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Mice can go everywhere right? Just kidding... if you got that it's a bug,

Each mouse has one color and it relates to the player color. One player is supposed to catch one mouse and is killed if the colors do not match.

Not that obvious I know :)

Maybe that's why you're dying and not the time... just a guess.

Hi, thanks for checking this out.

This was developed on windows 10. Did a couple of tests on other machines and yes, there's a program with some opengl drivers.

This "game" will be removed on the next days.

Thanks for the feedback

Hi, thank you so much for the kind words! Really appreciated.


First tks for trying it out, and the awesome feedack.

If you die on this newer version you can keep going as long as you don't restart the game. v0.2

We agree with everything I just couldn't make it on time. Since it's a gamejam we're going to keep it as it is till the voting ends and maybe update it afterwards.

Again tks for the feedback

Something happened to krass for sure. Let's be patient, I'm sure he'll extended the deadline.

Hi, check out

All the instructions and software needed are there.

Tks for checking out Hats n'Taps

Found the problem - it's nvidia related. Will try to fix it tomorrow. Tks for your patience

Just tried this build on a 150 dolars netbook, no dedicated GPU. Fresh installed windows 10 64bit. Runs ok.

Please make sure you replace everything on the

Again, tks for testing it out.

Please check now, it should be fixed.

That's 100x more than enough. I did a stupid mistake with my build and was running assets not packed.

Please check now, it should be fixed.

So I've been told :)

Looking into it, Will get back asap.

Tks for trying it out.  Taking a look into the issue.

Meanwhile can you tell me what version of windows you're running and if it's 32 or 64 bits please.

Also can you check what version of opengl does your gpu supports?

So glad you liked it.


Eheh nice :)

Tks a bunch. Cheers

Thank you so much for the feedback. Definitely something to consider next time.

Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it.

We'll definitely keep that in mind on the next jam. Tks

That's so weird. It's definitely a bug and I'm sorry for that.

Can you tell me your screen resolution please. And if it's not too much to ask for can you try the game on a 1920x1080 resolution please.

Thanks in advance


I'm really sorry for that. 

Can you please send me some information about your machine (Windows version, RAM, screen resolution).

Can you press on the play button, does the button go down? Do you get any error.

Thanks for your interest and I hope I can sort it out.


Making of -

First of all let me thank you for actually taking the time, trying out the game and write this awesome review. It means the world to me.

I agree with all you're saying and I'll try (to the best of my abilities) to incorporate/overcome your points. Not harsh at all, you really pinpointed all the flaws and I thank you for the positive feedback.

Also really excited to tell you that "Cross Eyed Ninja - in a nick of time" mobile version is going to be released with a  bunch of new of levels and hopefully with all this a bit more polished.

Can't thank you enough, hope to see you at a future game jam,


Such nice words. Really glad you liked it. 

Also really excited to announce that "Cross Eyed Ninja" mobile version is going to be released with a  bunch of new of levels.


So great you liked it.

You can count on both more levels/polish and an ios version :)

Tks for trying it out.

Hi, thanks for your input.

Tested with SG7 edge (should be similar) and found a bug in the shader.

Already applied a fix and uploaded a new apk. If you're so kind to test it again I'll be appreciated.