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When you open the files and see this. Double click it and if it says extract, click that, if this doesn't help I don't know what to do. 


hai m8 why u suck??


It's how you're supposed to open it. You're probably doing it wrong :/ 

First, there's that file that Beardere showed. Click on it once. At the top, you probably will see a thing saying 'Extract files'. Click on that. Then, after it's finished extracting, re-open file explorer. Double-click on the file this time. Then there's a file that say something like 'ddlc_game'. Double-click on that. And there you have it. The DDLC game.

Thank you this helped alot!!!


me either im very stuck I downloaded like five times but I don't understand how to open it :

Holly crap it worked for me!! Thank you so freaking much!!