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MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince

A war is waging under the sea...or it will...eventually...when I'm out of alpha...or betta?. · By mattrified

Version 0.34 is Live! Sticky

A topic by mattrified created Jun 24, 2022 Views: 9 Replies: 1
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Version 0.34.2

Training Mode

Players who do not have Back/Select/Rightsticks can now reset in training mode by double-tapping their pause or start button.

For recording training mode actions, players without the previously mentioned buttons can press and hold right or left shift on their keyboard to begin / end recording.

Version 0.34.1


All characters officially have voice over in game! Note, all VO needs cleaning, balancing, etc.

Reversals can now be performed during wake-up regardless if wiped out previously; however, you cannot quick rise or roll when in a hard knockdown state. This is explained the Defense II tutorial.

You cannot perform reversals while rolling from wakeup.

Fixed bug with captions not being displayed properly sometimes.

All attacks that cause hard knockdown show the Wipeout pop-up now.

Fixed a few bugs making sure all reversals have the same number of i. frames on start-up; reduced that number from 12 to 8 frames.

Fixed a bug in which multiple supers were canceled at the same time.

In attempt to address a training mode soft-lock bug, players can no longer pause when recording opponent behaviours. Pausing can be resumed when recording is finished.

Sped up the time between recorded actions being played back.

Characters with armor (Gamma, Atlas, Arctina, Enjellique, Rho) will have a metallic effect applied when armor is active.

Characters will flash light green when recovering in the air.

Matches start 2 seconds after "Lap #" is displayed instead of 1.5 to reduce the amount of time "Dive In" obscures the screen on round start.


Odon can perform Mantis Counterfeit by pressing LK or HK during Mantis Punch or Mantis Upper; charge {4} to {6}+LK/HK has been removed.

New costume color


Change to Standing HK animation -- same frame data and still puts Drargos in an airborne state.

When performing Mombasae Hang, Antennata is resummed behind Drargos.

When performed in the air, the angles of Radiata Sphere have been changed. LP is more horizontal; HP is more vertical now.

Naeco & Gamma

New costume colors


CHK does not launch as high, so some special cancels don't work anymore.


Arctina has new anti-air moves, Rebuttal ({2}{3}{6}+LK) and Balanced Rebuttal ({2}{3}{6}+HK), which are used as her reversals.

Herald Combination has changed drastically.

Increased the number of armored frames for Frozen Defense.


Octoga Bridge and Octoga Flip can be performed using Charge {2}, {8}+LK or HK respectively. These are also her reversals, replacing Octolariat.

Tentacle Stretch can now hit opponents.

King Rho

Arctic Halo no longer freezes opponents, but all counters (Base, Peak, and Royal) do.

Freeze status when hit is now active for 5 seconds after Base and Peak counter; 10 seconds after Royal.

Frozen Roundhouse will now wall bounce airborne opponents.

The following is a video demonstrating some of the changes.


Made a slight update, version 0.34.3.  The game should be able to run on 32-bit systems, but more importantly, testing some online optimizations.