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I am currently developing a game and I need lots of creative maps for level generation! I thought some of you might find it fun to contribute to such a thing. If so, please take a look at my level editor, which I just released.


There are guides on how to use it on my project page. If you contribute, you will of course get your name in the credits :-)

I hope you will find it entertaining!

Thanks a lot for your encouraging words! The plan at the moment is to release it as a game. However, I have made a level editor, which should be very easy to use and I plan to make the maps shareable. If you are interested, you can mess around with the engine. I have released the source code on GitHub.

Hello, I am in the process of developing a roguelike raycaster. You can find a playable tech demo here: Tech Demo

I run a (very) small community on https://www.reddit.com/r/DUGA/ and asked what I should create next. As I probably won't get many votes there, I'll post it here as well. I make this poll mostly for fun and to let people have a bit of influence on the development.

I'd be awesome, if you spent 10 seconds voting this poll:


Thanks a lot :-)

Pretty cool little game :-)

Thank you very much! It means a lot to me :-)

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DUGA v1.0 Tech Demo

After two years in development I am proud to  present a tech demo for my game in development. The demo showcases the raycasting renderer, NPC AI, and first-person-shooter action!



- NPC's with full animations.

- 5 weapons in total.

- 3 playable levels.

- ""Advanced AI"" systems.

- Source code snippets available.



My name is MaxwellSalmon and I enjoy creating games as a hobby. This is a result of two years work with programming an engine from scratch and animating guns and enemies. At first I just wanted to create a raycaster engine - a pseudo-3D engine like the old Wolfenstein 3D - but I knew it was probably not that realistic with my skill set. I succeeded and after hours and hours of work, I feel quite proud of the result. The game is far from complete and will, according to my plans, become a roguelike shooter with LAN multiplayer.

Technical stuff

The demo is created in Python 3 with the Pygame framework for graphic rendering. The raycaster is programmed from scratch and runs with a decent frame rate considered it is written in a slow language with an old graphics library.  Source code snippets are available on the download page.

I hope you will consider taking a look at my game!

Nice game, but I miss something. I don't know how much health I have left and what weapon I should choose. Do they deal the same damage?

Nice game, but I miss something. I don't know how much health I have left and what weapon I should choose. Do they deal the same damage?

Ha! That was a great game! It makes no sense :D

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!

I am done with this game, because I simply don't have the patience to update it, but I think everything you said was spot on.

I rate your review 10/10 :P

Nice game. Pretty hard though.

Does it use Raycaster technique or is it real 3D?