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Yes, but it would have to a be an 8x8 character game (if using a square font). 

For# LOWREZJAM2017 I did an 8x8 ASCII game called Capybara Capriole. I hope to make another game this year, and I hope you do too. It's really fun.

Thanks a lot for playing! 

Now we have evidence that someone actually beat the game.

Thanks for playing! That's a good point. I didn't want a player to be able to ditch an encounter if they were losing a battle, but giving the player the option to run before they attack would be a good feature. Maybe some day I'll revise the game.

Grade A production as always. Poor Estelle.

And, maybe I'm just really good at video games, but I didn't even use the walkthrough :backpat:

Yes and yes. Good luck winning "The Big Horsey Prize"!

Grade A+++ work as always

Thanks a lot!

Cute.  Loved the ending.

Thanks Steven, glad to hear.

Love the scrolling background! Definitely excited for this one.

I found a small glitch with the menu where you couldn't go back, that has been fixed.

Also, after some feedback I made it so the user can just hit "esc" instead of selecting the "back" entry.

That's about it.

I agree!

Once I finish my next two projects I'd really like to write some tutorials on making Text Adventures in Qbasic/QB64 and then hold a jam. I was able to teach my best friend to code in about 2 hours, and she had finished her first game a few days later. Here's a link:

Oh man, Roguelikes gotta have good game play. Otherwise the player just gives up when they die.

Yeah, I'm definitely bummed. I don't know how many hours I poorer into that. I'm sure it will become something some day. I hate leaving projects behind. 

And thanks!


•Dodge obstacles
•Build levels
•Ride a Capybara!

I made this game for the #LOWREZJAM using QB64 and ASCII/ANSI graphics. Even though it was for a Game Jam it should be 100% complete.

Capybara Capriole is complete!

I hope you enjoy playing it, and I really hope some of you make your own levels and post them in the comments section.

Capybara Capriole

Woah, who knew Lode Runner could look so fast-paced and crisp. Very nice.

This sounds great! Nice to see a two-player entry.

Aw nice, I love me a good beat-em-up. You gonna go for the simple-simon Konami Route, or the combo-heavy Tecmo Route, or something else?

Wow, this looks great! It's nice to see you're working from scratch too. It's hard work, but it will stand out. Good luck pulling it off!

I exclusively develop text-based games with ASCII/ANSI graphics, and I'm usually a hater of Game Jams, but this one caught my attention. The reason I make ASCII games is to force myself to make something minimal and not rely on all of the tropes the video game industry has fallen into. This Game Jam takes all of that to the next level by forcing us to focus more on Game Play than Graphics.

So, since each ASCII character is already 8x8 pixels, the dimension of my project can only be 8x8 characters.

I tried making a room-based game. I went and made all of the art first, but no matter how hard I tried I could not think of a way to make a fun game out of it. I just ended up with a tiny apartment complete with TV, Toilet, Fish Tank, Bed, Stove, Sinks, and Fridge. Here's a screenshot.

I'd been making a run-and-jump game starring a horse the previous week and then I saw this Game Jam. I'll finish the Horse one eventually, but I shifted my focus to the jam. The horse was already 8x8 characters so I had to shrink it down. I ended up with a Capybara. I coded 6 hours straight until 5 in the morning, spent another 6 hours on it the next couple of days and ended up with this (excuse the size, I had to add the border for Twitter)..

It's called Capybara Capriole. I made a massive level for the main game, which I'm still trying to beat. Once you get bored with that though, there's a built-in level builder! I love the level builder because it only uses a single line of text.

I need to clean it up a little more, but it should be up by tomorrow (Saturday) night. I'm very excited to see what the rest of you come up with and what you'll all think of my title (and hopefully some of you will create and share your own level). This has been super super fun, and I'm happy the jam fell on my 3-day weekend.

I'm excited for this one. Looks very original.

Qbasic using QB64 to compile. I'm using ASCII only, and each char is 8 pixels by 8 pixels, so I only have 8x8 characters to work with.

It's working out though. This has been an eye-opening experience. It's cliche, but less can be more.

This games not for me, but, it looks GREAT in portrait mode and has really really nice music and sound fx.

Congratulations! That sample still cracks me up.

Now you just gotta get 2k on either of the modes to experience that sweet sweet seizure mode.

I still haven't been able to beat 2k on Hard, but I do know it's possible on easy.

Well, I screwed up. I developed Snail Party several years ago. When the Game Jam came out I changed a ton of the code, made it easier, and added animation to the ending...

And then I uploaded the old bad version to the Game Jam.

So, Snail Party has been updated to the version that was meant to be uploaded to the Slow Game Jam. How embarrassing.

As everyone else has said, cool game but way too hard. I just don't feel like I have control.

Maybe make it so the egg bounces off the sides of the screen instead of dying instantly?

Route 24 is an art game about driving through rural Illinois and Indiana via U.S. Route 24. It's a little hyperbolic, but not as much as you might think. Just like the real-life experience, the game is less about skill and more about endurance. The entire game uses ASCII + ANSI art and is entirely text-based. It was made in about 4 hours.

Route 24
The Title Screen

Download it here.

Well made, but that long count down timer really slows down the flow of gameplay.