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The story and the art style is simple and short. The atmosphere is heart warming and calm. Somehow I can relate to the girl :'(


Still confused about the ending tho ;-; why is the book the boy read has a drawing of the girl in it? I don't know much about Japanese supernatural.

Also, I love the main menu song ;)

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This game took me a long time to collect all the shells. I have collected 98 shells, but I couldn't find anymore shells so I didn't get the passowrd at the end ;-;

Eventhough I couldn't find all the shells, I still had fun playing this game!

Monika best gurll ;) (in my opinion) 

I like her because of her mature, friendly, and kind personality, not because she is yandere.

I love how polite the barista is.. ;-; 

I'm curious, the barista is a girl or a boy? 

I've got all the 6 notes and I've got the ending

I didn't expect that the owner is a-- o_o  (i'm afraid this comment will be a spoiler if I say that D':)

The ending is very sweet tho ;)

The plot-twist really got me tho ;-;

Hello, author of Dreamfarer! After I finished the game, I quit the game using 'Wake Up' option. But when I open the game again, the CG's, extra room, load, all the data disappeared. It took me hours to got all the endings and then the data of the game just disappeared D'X

I got all five endings in 1 day! I got the true ending because I look for answer in your walkthrough, though. Eventhough Akano is kind of psycho, I still love him >.<

finally i found someone who realizes it besides me XD

Such a cute and heart-warming game >.< 

this is very cute and heart-warming! There is no sad scene in this game but i feel sad for no reason after finishing the game ;-;