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One Easter egg I found I thought was creepy

A topic by Super nostalgia games created 20 days ago Views: 319 Replies: 3
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natsuki.chr I converted the file 


What do you think it is

Natsuki's File

You have to rename this file into a .jpeg file (natsuki.jpg).Opening it will result in this odd discolored image:

But to anyone that has experience with photoshop,it's easy to invert the colours of this picture.Then wrapping it around a 3D cone and looking on it from above will result in this view of picture showing a blond/white-haired women with whited-out eyes:

This women has never been seen before in DDLC,so it might be a character from Project:Libitina.Maybe it's Elyssa,the one we heard from in the last secret poem.But there's no proof yet.

Here's a great post with ALL the spoilers / Easter eggs:

thanks I was wondering what that was :)