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100 Points, hell yeah. 

Now I know what it like to shoot bab.

Thanks for the support, Yam! I liked them a lot too when I was a kid (also as friends).

 I made Dancing Squidly Jones back when I was 16. It's fun to know that people are still playing it.

Thanks, Yam, I appreciate your support! 

There should be more Slime Mold video games. They're such cool creatures.

There are sub-pixels in your text that are 1/64 the size of your pixels. I'd say at best this game is 512x512.

Pretty easy, but kept my attention long enough to beat it. I liked how you handled the health indicator.

I'm surprised this one isn't getting more attention. Out of all of the FPS's in this jam, this one has been my favorite so far. Very moody, not generic, it's just cool!

Works pretty well on my crappy phone. The pixel art looks great.

Ha, thanks a lot. This jam is always a super fun challenge.

Thank you very much for the kind words. I spent a good deal of time on the laser effect and I'm pretty thrilled with how enemy behavior turned out. The strengths you mentioned have me very excited to continue developing this game.

Very beautiful and very easy.

Happy to hear you enjoyed it! I can never get sick of ASCII.

Love the pencil sequence. Only complaint is that there wasn't 2 minutes of horrible tape-loading noises :)

Excellent sprite art, great music and sound, unique mechanics. What a great game!

I wish there was a way to undo store purchases immediately after buying. I thought the tile for tile was the other way around, and then lost horribly.

On level one I had 1 Left, but it never spawned.

Thanks a lot!

And I do too! I always make ASCII games, but there's a big difference between 80x50 and 8x8. The worst part about the dimensions is that there's no center.

Did you try it in Wine? That worked for another user. 

I almost always make Linux distros, but I'm moving and my Linux machine is in storage. Sorry!

That chicken must really be a dumbass, because it isn't crossing the road at all.

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Good lord, the character's move speed is SLOW! I didn't get very far.

I was just thinking last night, "Man, there was no NSFW restriction, yet nobody made any sex games. What's the internet coming to?" Looks like I missed this one.

The sprite design was very very well done. I'm not into the whole furry thing, and I'm sure a lot of people will give you a 1 just for that, but this is some of the better sprite work in the jam. 

The lady tweaking her nipple til she squirts milk is a weird porn trope. Did she just have a baby (litter)? Ladies don't cum milk. Oh, also, I wasn't able to play as the guy. When I close and start the game back up it auto-chooses lady.

What is this a remake of?

Anyway, what an awesome game! The sprites are adorable. The music worked perfect. I've played a lot of rhythm games where you can't tell what groove you should be following, that was not an issue with Chiptari Woman at all. My one complaint is I thought it was too easy, but it's a game jam; I figure you'd have different difficulties if there had been time. 5/5/5/5

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Great pixel art and really cute music! They go really well together. I think a good balance was struck between keeping sprites large enough to be cute, but levels were small/simple enough to not be overwhelming with the 64x64 restriction.

Excellent pixel art. The palette looks really nice too. I like that the chef just has a giant mouth in the middle of their kitchen.

I'm not sure what my problem is, but I didn't have any sound, and after about 10 minutes of play the game crashed (there was just a blurry Drillbit logo).

I'm using Vivaldi (a chromium browser).

Cute game. The mechanics were fun. The flooding water was a nice touch. The sounds and music fit in really well. My only complaint is that it was really easy. I was able to pretty much travel in a straight line and still was able to afford everything in the shop.

Thanks for persevering! I did pretty awful the first few times I played it, but now I can ace it.

Great idea!

That worked. The game is sadly unplayable for me. I'm getting extreme amounts of slowdown any time an enemy is on screen.

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Might need to up the difficulty. I got through the first two levels without taking any damage and by only using the axe.

When I tried to run the .exe it said OpenAL32.dll was not found.

Thanks for the feedback! The enemies do have specific behaviors. The most common one aims for the corner of the player in an effort to dodge getting zapped by their laser. I think people get so used to really stupid enemies that just sit there waiting to get shot that these comparably smarter ones put people off.

The speed of the enemies will definitely improve once I don't have to be limited by the 8x8 screen.

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Thanks for playing! The enemies do move slower than the player. Plus, levels aren't randomly generated, so enemies should become more predictable with more play-throughs. It seems a lot of people try to rush through the levels, but it's better to be cautious.

Thanks for playing and the kind words. Once I have more time I'm hoping I can evoke the games I played as a kid, mainly Robotron: 2084 and Chip's Challenge.

It's a Linux build.

The mechanic has a lot of promise, but I felt that the game in its current state was way too easy.

Excellent game! I really loved the mechanics. Despite the 64x64 limit you were able to explain what needed to be done. Difficulty progressed smoothly. Atmosphere felt right. Pixel art looks great. One of my favorite games of the jam. 5/5/5/5

Oh yeah, only complaint was that the music felt out of place, but I just muted it.

I beat it!

Nice work on this one. It's a simple concept, but it kept my attention. Hopefully more people play this one.

Me too; it fits well with the low resolution restrictions.

Thanks a lot! I think in a fight between the guy from Rogue and the Laser Looter, the LL would win.

Nice, glad it works in Wine. I usually compile all of my games for Linux, but I'm moving and my Linux machine is in storage.

It is hard! I'll be upping the resolution once the LOWREZJAM is over, so that should help. Thanks for playing.

No, can't do Mac (I have to own a Mac to compile for Mac with the program I'm using).

I would be able to do Linux upon request, I just have to reinstall the OS.