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Is it possible to play DDLC on a mobile device?

A topic by That-One-Bookworm created Apr 06, 2019 Views: 16,135 Replies: 29
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I was wondering if ddlc was playable on mobile devices since im a big fan and want to play it myself after watching playthroughs.  PLEASE SAY IT IS!


It is not.


hey dont talk about the thing you DONT KNOW !!! ITS AVAILABLE ON ANDROID PHONES


Wow, rude.

It wasn't due to the file thing.

So this is a change.

Doesn't cost anything to be polite.


f u mattyd

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F u wee wooo 

F u Doki foreve

F u N O T S H R U G

Can you add doki doki on the cellphone please!

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Maybe. If you you can get steam on it then yes. If not, then no.


okidokes. Thanks peeps.

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heyy its possible i swear. you can download here the .apk: it let you play on an android phone, today i reached the end :)


that is a lie i tried and it said app not installed then my phone stopped working and my bank account was accessed and im now in debt by over 10000- dollars

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Thanks Protix Hosting! Though I clicked on it and it said "this thing could harm your device".  Does it?  I'm on Android.

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i swear to god it doesnt. if it i wouldnt paste the link. also the github repository isnt my own... my phone didnt get any damage its safe dont worry dude..



is it available for Kindle?? .-.

What I've heard. Yes it is. his is the link

is it on ios devices?

is it available for ipad, and i can't get it on windows, idk why, when i tried to get it NATSUKI flashed on my screen and my computer restarted ;-; it still isn't downloaded and im sad forever ;-;

yep you can 

download it in aptoide

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I know an Android Port made by Refii Kuriyama, but unfortunately in recent months, Refii that closed the development of the port that had several versions since 2017, what I liked was that this port remained up and took the only one that I saw that brought version 1.1.1 also, as I have seen some others that ended up 1.1.0

Updated link:

Outdated link (for some tests that I do):

Oh, and one thing I forgot to say: you may need to allow memory permission before you start the game, otherwise it won't work


If you install any software not from the publisher, expect it to be malware.

I wouldn't. Good luck!


Okay so dowload this link-

Then download Arc Welder on chrome web store

choose the apk file and it should work here's the link to arc welder

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