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Try this, it worked for me.  Go to files and click on the folder then go to DDLC just that, nothing else. On the right of the bar, under type it says application. Then click and follow through. It may ask you if you want to extract files. Click extract and your good to go. I use Windows. If that doesn't work idk what to do. My instructions may be a little confusing. Srry, Hope this helped. 

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Beardere, I tried this, but it didn't work for me. I went into one file and it had windows on the file name. I clicked on the folder, and there was an .exe file named DDLC.exe, so i clicked on it. It said that it needed a certain file (that i didn't have), to open the game. I didn't feel like going through an hour of downloading the game again, so I went back to the main place where all of the most important files are. I clicked on that .exe file and it didn't work because it thought that the .exe file was missing. Any help or advice? Thanks in advance, Crazy Cat

it didnt help

I also use windows but windows says that some of the files'' cannot be extracted or copied'' me still need help.