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DUGA community · Posted in DAT

The dat files are simply binary files. I used the pickle module for Python to store and read them.

I am so sorry to inform you, that I did not make the Mac version, as I do not have access to a Mac computer. Therefore, I have no way to fix it. You can, however run the source code if you have Python 3 and Pygame installed. I am more than happy to assist you, if you need help installing those.

DUGA community · Posted in anas85

Agree :-)

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Thank you! Can you please send me the files customLevels.dat and customSegments.dat?

Then I will try and see what the problem could be :-)

Hmm, it seems the level editor is broken. If you are still interested, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

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There will always be a lot more people seeing your page than downloading your game. That being said, it seems you joined 53 days ago and already have four games on your account. Perhaps the games are rushed and not polished? I looked at some of your game pages and they are not selling the game very well. I looked at Immune Warrior and I think the idea is good, but the page is very underwhelming. Make a better description, list the features of the game, put in some gifs instead of only a trailer and images. Also, find some music for your trailer, which does not have a guy saying "" over it. And lastly, get an artist to do your graphics and your thumbnail, as your games currently look like programmer art ;-)

I hope some of it was useful.

I am very happy, that you think that. However, Pygame, which DUGA uses is technically an engine. However, here it is mostly utilized as a framework :-)

Thank you for reporting this. Does the game crash immediately after starting a new level or later on?

I am doubt I can fix this, due to it being the Mac version. I did not compile the version myself, as I do not have access to a Mac computer. However, if you are able to run the source code (requires Python 3.x and Pygame) please let me know if the error occurs again.

Very interesting design! Had to give up at the "timing" level, but wanted to keep on going.

The zip file has been corrupted. It cannot be extracted.

This game is missing data in order to run

Ah, that was not clear for me. Perhaps you should make a .zip-file with everything in it, so only one downlaod has to be made. Would probably result in some more ratings :-)

I found your game pretty fun, but would love some more detailed graphics and a less steep difficulty curve. But the idea is promising!

Would be awesome with some more to play our game. I will take a look at yours and rate it.

We just discovered, that the game do not always reset correctly when pressing replay. Restarting the game will solve this issue.

Very interesting idea, which fits the theme very well. However, I find the gameplay lackluster. Would be interesting to expand upon!

Thanks! We are glad you liked it. We had tons of ideas for stuff to add, but this is what we managed within the time frame :-)

This game won't launch on my PC - "Error: Could not load game data at path: '.'. Is the .pck file missing?"

Thanks a lot :-)

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Open the inventory (press i) and click on the weapon you want to drop --> select drop. It will then land on the ground nearby.

Haha, better late than never. I hope you find it interesting :-)

I am glad it worked! Feel free to share your maps. I would love to try them out :-)

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Hello, I am glad you like it. I am not sure why you experience that. What operating system are you using? And does the console (command prompt) open? - The level editor need some console input in order to work. 
Try to take a look at this image: - It should explain the process.

I hope it works for you :-)

I just remembered, there is also a manual within the DUGA folder called Manuals.txt. It has some information on how to use the editor, if you get stuck :-)

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions. I don’t have a pastebin page (at least I don’t think so) would you send me the link to the crash report?

Your suggestions were really nice and I agree with you on most of them. People have very different opinions of the ammo spawns, and I found this amount to be the best suiting without major changes to the generation of levels. 

I have tried to implement multiple of your suggestions, like more enemies and darkness. However, both features take their toll on the performance, so I scrapped them. 

Adding enemies, changing their behaviors and making the levels more interactive are major changes to the game, which will not be added, as I want to work on other projects. However, I agree it would be nice with the added features. Also, you actually do double damage on enemies if you attack them before they have seen you ;-)

Thanks for the feedback! I am glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks! I sent you a reply in the other thread.

DUGA community · Posted in Bytes

So the game takes up much space? It should only be a few MBs. Try and locate the files and see how large they are.

The game will never run with a very high frame rate, but you can try and lower the graphics under the options menu.

As long as you have Python 3 or above (and a version of Pygame compatible with that) you should be good to go :-)

Ah, it seems that, since the game is 64-bit Windows 32-bit won’t play it. It doesn’t seem to be an easy task for me to create a 32-bit version. I am sorry. Alternatively, if you really want to try DUGA, you can run the source code. You’ll need Python3 and Pygame.

I am pretty sure, it won’t work with Python 2.7. You need Python 3.*

You can install Pygame with Python pip. You can find the instructions here:

Wait, did you say there is nothing in the folders? If not, there is supposed to be a lot of asset files. The game acannot run without those.

The game runs in Python3. Make sure you have the Pygame framework as well.

Hmmm... then I am afraid I don’t know what causes the problem. I am sorry. If you really want to try the game, you can run the source code with Python.

thanks a lot :-)

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You do not need Python to run it. I am unsure, what causes this error if the crash report is empty. Maybe your anti virus is blocking something within the game.

Hmm... I have never encountered this error before. Try and go to the properties of DUGA.exe and set it to compatibility mode for your operating system. 

I have heard about some people experiencing this. However, I am not sure what causes it. Does the CrashReport.log contain any errors?

Also, make sure you have the following files:

  • DUGAFONT.ttf
  • data folder
  • sounds folder
  • graphics folder

Do you experience lag all the times or only when special actions are happening? An even lower option than the low one in the options menu? Thanks for the feedback!