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i cant delete monika

A topic by doggowiggleGLMT created Jun 19, 2019 Views: 1,981 Replies: 8
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I have no idea how to delete monika on itch! I looked up everything on youtube and it only showed how on steam. Also I have another question..

Who's your best girl? mine is Sayori.






Go into your file explorer, in the DDLC directory look for a folder named "characters". She is in there.


Natsayurika = best girl.

my favorite is uhhhh i like a lot i like Sayori, Yuri,Natsuki not sure about monika

I cant delete monika cause when i was playing the steam game she killed sayori i knew she was going for yuri and natsuki next there all my favorite characters dying we sh`all find a way to get rid  of monika

you kill her

Monika best gurll ;) (in my opinion) 

I like her because of her mature, friendly, and kind personality, not because she is yandere.