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MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince

A war is waging under the sea...or it will...eventually...when I'm out of alpha...or betta?. · By mattrified

Version 0.32.4 Is Live! Sticky

A topic by mattrified created Apr 30, 2022 Views: 11
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Version 0.32.4 is Live!

Here is a summary of  the changes in this build.

 Fixes & General Updates

  • Normal and Special move canceling should be much easier now.
  • Mouse cursor should not hidden when in windowed mode.
  • Attempted to address online issues by not allowing players to be "ready" if the application is not focused.
  • Reduced the amount of energy gained when performing proper input.
  • Disabled players from gaining energy right after performing a pop cancel for 120 frames.
  • Changed the color of energy bubbles so they don't disappear on Drargos's stage.
  • Applies to Gamma, Odon, and Bolt:  Lenient input for all charge attacks are now {4},{6} or {2},{8} instead of just {6} or just {8}.
  • Discord link now accessible from the main menu.
  • Black screen before a match has a loading icon to show the game isn't hard locked when playing online.
  • Wipeout meter increases by a value of 2% for every hit starting after 15 regardless of pop cancel use.  So 15+ hits, 2%; 30+ hits, 4%; 45+ hits, 6%, etc.
  • Story Mode is now accessible.  There are 4 battles total for now.
  • IL2CPP compilation and other various optimizations made


Blessing appears a little closer to Atlas instead of in between him and his opponent.


  • Gigi's VO now all implemented (still needs clean-up and volume balancing)
  • All 20 of Gigi's Combo Challenges Available.
  • Esca Flash now does damage and contributes to wipeout.
  • Angler Dive (LK) does more wipeout now.
  • New VFX.


  • CHP is more negative on block.
  • Herald Combination does one less hit and should be more consistent at juggling.
  • New costume color.
  • Arctic Rising LK is does not extend as high but stays on screen longer.
  • Arctic Rising HK reaches higher but does not stay on screen as long.


Glacial Fist is active for 10 frames instead of 5.


  • Octolariat is her reversal now.
  • Super Octolariat's first 4 hits are a true blockstring now.


  • Infectious Dance does fewer hits.
  • Venom Upper does not launch has high anymore.


  • Gambler Wave upgrades only when Strike has three bars of meter instead of one; it does more damage and is larger but only hits once.
  • Attacks that turn Strike invisible will only do so when he has three bars of meter instead of one.
  • Super Gambler Wave pushes opponents further away.


  • Jellemental Swap now acts as an armored parried.
  • Elements swap when using Jellemental Magic like in earlier versions.
  • The trajectory of the ice elemental project now launches upward instead of acting similarly to lightning like before.
  • Jellemental Fury throws out fewer projectiles.


Odon has Dashing Mantis Counterfeit again; however, it is now a charge attack instead of {2}{1}{4}.  If fully charged, Odon will travel farther.

Here is a video going over some of the changes: