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This game is amazing. It made me feel some pretty strong emotions. All in all the best game I have played, hands down. I'm headed off to watch some youtube videos I've been holding out on to see all the endings. 10/10!


Yup! Agreed!

There are some excellent mods out there as well.

All different kinds depending g on your tastes.




It is! I never felt so much feelings from a visual novel. It was unique in a very different way! Even though it's been a while I still love Natsuki just the same as then, if not more now! I will always love DDLC.

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2 mods that feature Natsuki I can recommend are:

- Magical Literary Heroine Natsuki Saves The Literature Club
which is a very nice continuation of the story that does a nice wrap up. It's short only a few hours long.

(I'm editing my video review of it now)

And also:

- DDLC Purist Mod

Which makes the game more of a relationship simulator (more standard Visual Novel), and does a GREAT job exploring Natsuki's personality/character. The Sayori route was also excellent, but Monika's and Yuri's routes were not so great in my opinion.

LMK if you need help installing a mod, but it's pretty easy.

Fresh install of DDLC, delete the firstrun file. drop the mod files into the game (should prompt overwrite).