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it’s like $4 baby just buy one less energy drink this week

we also really love your game. the music is absolutely bananas.

thanks! motherload was our main inspiration. i love that game so much. Mr Natas scared me so much when i was a child.


thanks! every time i play i get killed by rocks falling on me which is the main way it adheres to the theme i think.

thanks! we looked at flash games from the 2000s and then just tried to go for that vibe. some stuff, like the groundhog and UI, are 3D models we made and then took screenshots of it for animations to give it that unsettling GCI look.

haha that’s the goal!

Art is cool rest is meh

yes! you should check out this game makers toolkit video! their video on the movement in celeste is really good too.

fucking sick murder. i figured out that i can keep eating their bodies once they die, so not really any challenge or gameplay to speak of but really awesome presentation.

i like the idea of time travel bounty hunting, and it’s always impressive to have an open-y kinda world to explore in a gamejam. but also, man, rouuugh game to play. hahahaha. i died in a swordfight then me and the guys i was fighting lay dead floating above the ground forever. 9/10 stars.

this is cool! nice art style. it’s like overcooked meets twilight. i like how the monster customers are scared of you as a human. it’s very funny and cute.

this is really sweet. super cute art and sound design. i accidentally ruined myself financially and can never recover so i think i’ll just peacefully drift off into space for the rest of my life hahah. we made a hand painted farming game recently too! you should check it out it’s a similar vibe.

if i had to pick one i’d go for Water Creature

really cool visual style. it’s a shame you got disqualified for the playground scripts. the character feels awful to control so it seems like those scripts screwed you over in more ways than one. hahaha. good work though!

haha i made a game like this once! very similar concept. nice.

this is a pretty cool and really hard concept. hahah. could be good though! really needs sound to make those matches more satisfying

man what a surreal adventure.

obsessed with the background music

i won! this is pretty sick. big vlambeer energy. the jumping and moving are a little fast and unsatisfying but the shooting and switching modes is fun. it’s good! stylistically great

i love this god damn icecube game holy shit. really cute music, cute art. i beat the main levels in about 300 seconds, i’m just starting on the extra ones. so cool the idea of having like, DLC built into a game jam game. i love it. the physics are a little floaty when you get faster and it needs a little cayote time on the jumps but it rules. fuck yes.

this game is so cool im jealous. little iffy on the theme but 10/10.

really into the spooky green text


i know the resolution thing is so annoying!! it’s really weird it works perfectly on some of my monitors and not others, even though they have the same 16:9 dimensions. i was able to fix it by playing in non fullscreen and changing the browser window zoom, so you could give that a try. do you have any tips for web builds / itch display settings to fix it? i re-exported and uploaded it like 5 different times and i can’t work out how to get it working reliably. the viewport is a fixed pixel size but even when i restrict the itch window to that specific resolution it still cuts off the sides on some monitors. it’s absolutely infuriating.

damn, 3 left. i thought the kiwis and penguins would be the hardest because they were small but it was the ostriches that evaded me most. the art and presentation for this game rules and i love that i also sound like a bird.

damn those birds!


sick egg

i clicked everything and now i am the bean king and one with the beans.

i love krampus. he is such a good villain. all games need more krampus.

we’re gonna need a faster bird!

i agree with the comments below. visually really great, lacking in mechanics and sound. i’m sure if you had a little more time this would be amazing.

i LOVE the art. especially the starting area with the egg and everything. so cute. the squishing animation when you hold down is pointless as far as i can tell but adorable. i made it over the ET style pit of death when i figured out that you need to space the flaps. the stair like bits are pretty frustrating. definitely lacking on a mechanical level but you really nailed the vibe. <3

this is fun. i think you could have gotten rid of needing to hold down the mouse button, it would have been way more relaxing to just slide the mouse around because as far as i can tell there isn’t any advantage to letting the birds just go wild and fly freely. great aesthetic too it has that kinda cursed MS Paint game vibe to it. the art on the old lady is great. she’s a real blessing and a curse that woman.

i really tried to understand this game but i still don’t fully get it. is the color coding a thing or just aesthetic? what is the optimal strategy for laying out the sequence of the cards?

this game is annoying af to interact with at every turn but very impressive.

nice parallax scrolling. i love that shit.

this is pretty fun! i would have loved a dash button on a cooldown and for some of the bird timers to be randomized within a range so i had to make some decisions about what to prioritize, but it’s good! i know you didn’t make the music but it was a good choice.