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Awesome game! very original and challenging.
My only note is that you can't tell how much ammo you have left for the dice on the lava pool.

While it's understandable everything is random and should be the same odds, the prep phase takes too much time to put together and when the die misses, it feels like a turn wasted. Player 2 got a massive buff when the ship was built because then every dice roll mattered there, but player 1 couldn't even recruit a crew yet.

However, in the end it balanced out because of a bug that caused the player 1 to have 2 turns lol.

Nice polished game!
My only comment is that the puzzle solving part was a bit tedious, since there are limited options of movement, I just tried paths at random until I completed the level and it worked quit well.

Awesome game, minor issues with the gameplay but everything else is outstanding for a 48hr game.

One of the best games I've played so far!

Really original game! I like the main mechanic of switching a lot!

Really awesome game! Nice retrowave aesthetics as well.

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We have an updated and harder version of the game! (BUT don't use that to rate us! only play it if you liked this game and want some more challenge).

Here is the change log for the harder version: 

 You can no longer jump while looking to the left. 

Above 2,000 score points, the enemy increases speed. 

Above 2,000 score points, the enemy needs 2 shots to be stunned. 

Every 2,000 score points, your stunned time (after bumping with objects) and the enemy speed increase a little (there's a limit! Can you guess it?).

Did you created all alone? That's insane! The game is so good, just fix that bug and it should be shipping material already!

What a great puzzle game, and very original, I'll suggest you keep expanding on this idea! 

Thanks! I'll go ahead and try your game.

Thanks a lot!

Amazing game, now I don't know if this is something Mark would show on his channel, but who knows.

Very nice game, it kept me hooked up for a few levels. If you're planning on continuing this idea, definitely add a go back in time option!

Very cool idea! The only thing is that I got softlocked in a part where I couldn't switch to another enemy that was on screen to advance.

Hey, thank you ;) I'll go ahead and rate your game. 

Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback, we appreciated it!

This was... interesting... XD

Really nice concept, and as a programmer myself, I could see this or something very similar to this as an educational game for computing courses!

Thanks for playing! As for the out of control part, you and the enemy are out of control from a narrative perspective, but also, when bumping with obstacles, you lose control, we actually nerfed the  time you are out of actual control after bumping quite a few times, but we made it somewhat easy as a result.

Thanks! :D

No problem!

Now this is what I call a very, very original game! What was your inspiration to create such masterpiece? :)

Thank for playing it! And yes, we cut some elements that would make it harder but didn't implement anything in its place, so we made it a lot easier without noticing it, oh well, the game jam pressure can get to everyone!

Thanks a lot! And yes, the game gets easier once you know how it works, we cut some gameplay elements that would make it harder, but didn't replace them with anything... so yeah, game jam pressure it's a thing!

I love this idea! Very original and fun, even tho all of my actions seem to always result in a destroyed house. xz

Thanks a lot! I'll go ahead and check your game ;)

Nice puzzle game! Although, sometimes the path the hero or the enemy take are super random. Also, the WASD controls don't seem to work.

Sorry to hear that! What version of the game did you play?

AWESOME game! pretty random and fun! I hope you get at least the top 100.

Good job, awesome music! What would you change the most if you had the opportunity?

NIce presentation!

Nice, shoot to move game, the controls feel nice!

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Cool concept, I was hoping I could drift a little by hitting the walls!

Nice idea of switching between out of control and in control! Would really liked the capsules to respawn because I needed to wait in a certain part to advance.

Had to check this comment section to see how to get past the first text. I liked the maze mini game, but it was so hard!

Very nice game, the SFXs are so fun! The only problem is that I didn't know wich piece was going to move first so many times I died in the very first movement.

Finally, a shoot to move game! The idea is great, but the only bullets that seem to have any impact were the teleport ones.

The game was too dark for me to see anything, so I didn't play it that much, but it seems like a nice concept.