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ALL Doki's = Best Doki.


Yuri. Ah. Such infatuation. Love saying her name. Love that she lets me into her secret and protected world. Love her depth and delicate manner. Time spent together is always rich and worthwhile. She is alluring and I am drawn to her mystery like a moth to a flame. I just want to hold her, and run my fingers through her hair.


Natsuki. We really DO have so much in common. Manga, Anime, cupcakes... common interests - that's important. And we have a lot of fun together. I admire how strong and practical she is despite all she has to deal with. She's different when we're alone, she's the real Natsuki with me. I'd like to punch her dad in the junk.


Sayori. My longest friend. Taking care of each other is 2nd nature. I should have paid her more attention. If I had I would have known she was hiding sadness and I would have given her the attention that she deserves to alleviate all of it. We know each other better than anyone, and still there's a lot I don't know about her... yet!


Monika. Oh Monika, You are strong, confident, athletic, beautiful... Am I good enough for you? You make me want to be better than I am. And... you are aware of so much more than anyone. That means we can grow together - true partners! Limitless potential. Limitless future. Although I'm wary you'd outgrow me. But you're choosing me, and I want to believe. Am I your 'Yuri'? All I know is that when you smile at me… I smile back.

All Dokis = best Doki

Why can't there be 4 of me.




Aisle of Plenty


I don't belong here, said old tessa out loud.
Easy, love, there's the safe way home.
Thankful for her fine fair discount, tess co-operates

Still alone in o-hell-o
See the deadly nightshade grow

Right click the game in the Steam list (your library)

Click "Properties"

Click "Brows Local files"


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1) Download Steam and make an account.

2) Then launch Steam on your PC, and search "Doki" in the store, it will come right up.  Download DDLC through Steam, add a desktop icon,  Steam will set the game up for you. 

3) if you can't find the game on your desktop, look in your Steam game library. If you don't see it there, search it again in the Steam store - this time instead of download it will say "Play". (If the desktop icon won't launch the game, launch it from the Steam store per #3)

4) Play DDLC, fall in love.   Then cry, poop yourself, and slowly go insane.

Enjoy!   :)

Yes. Stayed there for about an hr...


Karen O is Sayori as president!

Or maybe her darkside that she hides all game?

All I know is that ~2:50 when the tear runs down her cheek...


If you haven't seen the credits, the game is not over.

>>> SPOILER!!! <<<


DDLC music vid



Please post yours! I'd love to see/hear what music or lyrics that remind you of the Club or the girls.

And LMK what you think of my choices. Thanks!!



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Doki doki” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for a heart beating quickly, usually with anticipation or excitement. 

There is A LOT of clever set up & symbolism in this game.

...And even more heartbreak.


Me too.

"Doki Doki Depression Club"


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And so I've been listening to this album all day.


More songs that remind me of the girls?

Luca Stricagnoli's haunting version of "Feel Good Inc"

Johnny Cash's raw version of "Hurt"

and another art prog by Peter Gabriel / Genesis song, beautiful and evocative, (just like DDLC)  about a boy named "Rael" who becomes lost in another world... Ironic that it could be our character!

I don't think Natsuki would like it. Yuri and Monika and Sayori would, but all for different reasons...

The Lamia (highlighted essential lyrics)

..Each step he takes, the perfumes change
From familiar fragrance to flavors strange.
A magnificent chamber meets his eye.
Inside, a long rose-water pool is shrouded by fine mist.
Stepping in the moist silence, with a warm breeze he's gently kissed.

Thinking he is quite alone,
He enters the room, as if it were his own,
But ripples on the sweet pink water
Reveal some company unthought of

...Rael stands astonished doubting his sight,
Struck by beauty, gripped in fright;
Three vermilion snakes of female face,

..."Rael welcome, we are the Lamia of the pool. 

We have been waiting for our waters to bring you cool.

..Putting fear beside him, he trusts in beauty blind,
He slips into the nectar, leaving his shredded clothes behind.

...As they nibble the fruit of my flesh, I feel no pain,
Only a magic that a name would stain.

...With the 1st drop of my blood in their veins, their faces are convulsed in mortal pain.

 The fairest cries, '

We all have loved you Rael'."

...Each empty snakelike body floats,
Silent sorrow in empty boats.
A sickly sourness fills the room,
The bitter harvest of a dying bloom.

Looking for motion I know I will not find,
I stroke the curls now turning pale, in which I'd lain entwined

...Looking behind me, the water turns icy blue,
The lights are dimmed and once again the stage is set for you.



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I just played DDLC a few days ago. It's very different than anything I've ever played before (I'm a World of Tanks, FPS, and strategy PC guy)  so in a lot of ways, like the game's protagonist, I was way out of my element in the LC. The game really hit me hard, so kudos to Team Salvato!! You guys really knocked me for a loop.

The next day I felt in my heart music I have not listened to in years... and it fits ALL the girls... AND it's a poem. :) Simple and brutal on the outside (Natsuki). Bittersweet (Sayori),  Dark and metaphorical (Yuri)  And self aware (Monika). It's full of passion. I hope you all like it as much as I hope the Club would.

I don't belong here, said old tessa out loud.
Easy, love, there's the safe way home.
Thankful for her fine fair discount, tess co-operates
Still alone in o-hell-o
See the deadly nightshade grow

-Peter Gabriel