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I felt bad for choosing the mean option for someone as nice as Strawberry but eventually I had to to get all the endings :(

It was beautiful, the writing is good and the result was on point

Haha cute funny game

"oh my god i hit that dog"

It's a very cute and fun short game (love the little story too) :)

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It was a really great game overall, the red color palette on this game is beautiful. I had fun trying to figure the dead ends on my own and I liked White Rabbit's design. :>

Character-wise, Mad Hatter's def my fav, in her first appearence I like her already.

It's so cute, I had playing it! :D

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[SPOILER (just in case)]

I really like how Dolchio was so naive at the beginning, letting himself to get tricked by people to being able to trick the automaton king himself. I'm a sucker for character developments like this. :')

I got 24 out of 23 endings, don't know how it's possible either.. but I had fun collecting all of the endings, outfits, and the events :D

vv cute

cute game

Vv cute game and plot

Love the purple theme

It's really wholesome, I like the design too. I'm hoping to see more of these in the future :)

I really like it

This was vv cute

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Holy the visual is so good

this is actually so wholesome it made my day, just want to leave a comment to appreciate this game :)

The color palette on this game was very pretty. :)

This is really cool! Also I like the color palette too since I like gothic styles

The walking animation is so cute ;;

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I love the hair animation when the Hilda's sprite is walking! It's very cute. Also Hilda's sprite is very cute either!


Enough about Hilda. Overall, I like most of the characters's personality and the walkthrough is really helpful!

Aww, this is really cute! I like how Chippany is friendly and relaxed on the outside but is always sighing on the inside though XD

Just want to say that Shai's sprite is so cute! xD

First of all, cute sprites and nice musics, but literally I can only pass the tutorial because I'm noob. I have a fun experience playing this though.

Second  of all,

Left right left right

Ee aa ee aa (That's how you do it!)

Up down up do-

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I'm looking forward to "Artificial Selection full release in Summer 2030"! :) /j

Ngl I had hopes for this game haha, and I like how the 'villains' here are xSxJs and not xNTxs  for once XD

The sprite is really cute, and this was a good time killer :D

The story was really absurd but I meant in a good way :)

It's fun reading the wishes other people wrote :D

This game catch my interest. I look forward to play this when it's released. :)

I wish I can have a recorder to talk with plants like Hazel have :D

Trying to get 100% of the dialogue but it's a bit hard D'X

Hi, I got stuck after getting locker combination 2. Since you have finished the game, what did you do after taking teacher's quiz and getting locker combination 2?

(I see that you played this 2 years ago, so it's okay if you don't remember it :D)

I like how optimistic Emily is :)

I like the concept, it was original and simple :)

This game reminded me of Midnight Train and Pocket Mirror hehe :D I'm looking forward to the full version :)

Ngl I pitied Sissy and I can understand Sissy's resentment towards the people in the food town. I'm not the one who finds the second arc ending sad, right? And Butter is such an angel she is so kind I love her <3

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Since I played the first game, Sparky and Angel have become my favorite characters (especially Sparky tho). Also I like the character development of Patches. :)

The visual was really beautiful! I like the voice acting, it really fits the charater :)


My favorite ending is the Good Ending. Also I noticed there was Luna in the Good Ending credit scene :D Bad Ending 2 made me shocked a bit because I have liked Clyde's character since I finished the first ending :( 

This is interesting! The cup and ball minigame was really hard, though.

Ngl I love the ending. The visual are so cute and neat because I like pink <3