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I downloaded it but I don't know how to open/play???

A topic by SarahIsDaddy created Jan 03, 2018 Views: 20,287 Replies: 49
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I downloaded it but I don't know how to open it/play


Try this, it worked for me.  Go to files and click on the folder then go to DDLC just that, nothing else. On the right of the bar, under type it says application. Then click and follow through. It may ask you if you want to extract files. Click extract and your good to go. I use Windows. If that doesn't work idk what to do. My instructions may be a little confusing. Srry, Hope this helped. 

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Beardere, I tried this, but it didn't work for me. I went into one file and it had windows on the file name. I clicked on the folder, and there was an .exe file named DDLC.exe, so i clicked on it. It said that it needed a certain file (that i didn't have), to open the game. I didn't feel like going through an hour of downloading the game again, so I went back to the main place where all of the most important files are. I clicked on that .exe file and it didn't work because it thought that the .exe file was missing. Any help or advice? Thanks in advance, Crazy Cat

it didnt help

I also use windows but windows says that some of the files'' cannot be extracted or copied'' me still need help.

I need to extract and I can't do that

Did you unzip the files or just download them? If you just downloaded them, then you need to get Windows Zip for the game to run.


When you open the files and see this. Double click it and if it says extract, click that, if this doesn't help I don't know what to do. 


hai m8 why u suck??


It's how you're supposed to open it. You're probably doing it wrong :/ 

First, there's that file that Beardere showed. Click on it once. At the top, you probably will see a thing saying 'Extract files'. Click on that. Then, after it's finished extracting, re-open file explorer. Double-click on the file this time. Then there's a file that say something like 'ddlc_game'. Double-click on that. And there you have it. The DDLC game.

Thank you this helped alot!!!


me either im very stuck I downloaded like five times but I don't understand how to open it :

Holly crap it worked for me!! Thank you so freaking much!!

If i try to open DDLC.exe, this happens? HElp?




I... can't technology.

i downloaded this thing but cant open it in anything i tried everything someone HELP

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1) Download Steam and make an account.

2) Then launch Steam on your PC, and search "Doki" in the store, it will come right up.  Download DDLC through Steam, add a desktop icon,  Steam will set the game up for you. 

3) if you can't find the game on your desktop, look in your Steam game library. If you don't see it there, search it again in the Steam store - this time instead of download it will say "Play". (If the desktop icon won't launch the game, launch it from the Steam store per #3)

4) Play DDLC, fall in love.   Then cry, poop yourself, and slowly go insane.

Enjoy!   :)

I'll try this, thanks comrade.

Best of luck Tovarish!


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I use a chromebook platform and none of this information really helps. Please save me. T T

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I Added it but its only a GIF and when i click on it, it just takes me to the game download area, am i do something wronggggg????

dis an edit and btw figured it out

i was wondering what you guys meant by ddlc. i thought that was an option to open a game or something tf?

Lmao It just means "Doki Doki Literature Club" In shorter form

tiene virus??

porque mi compu dice que los archivos .exe son virus

use win zip 7 to extract the files. Once the files have been extracted there's gonna be a whole lot of files but if you look carefully there's a file that has type application next to it. That should do the trick


no you don't-


Goddamnit, calm down! I'll help you. You don't need WINZIP to do it. Just to confirm, you're on a Windows PC, right? And your Windows version is updated to Windows 10? Reply ASAP so I can make a video showing you how to do it. I'll have to re-download the DDLC game though, I've already finished it once.

I tried to download 3 baldi stuff 2 mods and the real game it didn't work when I tried to play mod menu and real game and become baldi

This is DDLC's place, not Baldi's Basics


Ye, I will not lose my time discussing with an immature child, just know that you do not do what you think about here, brazilian child

And how you talk about what you want I also speak that ROBLOX is a pure rubbish poorly done by worse developers still!!!

XD ur right. he typed a song and it drove me insane 


Well, your attitude really pisses me off. We're talking about DDLC, not Baldi, nor Minecraft or Roblox. This is a chat about how to sort out the DDLC files in order to play it. Like I have explained before, WINZIP is also not needed in this situation. I suggest you act a bit more mature, otherwise I won't help you extract the DDLC files without WINZIP. There's no need to pull in other games. Calm down, kiddo.


I could help some Windows users by redownloading it since I finished it and also filming how to do it.

I still can't open my baldi stufF YOU NEED TO BUY WINZIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shush, kiddo.

We're talking about DDLC.

I'll help you later.

I tried to insert the vid.

The file was too big.

I'm sorry-

what if you posted it on YouTube and  sent the link?

Ok, here's how to run the app/file for all of y'all in windows! (Hope this is not confusing!) 

First, go to  downloads and open the file DDLC  (1) 

Second, open DDLC.exe in DDLC (1)      (Press the file that says only DDLC ) 

It will ask you to extract the files. Press EXTRACT to extract. The tricky part comes here. 

You will need to extract all the files in DDLC (1) to DDLC.exe . Do not extract to the file location that automatically comes up. (this is a key mistake that most of you probably made. I made it too ehehe~)  That what makes the notification that the files are missing when you try and open the app. You should extract all the files to the DDLC.exe file by using this file location:

C:\Users\TheMonikaSimp\Downloads\DDLC-exe (1)

(where I wrote TheMonikaSimp is where you input your name that you used on your computer) 

Now once the extracting process is done, press DDLC.exe again. You will be able to play! (I recommend moving the DDLC.exe to your desktop so its a easy find)

I hope this helps and have fun playing!  :D

So basically, once you have downloaded the game, open your file explorer. In download, you will find something named along the lines of 'ddlc-win' or so!

Open that, and then extract the file. Then re-open file explorer, and do the same thing, but instead of extracting, you may now play.

hi! this is pretty late- anyways, you don't need to do all that if you are on a pc, or are a windows user! 


now, let keep going!

you just:

1. open files and go to downloads

2.find the file and open it, in this case "ddlc" or "ddlc 1.1" or something like that-

3. when you are in, look for the one with the game icon

warning tho: dont go mess around with the game's files, or it can cause the game to run not so smoothly:)

another choice is to do it like this!

1. do 1 from before, but read ahead carefully!

2. ok so, you go to the "ddlc" file, click and open. look for the internet explorer icon (its blue!)

3.after that double click it! this will open the file and take you to an  mini downloads page that you did that, click open, or save... i did both- sorry if that's confusing, just a precaution!

5. now open files again, go to the one called "ddlc-win" or something among those lines

6. and look for the game icon! (hint- its pink and baby blue!) 

7.And double click to open it! it should open like a regular game does.

-ask questions if confused, even though i'm not so good at this myself ^^

Happy playing!

I am dying to get doki doki literature club but I don’t have a pc :( But I do have an apple iPad. Will that work?