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MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince

A war is waging under the sea...or it will...eventually...when I'm out of alpha...or betta?. · By mattrified

Version 0.35 is Live! Sticky

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Version 0.35.0


Fixed a bug regarding blocking ending too early and guard pops not working properly.

Mechanic Changes

Guard Pops have been replaced with Pop Rolls (HP+HK) and Pop Pushes(LP+LK). Pop Rolls will ALWAYS roll the character forward, and Pop Pushes will always push the opponent away from the player.
Lenient Input can now be disabled from the Button Config screen.


All stages are now selectable; however, these are all WORKS IN PROGRESS and will be improved by end of August.


Atlas can now only enter Final Punishment from Final Blessing, but can do so by simply pressing LP+HP.
If Atlas enters Final Blessing and a healing beam is active, it will move to Atlas instead.

Here's a short video showing some of these changes: