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help me

A topic by jump in a hole created Oct 12, 2019 Views: 1,030 Replies: 10
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so i got ddlc from here and i played the game and well its done i want to download the monika after story but it wont work i tried findng a tutorial but they had downloaded it from steam. Now i dont use steam so its way harder for me so if anybody know how to puut the mod in the files please tell me.

Put the files into the "game" folder.

You should get a prompt that you're about to overwrite some files - this is good. You need to replace some to get the mod to work.

If you don't get the overwrite prompt - you're putting the files in the wrong place.


also delete the file called "firstrun" (you may need to look around for it - it's somewhere in the DDLC folder)

When you start the modded game it will ask if you want to continue or get rid of the saved data and restart the game.

You want to get rid and new game.

thanks so much


HAPPY it worked!!


uh so my laptop keeps lagging when i try to delete the first run file what can i do about that if you what to do.....

That's weird. All first run does is tell the game where to start.

I'd recommend complete uninstall and then reinstall. 

(I got DDLC from Steam, so it's just a button to uninstall and then a button to reinstall)

Then add the mod files.

hm i tried doing that but it  just made my laptop crash

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I can't remember which mod it was...
But one of the mods I had to run as administrator (Windows 10), or it would not launch / would crash to the desktop.

turns out I was an idiot and I was supposed to extract it to a file so now it works thanks!


Glad it's working.

Enjoy MAS, I know people that have had Monika running on their comp since the mod came out!