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Very good art. The combat system is simple to understand but very interesting. I didn't like some parts of the platforming, but overall a very good game.

Very nice game. The mechanic is simple yet fun. My poor platforming skills wanted a bit more checkpoints though. Finished it in a bit above 5 minutes.

You can also join the discord server if you need more help.

Note that this is multiplayer on one pc. Tophat doesn't support networking by default and isn't going to for some time.

Sorry for late replies.

> What is the fastest way for me to learn umka?

I recommend looking at umka's and tophat's examples or reading the spec. Umka is a very simple languague to understand.

I use vim to edit umka which i made a syntax support for. There is also syntax support for sublime available in the main umka repo.

It is a 2 player game, so while playing it in one person is doable, it will be hard.

Thanks for the feedback. You can actually step on the yellow/black line. It is just there to visualize where the saw can go.

Fun game. I didn't get why some calls failed though.

Fun and cute game. I really liked the explanation being embedded into the game.

Yes. The game is intended for 2 people. You are better than some two people playing it on stream :]

Fun little game. I enjoyed playing it, but not for too long. Good work with the sound.

Thanks for the feedback!

> it probably relies on keys instead of scancodes, so when I play it using my colemak layout, "WASD" becomes really spread out and a bit difficult to control.

Yes it does. I'm not really sure what to do about it, since I rely on a library for that.

Fun game with fun looks and a fun idea.

Fun game with fun looks and a fun idea.

Interesting game with very good graphics, but one hp is kinda harsh and unfun. It could also use some sound.

Really fun game with a great mechanic. Only thing I found annoying was that the death wasn't obvious. Plus points for the linux build.

I absolutely love this game. It is interesting, looks good and the sound is juicy. I found that the reverse was acting kind of odd tho.

Interesting idea and a fun game, but sometimes it is impossible to survive

Thank you. What platform did you play on? Did the colors look like in the screenshots?

Yes. That is a bug, but it was too hard to reproduce and I was running out of time.

I don't have a problem with the mage being immune to his own explosions. I tried to exploit this and kill myself as the mage, so I wouldn't have to fight him. I didn't realize, it would kill my main character too and I felt a bit cheated.

Love the game. The mechanic is interesting, and I can't get enough of the visual, although there were some problems with tilemaps. The music fits great imo.

What I didn't like, is that there wasn't enough explanation. I didn't know, which enemies I can shoot and which I have to use the shield for. There were too many falls, where you didn't see, where you were going, which made me unsure after I died nearly instantly after landing into the water. I also got stuck, but that is probably my fault.

This game was the best one, I played yet. I liked the art, and the posses mechanic.

There were also things, I would do differently. First of all, the melee system is weird. Sometimes I can't hit an enemy, that is standing really close to me. Secondly, I would make the scene transition a bit quicker. It was a bit annoying. The last thing is, that I felt a bit cheated, when I killed myself as the mage, so I wouldn't have to battle him with a melee. I feel like it is a wasted opportunity making stuff like this impossible. Other than that, it was fun.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad, you liked it.

> Even if I found a village and I accidentally exited it, it's totally possible that I won't find it again.

What do you mean by that? Is it like a bug, or did you struggle to get back into the village?

> Also, I felt no sense of progression.

I totally agree with that. I probably should have made some kind of raid counter, even though you are still in the game. Distance traveled is interesting too. I might add that.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Edit: could you make a linux build on your game?

The game was fun, but I felt like it was too confusing at start. Also your linux executable doesn't have execution rights. I will send you a fixed file on discord.

Liked the game. It's an interesting idea. Individual upgrades could use some explanation though.

Thanks for the feedback. The engine was actually made before the jam, although I did a lot of work on it during the jam.

Liked the game. The mechanic was easy to grasp. Too hard for me though, but all platformers are.

Loved the game. It's something different in this jam, while still adhearing to the restrictions. I would make the crosshair dynamic or two color, so you can see it all the time. Also I get, why you have gone for the numpad, but some people don't have it. I luckily do.

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Really loved the game. Animations were simple and good. It was also cool, when i accidentally realized, that i can dodge bullets by jumping above them :]. It could use a checkpoint mode for people like me.

EDIT: loved the death screens. I've probably seen them all :]

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The freezing is either the game crashing, which happens, but it's rare, or you pressed the q key. The web version doesn't have a clear indication of ending, since i didn't have one.

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Love the game. It's really fun. Thumbs up for open source :]

EDIT: nice comments :]

The game looks good, but it could use a tutorial.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm already working on the graphics bugs, but they are a part of something bigger, so it isn't that easy. If i get it in time, i will release a web build, where the colors should work better.

Unfortunately, it seems, that godot games can easily lag in the browser.

Will you make linux or html5 build?

Liked it. Idk what else to say :]. I'm bad at reviewing stuff