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Tiny, tiny update this time:

Lowered online input delay from 4 to 2.  Long-term goal is to allow players to set the delay they want.

Attempt at clearing server cache to prevent lag issues during long, online sets.

Minor visual changes to Drargos and Rho's stages.

New build is live.  Here's a list of the changes:

Throw break now plays a new visual effect when occurring.
Throw breaks window has been increased from 4 to 8.
Block VFX has been updated.
Reversals can no longer be pop canceled.
All stages have been updated slightly, but are not anywhere near finished yet.

Drargos's projectiles now have a temporary "starfish" in them to prevent them from disappearing on darker stages.
Drargos's projectile now play an SFX after reflecting off walls.

Both versions of Arctic Rising now last longer.
HP and CHK are now 5 frames longer cooldown.

Version 0.35.0


Fixed a bug regarding blocking ending too early and guard pops not working properly.

Mechanic Changes

Guard Pops have been replaced with Pop Rolls (HP+HK) and Pop Pushes(LP+LK). Pop Rolls will ALWAYS roll the character forward, and Pop Pushes will always push the opponent away from the player.
Lenient Input can now be disabled from the Button Config screen.


All stages are now selectable; however, these are all WORKS IN PROGRESS and will be improved by end of August.


Atlas can now only enter Final Punishment from Final Blessing, but can do so by simply pressing LP+HP.
If Atlas enters Final Blessing and a healing beam is active, it will move to Atlas instead.

Here's a short video showing some of these changes:

Made a slight update, version 0.34.3.  The game should be able to run on 32-bit systems, but more importantly, testing some online optimizations.

Version 0.34.2

Training Mode

Players who do not have Back/Select/Rightsticks can now reset in training mode by double-tapping their pause or start button.

For recording training mode actions, players without the previously mentioned buttons can press and hold right or left shift on their keyboard to begin / end recording.

Version 0.34.1


All characters officially have voice over in game! Note, all VO needs cleaning, balancing, etc.

Reversals can now be performed during wake-up regardless if wiped out previously; however, you cannot quick rise or roll when in a hard knockdown state. This is explained the Defense II tutorial.

You cannot perform reversals while rolling from wakeup.

Fixed bug with captions not being displayed properly sometimes.

All attacks that cause hard knockdown show the Wipeout pop-up now.

Fixed a few bugs making sure all reversals have the same number of i. frames on start-up; reduced that number from 12 to 8 frames.

Fixed a bug in which multiple supers were canceled at the same time.

In attempt to address a training mode soft-lock bug, players can no longer pause when recording opponent behaviours. Pausing can be resumed when recording is finished.

Sped up the time between recorded actions being played back.

Characters with armor (Gamma, Atlas, Arctina, Enjellique, Rho) will have a metallic effect applied when armor is active.

Characters will flash light green when recovering in the air.

Matches start 2 seconds after "Lap #" is displayed instead of 1.5 to reduce the amount of time "Dive In" obscures the screen on round start.


Odon can perform Mantis Counterfeit by pressing LK or HK during Mantis Punch or Mantis Upper; charge {4} to {6}+LK/HK has been removed.

New costume color


Change to Standing HK animation -- same frame data and still puts Drargos in an airborne state.

When performing Mombasae Hang, Antennata is resummed behind Drargos.

When performed in the air, the angles of Radiata Sphere have been changed. LP is more horizontal; HP is more vertical now.

Naeco & Gamma

New costume colors


CHK does not launch as high, so some special cancels don't work anymore.


Arctina has new anti-air moves, Rebuttal ({2}{3}{6}+LK) and Balanced Rebuttal ({2}{3}{6}+HK), which are used as her reversals.

Herald Combination has changed drastically.

Increased the number of armored frames for Frozen Defense.


Octoga Bridge and Octoga Flip can be performed using Charge {2}, {8}+LK or HK respectively. These are also her reversals, replacing Octolariat.

Tentacle Stretch can now hit opponents.

King Rho

Arctic Halo no longer freezes opponents, but all counters (Base, Peak, and Royal) do.

Freeze status when hit is now active for 5 seconds after Base and Peak counter; 10 seconds after Royal.

Frozen Roundhouse will now wall bounce airborne opponents.

The following is a video demonstrating some of the changes.

Unless CC4 adds a lot of new bones to the rig, which I doubt, it should since this script works with any humanoid rig.  I will do a test sometime this or next week to confirm though.

Version 0.33


All Universal Overheads (HP+HK) adjusted to hit crouching opponents more consistently.

Slight story mode intro update (first scene is a dialog instead of scrolling text)

Lobbies can now have 20 players instead of just 8.

Excluding Arctina's, post-processing has been disabled or simplified in several environments, which will all be redone / retouched at a later date.

FIX:  KO echo should no longer remain on after a false-positive KOs due to rollback.

FIX:  Issue where some characters had 20 frames (instead of 2) of kara cancel on crouching normals.

Training Mode

Players can now set how many pops and how much energy they start with when resetting.

Fixed a bug that soft locked the game is paused when recording P2 inputs.


FIX:  Atlas can now dash when a healing beam is up instead of activating it.


Slight scaling adjustments on CHP, SHP, and SHK.


Reduced hitstun on Volitans Dive.

Reduced damage on Volitans Dive; both {13} and {14} do the same amount of damage now.

Fixed various bugs when Antennata is summoned, especially in Drargos mirrors.

Antennata will disappear if Drargos is knocked into wipeout.

Spex Spear (LK) no longer results in a backflip and is unsafe when blocked.

Increased size of crouch hitspheres.

Miles Push and Miles Swap are now performed with Half-Circle Back ({6}{3}{2}{1}{4})


Omega Lobster's Dance pulls opponent in on hit, which should improve its reliability.


VFX redone

VO implemented

Arctic Halo now "freezes" opponents.  When frozen, an opponent's hit stun will last longer.

The first hit of Manta Blade does not launch as high anymore.

Manta Blade Barrage pulls opponents in and should be more consistent.

New attack Frozen Roundhouse Unique ability ({13}+{14}), which replaced Hidden Manta Blade.  Rho charges, gaining armor, and then unleashes a kick that freezes his opponent on hit for 5 seconds.

The follow-ups to Peak Counter, Base Counter, and Royal Counter will freeze opponents for 3 seconds.

Super flash doesn't occur on Royal Counter unless the counter is successful.


FIX:  Naeco's air projectile now has hitspheres.

Removed coral from environment.


When using Floatation Technique, Enjellique will drift to the top of the screen if she is above it.

Enjellique can no long Pop Cancel after Jellspear Sequence.

Enjellique now swaps elements when performing Jellemental Magic in the air.

Here is a quick video going over some of these changes:

Version 0.32.4 is Live!

Here is a summary of  the changes in this build.

 Fixes & General Updates

  • Normal and Special move canceling should be much easier now.
  • Mouse cursor should not hidden when in windowed mode.
  • Attempted to address online issues by not allowing players to be "ready" if the application is not focused.
  • Reduced the amount of energy gained when performing proper input.
  • Disabled players from gaining energy right after performing a pop cancel for 120 frames.
  • Changed the color of energy bubbles so they don't disappear on Drargos's stage.
  • Applies to Gamma, Odon, and Bolt:  Lenient input for all charge attacks are now {4},{6} or {2},{8} instead of just {6} or just {8}.
  • Discord link now accessible from the main menu.
  • Black screen before a match has a loading icon to show the game isn't hard locked when playing online.
  • Wipeout meter increases by a value of 2% for every hit starting after 15 regardless of pop cancel use.  So 15+ hits, 2%; 30+ hits, 4%; 45+ hits, 6%, etc.
  • Story Mode is now accessible.  There are 4 battles total for now.
  • IL2CPP compilation and other various optimizations made


Blessing appears a little closer to Atlas instead of in between him and his opponent.


  • Gigi's VO now all implemented (still needs clean-up and volume balancing)
  • All 20 of Gigi's Combo Challenges Available.
  • Esca Flash now does damage and contributes to wipeout.
  • Angler Dive (LK) does more wipeout now.
  • New VFX.


  • CHP is more negative on block.
  • Herald Combination does one less hit and should be more consistent at juggling.
  • New costume color.
  • Arctic Rising LK is does not extend as high but stays on screen longer.
  • Arctic Rising HK reaches higher but does not stay on screen as long.


Glacial Fist is active for 10 frames instead of 5.


  • Octolariat is her reversal now.
  • Super Octolariat's first 4 hits are a true blockstring now.


  • Infectious Dance does fewer hits.
  • Venom Upper does not launch has high anymore.


  • Gambler Wave upgrades only when Strike has three bars of meter instead of one; it does more damage and is larger but only hits once.
  • Attacks that turn Strike invisible will only do so when he has three bars of meter instead of one.
  • Super Gambler Wave pushes opponents further away.


  • Jellemental Swap now acts as an armored parried.
  • Elements swap when using Jellemental Magic like in earlier versions.
  • The trajectory of the ice elemental project now launches upward instead of acting similarly to lightning like before.
  • Jellemental Fury throws out fewer projectiles.


Odon has Dashing Mantis Counterfeit again; however, it is now a charge attack instead of {2}{1}{4}.  If fully charged, Odon will travel farther.

Here is a video going over some of the changes:

Hi!  This is Matt, the creator of Battle High.  If you enjoyed this game, you may enjoy my other game, MerFight, which is currently running a Kickstarter: to help fund VO.  Any contributions or shares on social media would be appreciated.  Thanks!

A new version is out, but as a prealpha build!  Note, you can only play people who are playing the same version.

The latest version is 0.25.0. Changes include the following:

  • Updates to Rho and Octonia's VFX
  • Players can join a room, even if the match is in progress (but not spectate)
  • Connect display info in rooms
  • Players can record and playback recorded commands in training mode
  • And more! Check out "Info" from the main menu for more details.

Changes include a major UI overhaul, slight tweaks to reversals, and a small change to Octonia and Rho.

Changes include visual FX to Drargos, Octonia bug fixes, and Arctina's new stage.

New version of the game is live!  Changes include:

  • Arcade Mode! A simple arcade mode is available. Choose from 8 levels of "difficulty". Note, the AI is a work in progress and more features related to this mode will come soon.
  • All character walk speed decreased to match new animations
  • New dash animations
  • New animations for Gigi
  • Spinout on Gamma's Spinkick Super increased.
  • New Bolt challenge combo added.
  • Slight quality of life adjustment to online. Stages are now previewed in lobby and game should detect and end a match on disconnect/desync.

Changes include new hit animations, new VFX for Arctina, and input display in training mode.

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Does it work with any bones rig (ex. blender maya) or just the CC3 ?
Yes.  As long as it has all of the required bones, it should work properly.  If it is missing some of the required bones, however, you can use dummy objects as subtitutes

Does it work in 3ds max 2020 ?
Unfortunately, this was written in 3ds Max 2016, and extensive testing has not been done in other versions.  It should, but the package includes the source code, which can be modified if need be for newer versions.

Does it keep the animation after I change to Biped ?
There is an animation recording tool, however it is finicky.

Does it export from iClone (facial)
Facial rig animations from another biped should be preserved as all this script is doing is creating a dummy biped and constraining the original rig through a combination of orientation and position constraints.

Hey.  It's a bit overdue, but there is now a discord you can join to discuss MerFight and some of my other projects:

A bit overdue, but there is now a discord you can join to discuss Battle High and some other Mattrified Games projects:

There is a now a discord created for my various projects, such as this script, so feel free to join if you'd like to discuss it in more detail:

I'm having this issue now too.  It's taking my build over 3 hours to upload and it looks like it just gets stuck. 

I've read some posts that it could be because of my virus protection.  Also I'm in the US.  Anything else I could try?

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Ah.  That would make sense.  I believe I have Maxwell as well and am getting the same error.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti

Operation system -- Windows 10, 64-Bit

Hey, unfortunately not in the current build.  What version are you playing?

Does the game read that XBOX360 controller by itself instead of Xbox360 to Keyboard?  Let me know and I'll try and look into it before I upload version here.