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Hey, I like this! There are some obvious things missing, such as animations, but you've done a lot in just 72 hours. I really like that you've focused on all the small details like a pause menu and a way to quit the game, sound effects when jumping, multiple key options for jumping, a good start menu and a tutorial. These are all things that a lot of people forget to add, and they make the game look so much more polished. Good job!

I noticed the audio isn't persistent. Do you load a whole new scene when you go from start menu to the "how to play" menu? If you do, I'd recommend adding an AudioManager which persists through different scenes. This can be done by writing DontDestroyOnLoad(gameObject); in the Awake() function. That way the music doesn't restart every time you load a new scene. Here's a really useful tutorial on audio in Unity: 

Secondly, I noticed I can still move after the time runs out. I can even get to the next level if I get my character to the finish. This can be prevented by changing the time scale when the time runs out: Time.TimeScale = 0f;

Lastly, I think the game is a bit too difficult. Remember that the people who play your game only get 5 minutes to practice. You've had 72 hours to practice and you're obviously a lot better. A good quote I've heard somewhere is "try to make the game really simple, and call that hard mode".

Good luck next game jam! :) 

Looks good. How did you get that glow around the objects? I've been trying to find out how to do that. Do you use a custom shader?

I like the idea of the game, but unfortunately  I don't get that stressed feeling I'd expect to get from this game. Maybe it's the lack of music. You should have a sound of sand falling down on each hourglass, and some alert sound when an hourglass is about to be emptied. I think that would make a big difference. Either way, cool idea, a little more polish and it would have been awesome! 

Good luck next game jam! :)

When I said the main screen is different from the game I meant the art style and atmosphere. When I open the start menu I'm expecting a Sci-Fi space fighting game or something like that, and the game is very different from my expectations. It's like if you write a book crime novel book and put a colorful cartoon character on the cover. 

Firstly you should fix the camera and the other minor issues. Where you choose to go after that is up to you. You could have it so that if you save a red furbie you get a red furbie skin which has slightly different mechanics. Maybe with the red one you can jump higher or fall down slower or something. It's all up to you! :) Good luck

Great looking game, I like the subtle animations and all. Music gets really repetitive, but that's kind of the way it's supposed to be in games like these :) 

My problem with the game is that there is only one, simple mechanic in the game, and that mechanic doesn't always work that well on certain levels. I'll try to explain. For example, I spent a lot of time on level 9. The up/down-moving platforms moved just barely above the static platforms, so I had to time it perfectly to even get off the up/down platform. More often than not I'd press too early or too late and just bounce back and forth. It was really annoying to not even be able to get off a platform. I understand that this is done to make it more difficult, but remember that - and this is a really good rule in general - the difficulty element of a game must never be annoying. I'd recommend letting the up/down platforms move further to let the player move more freely, and instead put in stuff like moving spikes to increase the difficulty. 

Anyway, I see that I'm sounding very harsh right now! :P It was a really good game, but with slightly better level design it would have been amazing! I'll look forward to seeing more games from you in the future :) 

Good luck next game jam! 

So far almost no games have reached 10 ratings, and there are less than 3 days of voting remaining! Get out there and vote, folks!

Wow, this was something different. Beautiful looking game, great atmosphere. You made all this yourself or did you use some assets? 

My biggest concern with this game is the camera movement. When you're at the bottom of the map, the player character doesn't have to be in the middle of the screen. That just makes half the screen filled with useless black ground. This can be solved by setting a float minHeight variable that is set each scene. Also, when you jump far the camera is sometimes too slow to follow you. Hitting spikes when you can't even see your character is an extremely frustrating way to die. I'm not sure how you do the camera movement, but I'd increase the movement speed of the camera if it's far away from the player. These should both be fairly easy to implement. Basically, my problem is that I can't see all the obstacles. Maybe simply zooming out a bit would help as well? If you can afford game assets, this is a really good 2D camera asset that I've been using:

Now, I really like the atmosphere and the art style of the game. But why is the main screen so much different from the game itself? :P At the start menu it feels like I'll get some action-packed sci-fi game, and the game itself is a really pretty, fairly calming (except when you die from spikes for the thousandth time...) game with a great atmosphere. 

Finally, please add a way to exit the game without having to press alt + f4. The super simple way is to add a PauseMenu object that is inactive in your canvas, and when the player presses escape this gets set to active. In the pause menu, all you need is a button to continue the game and a button to quit. Application.Quit() will close the game. This takes 5 minutes in total. 

Good luck next game jam! :)

Such a cool idea! Really like it. I had one game-breaking bug though! The score doesn't reset after you start a new game. I'm sure this was just a minor mistake, but it kinda ruins the whole point of a scoring system :P

I don't like that you make me use the mouse. What about moving the big hand with, say, Q and E and the small hand with A and D. Or A/D and LeftArrow/RightArrow. That way you can interact with both hands at the same time. Or, what if you couldn't move them manually at all, but instead you could change the time scale, as in how fast they go around. That would be really cool! Just put a slider that you can drag, and then multiply the turning speed by the slider value. 

Other than that, really cool entry. I like that you have background music and a pause menu (you have no idea how many games I've played today with no pause menu...) and all the basic functionalities. A sound effect when you destroy the clocks and when the clocks hit the boy would be awesome though. 

Good luck next game jam! :)

Looks neat! I've never worked in GameMaker before, but how do you increase and decrease the speed? It seems like you may be changing the frame rate? It stutters a lot on certain speeds, not really sure what's going on there. Also, I found a reproducible bug where you can't restart if you jump, press R while you're in the air and then land on your head. And to quit the game I have to press alt + f4. 

But yeah, the game does look cool and I think you could make this into something cool. What if you can also vary the turning speed by for example holding the jump button? Good luck next game jam! :)

Alright, cool concept you got here. You obviously didn't have time to make the monsters actually attack you, but that's fine. It's a game jam. Here are three tips that don't take much time to implement but would have improved the game a lot:

1. I play on a 4K monitor, and the text at the top left corner was tiny. On your canvas there's a component called Canvas Scaler. If you set the variable UI Scale Mode to "Scale With Screen Size" all the UI elements will scale based on the user's resolution. 

2. Remember to give the player feedback to inputs. When I click to shoot or to change the time scale I need to know that my input actually got registered. All you need to do is record some simple sound effects and play them when the player presses these buttons. Here's a very useful guide to audio in Unity: 

3. Add an option to close the game without having to press alt + f4. The super simple way is to add a PauseMenu object that is inactive in your canvas, and when the player presses escape this gets set to active. In the pause menu, all you need is a button to continue the game and a button to quit. Application.Quit() will close the game. 

Good luck next game jam! :)

Pretty cool. I think these types of games can work very well in a game jam, but keep in mind that people have a lot of games to play and if they get stuck at a puzzle for more than a minute they'll quit before completing it. I think it would have been a lot better if you had a little hint pop up if the player made no progress in, for example, 30 seconds. 

All of that aside, I really like your art style and I think you can make something great if you keep practicing game dev. Good luck on your next game and your next game jam! :)

You've done so much to this game, yet it lacks an actual goal. The mechanics where the time goes faster as you move is executed very well, there is background music, there are good looking characters and good general graphics. A few hours put into level design and it would have been a great entry! If you made all this art yourself I'm definitely looking forward to your next game :)