players to submit bugs through our Google Form, but for users uncomfortable with that solution you can reply to this thread using the following structure to submit bugs:

  1. Game Version Number - located under the logo on the title screen
  2. Installed Platform - Which operating system and version are you running the game on?
  3. Level bug occurred on
  4. Relevant screenshots or video of bug
  5. As much detail describing the bug as you can provide

Please note that we will likely not follow up with you personally should the bug be addressed and fixed. Each patch release will address them in their patch notes, however.

Additionally, please use the Comments and Suggestions thread for non-bug related feedback (i.e. game feel, art, pacing, etc.). This thread is for game and level breaking bugs that will be prioritized over mechanic or feature enhancements.

Thanks so much for helping build IGEO DX into a finished product and happy testing!

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Glad you enjoyed the game!

You are correct that Detached Solutions should at the very least be mentioned on the store page and credits. It has been added!

We did have it mentioned on the store page some time ago, but I'm not recalling why it was removed. The game cannot be updated to include it in the credits, but acknowledgement will be given in the credits for IGEO DX.

Thanks again!

Thanks for supporting the bundle and your interest in IGEO.

Sadly, IGEO was developed on a version of Unity that we can no longer compile the game from. We tried to upgrade the game to a newer version of Unity last year to address this and some other issues.

Due to the games reliance on deprecated libraries and changes to the Unity engine we decided the game needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. 

A more formal announcement and an open alpha test will be coming in a few weeks for IGEO DX, which will support MacOS 64-bit.

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Thanks for checking out IGEO and supporting the bundle!

Unfortunately, IGEO is not really in a state where content can be added any longer. 

However, a new and improved version, IGEO DX, will be coming into open alpha later this month and undoing moves is an included feature amongst loads of new mechanics and levels.

The open alpha will be free and the full release on Itch will be free for anyone who has purchased IGEO.

I'd like to submit

Loved the art and style of this game. Great job!

My terrible cooking skills in real life translated into the game XD. Loved it, either way! Great art and the music was so catchy. This was a fun little game!

This was a very smart game and with a very inspiring message. Very intuitive and whimsical - solid entry!

Thanks - glad you enjoyed the tune!

I believe Construct's wrap behavior waits until the entire collider has left the screen before wrapping the object, which will cause the slight delay. Thanks for letting me know about the score bug - that was an oversight on my part. Glad you enjoyed it!

Rate and leave a comment and I will do the same! Cheers!

Love the controls - very challenging. A nice spin on Asteroids, indeed. Good job!

Really solid entry! Lots of potential with the mechanics and the implementation was done very well. Enjoyed it a lot!

Glad you figured it out and enjoyed the game. Thanks for playing!

Interesting concept and art. Wished there was a little more feedback in place when using cards and the turn order. Enjoyed the creepy music! Good entry.

Really fun and challenging! Love the tight controls and the mechanic is pretty solid. Combat is exciting, as well. This is really good for your first game jam! Congrats.

The asynchronous multiplayer concept is really rad. Wish the hit boxes were a little more forgiving - but all in all this could be polished out into a really cool and challenging game. Good work!

It's a good strategy for sure! Thanks for playing.

Really enjoyed your spin on the theme. Definitely difficult! :D

Fun, simple, and sweet! Wish there could have been some indication of health, but other than that it had solid feel and an interesting mechanic.

Hilarious interpretation of the theme. Love the character designs and humor. Great work!

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Enjoyed it - great game! Fun and original puzzle concept that is definitely worth expanding on. I agree with others that the illumination mechanic makes the solutions a little too obvious, but with some touch ups in another engine this concept could really shine!

Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed IGEO.

I am not the original inventor of this game's concept. It is a mechanic derived from an old game known as PEGS on Texas Instrument calculators. I've adapted it into an isometric form, which adds a unique bit of challenge to it.

I am currently exploring taking this concept further by introducing new shapes and mechanics and adding more atmosphere and variety to the game's art and graphics. It will be re-imagined in a lot of ways. Also, thanks for the suggestions. If I find a way to fit any of them in I will certainly let you know!

I'll take a look at those bugs and see if I can whip up a patch. Thanks again for playing!

I'm in the same boat. Dedicating half of my brain function to brainstorming while working on my daily tasks. :D

Good luck!

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This page is to serve as a working roadmap for development on Light Drifter. Don't expect it to remain very up to date.

  1. Refactoring and general optimization - need to clean up some events and abstract things out a little more (big projects in Construct 2 must stay well organized or they become a nightmare)
  2. Debug arsenal - build in some general debug tools like level skipping and invulnerability, etc.
  3. Improved 'Prototype' Tileset - the original tileset is literally one tile (the spikes are superimposed objects); adding curves and simple geometry will not not only help diversify graphics but can add level design elements
  4. 1080p - because the final launch will serve multiple devices, we're going to start from full HD and work our way down for mobile and tablets
  5. Backend for Leaderboards/Account system - a simple authentication system for users who want to access Leaderboards and any additional online features; will require Login/Offline Modes
  6. Game Modes
    • Arcade - the core game; 50+ levels of hand built puzzles and drifting; Levels are completed in order, player racks up as many points and Multipliers as possible to achieve higher ranks (A,B,C,D,F); Levels can be attempted over and over to improve rank/highscores
    • Marathon - run the entire Arcade mode with a configurable set of limited lives; Marathon mode features unique Lights such as the Life Light (1 up) and the Skip Light (can be triggered at the start of a Level to skip it)
    • Speeder - 30 Time Trial levels of various difficulty (marked by stars 1 - 5); levels are less hazardous but more tricky to navigate and often have long open stretches with Speed Lights
    • Multiplayer - local couch muliplayer with gamepads; Arena-style and Racing mini-modes on a variety of levels
  7. More Hazards/Dynamic Level Elements - moving hazards, portals - wacky puzzle stuff, ya dig?
  8. "Profiles" - to allow for a few shades of customization, players can tweak the handling and visuals of their craft and save them to unlockable profiles; profiles can then be swapped in between levels from the menu
  9. More Light Powerups/Hazards - in addition to the Life and Skip Lights in Marathon mode, we want introduce various lights that add various 'buffs' and 'curses' or activate certain puzzles/traps on the map
This is a really broad overview and we will most likely be adding and changing lots as time progresses.