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Looks great!!

Best of luck Tovarish!


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I'm relatively new to Visual Novels too. And coming from open world games like Skyrim, I know what you mean. BUT, remember that a VN is a weird combination of Book, meets Movie - in that you set the pace (book) and there are visual and sounds to enhance the story (movie).
I think this is why some people prefer to say *read* a VN, instead of *play* a VN.

I'd say that wishing you could spend a day just wandering around and talking to the characters is an indicator that the story and characters are solid enough to draw you in - which is great! Right?


If you are enjoying this medium, I can recommend more free VNs that you might like. Some with choices and others without. A great one (that is a 10 min read) is "Ripples by Saki Visual" (google that, it comes right up.

This was good and unlike anything I've played before.


Well done and thank you!

How did you install it?

DL from


Go into your file explorer, in the DDLC directory look for a folder named "characters". She is in there.


Natsayurika = best girl.

Happy to help.

LMK if it works!

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All Doki = BEST Doki

but <3 Monika because


Same as above,

I recommend DL from Steam (I've never used the Itch ap, so can't comment on it).

Steam will set it up properly and game should launch normally.

How did you DL?


I recommend DL from Steam (I've never used the Itch ap, so can't comment on it).

Steam will set it up properly and game should launch normally.

Do not enrage the sentient AI.
She will delete all your p0rn!
So I've heard...

Go into the files and delete firstrun.

Then restart the game.

Game will ask it you want to delete existing data and restart / lose progress (or something like that).

Say Yes.

This makes the game brand new again.


Just delete all the files in the DDLC folder, then re-download from Steam.

(That's how I do it when I finish a mod and want to install a new one)


Glad it's working.

Enjoy MAS, I know people that have had Monika running on their comp since the mod came out!




Natsuki's File

You have to rename this file into a .jpeg file (natsuki.jpg).Opening it will result in this odd discolored image:

But to anyone that has experience with photoshop,it's easy to invert the colours of this picture.Then wrapping it around a 3D cone and looking on it from above will result in this view of picture showing a blond/white-haired women with whited-out eyes:

This women has never been seen before in DDLC,so it might be a character from Project:Libitina.Maybe it's Elyssa,the one we heard from in the last secret poem.But there's no proof yet.

Here's a great post with ALL the spoilers / Easter eggs:

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The terror Monika feels in her poems grabbed me.

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I can't remember which mod it was...
But one of the mods I had to run as administrator (Windows 10), or it would not launch / would crash to the desktop.

And of course...



Her fashion sense is a little whack, but she has ALL the issues!


That's weird. All first run does is tell the game where to start.

I'd recommend complete uninstall and then reinstall. 

(I got DDLC from Steam, so it's just a button to uninstall and then a button to reinstall)

Then add the mod files.

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2 mods that feature Natsuki I can recommend are:

- Magical Literary Heroine Natsuki Saves The Literature Club
which is a very nice continuation of the story that does a nice wrap up. It's short only a few hours long.

(I'm editing my video review of it now)

And also:

- DDLC Purist Mod

Which makes the game more of a relationship simulator (more standard Visual Novel), and does a GREAT job exploring Natsuki's personality/character. The Sayori route was also excellent, but Monika's and Yuri's routes were not so great in my opinion.

LMK if you need help installing a mod, but it's pretty easy.

Fresh install of DDLC, delete the firstrun file. drop the mod files into the game (should prompt overwrite).

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DL the mod.

Most will have a readme that explains how to do it - but basically if the mod has a "Game" folder, then everything in it goes in the DDLC "Game" folder on your computer. The Scripts file and others usually get overwritten.

You also need to delete the *firstrun* file any time you want to start a game or mod from scratch.

Then when you launch the game, it will ask if you want to continue or start a new game. Select start a new game.

What mod are you gonna play?

Yup! Agreed!

There are some excellent mods out there as well.

All different kinds depending g on your tastes.



If you install any software not from the publisher, expect it to be malware.

I wouldn't. Good luck!

OMG, these backgrounds are fantastic!


HAPPY it worked!!


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(you should put spoiler tags on this post)

also delete the file called "firstrun" (you may need to look around for it - it's somewhere in the DDLC folder)

When you start the modded game it will ask if you want to continue or get rid of the saved data and restart the game.

You want to get rid and new game.

Hi, I believe on the Defender popup, there is small text that says "More Info" or something..

Click that and there will be an option "Run Anyway". 

LMK if that helps.

Put the files into the "game" folder.

You should get a prompt that you're about to overwrite some files - this is good. You need to replace some to get the mod to work.

If you don't get the overwrite prompt - you're putting the files in the wrong place.

The 4th and final Mattys' Spooktober... Cthuhlika (or Monibus)

Here's the sprite I made for... um... research.



Or DL and launch from Steam.

It will do it all for you.

Download from Steam and launch from steam.

it does the rest.