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This game is so cute omggg I love Momo and his personality! Also love how you can play tetris in the computer too :)


So did Lambchop and Ruuuby kissed?


I feel bad for Ares

Late reply but, yes it does

damn didn't know that ro is that tall

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I got green, purple, and orange. I'm really interested in Devyn's character (it's obvious why I got the orange heart lol), so I'm looking forward to the full game :)

PLEASE MAKE MORE MORGAN CONTENT I BEG OF  YOU (only if you want to ofc). But really, after playing this one and Dr. Morgan's Counseling Session I like him already, you have done a good job on making a likeable charcater.

i'm a simple person. i see a handsome guy, i click

May I say. The MC is savage af in bad end 1 variations

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First of all, loves the art style.

Secondly... sorry if this comes off as inappropriate, but may I say, the painting is so pretty that I don't even mind it (the painting) being an antagonist (simp caught in 4K)

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The first ending I got is end 2 and I was just... speechless at the end. Miss Carnation is just trying to help but got killed tiwce (the other one being in end 1) instead. Poor woman deserves better.

Also Hunter's backstory really reminded me of (WITCH'S HEART SPOILERS) Ashe's.

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I have already done that before but it's still not working, thanks though

I tried it but it didn't work, still stays the same (also thx about the profile pic)



Hi, I think there's a bug and I'm not sure how to fix it. The save file is still in the folder but in the game it's missing

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So I bought the premium version


Regarding the true end:

The true ending was bittersweet. The dolls will always support and be there for Helen no matter what, and this fact made me sad and happy at the same time. Lastly, the animations, the CGs, and the amount of effort you put into the true ending is a masterpiece. 

My fav is the wizard doll, hahah.

Okay, I will stop babbling about this.

on my way to speedrun all 58 endings :'')

I just saw your tiktok the other day and I think Petunia is so cute, I really like her design ^^

Areve's fail ending is pain lol

Aww, everyone have this little bear on their outfit. Cute

1. I can't choose, I think every character are likeable.

2. The scene with Al on the roof and on the nurse office, love the MC's antics lol

3. Oh I would love to see that :D

Thank you to the sugar daddy costumer who gave me 18 dollars <3 (or whatever currency they have lol)

I felt bad for choosing the mean option for someone as nice as Strawberry but eventually I had to to get all the endings :(

It was beautiful, the writing is good and the result was on point

Haha cute funny game

"oh my god i hit that dog"

It's a very cute and fun short game (love the little story too) :)

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It was a really great game overall, the red color palette on this game is beautiful. I had fun trying to figure the dead ends on my own and I liked White Rabbit's design. :>

Character-wise, Mad Hatter's def my fav, in her first appearence I like her already.

It's so cute, I had playing it! :D

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[SPOILER (just in case)]

I really like how Dolchio was so naive at the beginning, letting himself to get tricked by people to being able to trick the automaton king himself. I'm a sucker for character developments like this. :')

I got 24 out of 23 endings, don't know how it's possible either.. but I had fun collecting all of the endings, outfits, and the events :D

vv cute

cute game

Vv cute game and plot

Love the purple theme

It's really wholesome, I like the design too. I'm hoping to see more of these in the future :)

I really like it

This was vv cute

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Holy the visual is so good