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when was it made, 64 bit became standard in 2008

how old is your pc to have a 32 bit cpu

hes just scared of being alone

isnt every pc nowadays 64 bit?

fat disabled, that worked for me

its quite the opposite for me, only the fat disabled works on twilight, but maybe its different for original ds and not 2ds


try the fat disabled version, i had the same issue on 2ds twilight menu but it worked on the other version

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please avoid playing the android version for a bit as there is currently an issue with the mobile controls. i will fix this whenever i feel like it

ok but why should he care? he aint gonna go and completely remake the game in another programming language cause he doesnt NEED to

The copyright laws for mobile games are broken.

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I know that android is easier, while iOS is very difficult for indie devs. For a Google developer account, it's 25 USD and it's permanent, but iOS normally requires a Mac to compile and costs 99 USD a year to keep apps available, and unlike android where you can install APK files from unknown sources, to install IPA files on iOS you need to jailbreak the system. Don't worry as only 1 fourth of the mobile community uses iOS devices, and if they have the money for one, they can probably get an Android too.

Do you plan on making a mobile version?


It also costs 99$ a year because since apple users are rich they expect the devs to be too!

They would need to extremely compress the models so it isn't 2gb and instead make it at least 50mb

is there a video on this?

how would you even run the game on chromebook?


im pretty good at the game now! 10/10 very addicting and THIC

wishlist on steam now, GAMERS

get a 64 bit version of windows

suprisingly hard, but good

the less digital trash, the more memory on the internet!

can there be a linux and mac version?

little graphical bug on linux, but its probably because my pc isnt that great, but its still playable!