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Catsuki made for a DDLC mod.
...and also a meme!

The backgrounds were AMAZING!

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The Renpy discord is at
I've sent Renpy Tom a message to come look at this thread. Not sure if he can help or not though.

I wish I could help but this is way out of my league


Yes. You are now with Monika because she deleted the other character files...

.chr files



(I can come out and tell you the key to moving on with the game if that hint was too subtle - LMK)

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Also tweeted @ Dan...


Many of us do.

You aren't alone.

DM me if you need to vent.

Yuri and I are going to walk Sayori to school, but she's still getting ready so we're watching TV

This is an alternate color pallet of a mod to MC's living room that I made for a DDLC game mod.

Fresh install of DDLC, reinstall mod.

Then if you're still having problems check out the MAS discord, or the r/DDLCmods on Reddit.

Pls put spoiler tag on this!

Sayori and the Tree of life.

She is something very special.

Welcome to the club!


(please put "spoiler" on the title!!)

All my DDLC and Visual Novel (and other) vids now at

Got this as a present! Now I can review a Natsuki mod!


Monika comforts Lucy

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New Masthead for my Youtube and Twitter

Twitter: @MacDaddyMattyd

and someone made me this!

RenPy and Python are the programming languages. I don't know either so I don't know.

If it isn't possible, you could have player choices that lead to different paths, and use that as a means to simulate the effect.

On the reddit sub page is also a link to the DDMC discord. They can be ornery at times, but you can live chat with people who make / made mods and know the programming. I'd look for a guy named Tormuse either on reddit or on Discord.

Good luck!

You'd have to ask on the reddit sub.

I don't code so I don't know, I just make pretty pictures that modders use as backgrounds.


There are MANY downloadable mods for DDLC, and many people making mods right now (I'm doing backgrounds for 4 different mods at the moment).

I don't know if there are any of the mods here on, but there are on reddit r/DDLCmods.

something like 300+ mods ready to play at the moment...

You may find someone to make this, or there are instructions on how to make your own mod as well.


I spent ALL DAY cleaning Sayori's room (for a DDLC mod)


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I'll ask for you on r/DDLC and r/DDLCmods

Are you on the DDMC discord?

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I took Natsuki to the beach!

That is one of several backgrounds I made for a DDLC mod. 

That particular one got rejected. 

Natsuki outfit by Akame and me.

I'm currently working on a review for "Lucy, The Eternity She Wished For". 

Which you can get on Steam

Expect the review in ~ a week. on my YouTube channel.

Have a great week everyone!

Wow, rude.

It wasn't due to the file thing.

So this is a change.

Doesn't cost anything to be polite.


It is not.

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My Starblazers 2199 cosplay (with nod to DDLC)

Costume based on THIS PIC from the film (Space Battleship Yamato 2199)

Which is not as good as the 2 season animated series of the same name.

I still need to dye the pants...

BUT, I'm ready for the next con!


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BIG pic

YURI and MONIKA double date... Quick! I need someone to go with me... <br>

Dibs on the hot one!

This weeks

Matty's Monday Meme


MonYuri date at an English Tea House!

is a coordinated effort between myself and Akame / ShionConroy ( u/15LarueA )

She edited my background.   And I edited her Monika and Yuri sprites outfits and expressions.


Happy Monday everyone!


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BIG pic

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BIG pic

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Sayori Upsidedown = Happiness!  (wallpaper)Desktop Wallpaper: Sayori Upsidedown = Happiness!

Reddit thread

Big pic here

If you have no room, you prob can't open the game.

Need to make room.

Poor Natsuki, and Monika's "lean" comes in handy on rough seas


If you cannot get the game to download from , 


1) Download Steam and make an account.

2) Then launch Steam on your PC, and search "Doki" in the store

DDLC will come right up (the free link). 

Download DDLC through Steam, add a desktop icon,  Steam will set the game up for you. 

3) if you can't find the game on your desktop, look in your Steam game library

If you don't see it there, search it again in the Steam store - this time instead of download it will say "Play". 

(If the desktop icon won't launch the game, launch it from the Steam store per #3)

4) Play DDLC.

5) Then. Watch my review (spoilers).   ;)