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MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince

A war is waging under the sea...or it will...eventually...when I'm out of alpha...or betta?. · By mattrified

Version 0.33.4 is Live! Sticky

A topic by mattrified created May 27, 2022 Views: 11
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Version 0.33


All Universal Overheads (HP+HK) adjusted to hit crouching opponents more consistently.

Slight story mode intro update (first scene is a dialog instead of scrolling text)

Lobbies can now have 20 players instead of just 8.

Excluding Arctina's, post-processing has been disabled or simplified in several environments, which will all be redone / retouched at a later date.

FIX:  KO echo should no longer remain on after a false-positive KOs due to rollback.

FIX:  Issue where some characters had 20 frames (instead of 2) of kara cancel on crouching normals.

Training Mode

Players can now set how many pops and how much energy they start with when resetting.

Fixed a bug that soft locked the game is paused when recording P2 inputs.


FIX:  Atlas can now dash when a healing beam is up instead of activating it.


Slight scaling adjustments on CHP, SHP, and SHK.


Reduced hitstun on Volitans Dive.

Reduced damage on Volitans Dive; both {13} and {14} do the same amount of damage now.

Fixed various bugs when Antennata is summoned, especially in Drargos mirrors.

Antennata will disappear if Drargos is knocked into wipeout.

Spex Spear (LK) no longer results in a backflip and is unsafe when blocked.

Increased size of crouch hitspheres.

Miles Push and Miles Swap are now performed with Half-Circle Back ({6}{3}{2}{1}{4})


Omega Lobster's Dance pulls opponent in on hit, which should improve its reliability.


VFX redone

VO implemented

Arctic Halo now "freezes" opponents.  When frozen, an opponent's hit stun will last longer.

The first hit of Manta Blade does not launch as high anymore.

Manta Blade Barrage pulls opponents in and should be more consistent.

New attack Frozen Roundhouse Unique ability ({13}+{14}), which replaced Hidden Manta Blade.  Rho charges, gaining armor, and then unleashes a kick that freezes his opponent on hit for 5 seconds.

The follow-ups to Peak Counter, Base Counter, and Royal Counter will freeze opponents for 3 seconds.

Super flash doesn't occur on Royal Counter unless the counter is successful.


FIX:  Naeco's air projectile now has hitspheres.

Removed coral from environment.


When using Floatation Technique, Enjellique will drift to the top of the screen if she is above it.

Enjellique can no long Pop Cancel after Jellspear Sequence.

Enjellique now swaps elements when performing Jellemental Magic in the air.

Here is a quick video going over some of these changes: