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Cross Eyed Ninja - in a nick of timeView game page

Submitted by raul.rita.gone.indie — 3 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline

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Give a brief description of your game:
You've trained ninjutsu for years now. Your body and mind are one!

Now it's time for the ultimate challenge...

Tap to run, tap to stop. This is you're final focus and reflexes exam, the last step in becoming... the next ninja master.

What controls do you need to use?
Mouse on windows, finger on mobile

How did you bring the theme of Time into your entry?
It's all about timing

What was the most interesting part about making the game?
Coding all from scratch in c++ and cross platform

Anything else to add?
Load of levels, ios version

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Nice game! I included it in my Games Plus Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out. :)


Great looking game, I like the subtle animations and all. Music gets really repetitive, but that's kind of the way it's supposed to be in games like these :) 

My problem with the game is that there is only one, simple mechanic in the game, and that mechanic doesn't always work that well on certain levels. I'll try to explain. For example, I spent a lot of time on level 9. The up/down-moving platforms moved just barely above the static platforms, so I had to time it perfectly to even get off the up/down platform. More often than not I'd press too early or too late and just bounce back and forth. It was really annoying to not even be able to get off a platform. I understand that this is done to make it more difficult, but remember that - and this is a really good rule in general - the difficulty element of a game must never be annoying. I'd recommend letting the up/down platforms move further to let the player move more freely, and instead put in stuff like moving spikes to increase the difficulty. 

Anyway, I see that I'm sounding very harsh right now! :P It was a really good game, but with slightly better level design it would have been amazing! I'll look forward to seeing more games from you in the future :) 

Good luck next game jam! 


First of all let me thank you for actually taking the time, trying out the game and write this awesome review. It means the world to me.

I agree with all you're saying and I'll try (to the best of my abilities) to incorporate/overcome your points. Not harsh at all, you really pinpointed all the flaws and I thank you for the positive feedback.

Also really excited to tell you that "Cross Eyed Ninja - in a nick of time" mobile version is going to be released with a  bunch of new of levels and hopefully with all this a bit more polished.

Can't thank you enough, hope to see you at a future game jam,



Your game turned me on. The music and the dancy, bouncy characters of game let in some of my own moves too. It's realllly realllly entertaining & I had a lot of fun!!!!! Very happy game. 



Such nice words. Really glad you liked it. 

Also really excited to announce that "Cross Eyed Ninja" mobile version is going to be released with a  bunch of new of levels.



Oh, really! Congratz. Send me the link when it's published.


apk version is just a black screen with music :( Tested on my Samsung Galaxy S7


Hi, thanks for your input.

Tested with SG7 edge (should be similar) and found a bug in the shader.

Already applied a fix and uploaded a new apk. If you're so kind to test it again I'll be appreciated.



Yes now it works great! Awesome and fun game! You should continue this project and find a way to monetize it. Oh and if you can make it available on iOS so I can play it on my daily driver iPhone8 that would be awesome.  Great job!


So great you liked it.

You can count on both more levels/polish and an ios version :)

Tks for trying it out.