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Submitted by SinGGedD with 58 minutes, 46 seconds before the deadline

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Give a brief description of your game:
My ​first solo published game :)

Signals can be transmited almost any where even through voids and portals.
ferbies are creatures that lived a long time ago in total peace never leaving thier universe, the furbies use signals as thier main comunication way , but one day this lovely peace was blown away in a seconds a huge black hole seprating furbies througth space sending them to their unkown fate but that one last furbie who didnt want to give up ('flufy') decided to chase after the remains of the the signal waves transmuted by his own kind in a hope of restoring peace and happines to his kind ...

What controls do you need to use?
left/right arrow keys + space ( double space to make double jump) + up arraow to fall down faster

How did you bring the theme of Time into your entry?
Story/Timer/Finding your way before timer ends

What was the most interesting part about making the game?

Anything else to add?
Beware Tho if ur timer reaches 0 ur gold will be spent and u will lose the game /// the game is still under development im planing on adding more lvls and ennemies/skins in the future the furry charcter is a free asset from unity store

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Cute graphics! I included it in my Games Plus Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out. :)


thanks ill be sure to take a look


Wow, this was something different. Beautiful looking game, great atmosphere. You made all this yourself or did you use some assets? 

My biggest concern with this game is the camera movement. When you're at the bottom of the map, the player character doesn't have to be in the middle of the screen. That just makes half the screen filled with useless black ground. This can be solved by setting a float minHeight variable that is set each scene. Also, when you jump far the camera is sometimes too slow to follow you. Hitting spikes when you can't even see your character is an extremely frustrating way to die. I'm not sure how you do the camera movement, but I'd increase the movement speed of the camera if it's far away from the player. These should both be fairly easy to implement. Basically, my problem is that I can't see all the obstacles. Maybe simply zooming out a bit would help as well? If you can afford game assets, this is a really good 2D camera asset that I've been using:

Now, I really like the atmosphere and the art style of the game. But why is the main screen so much different from the game itself? :P At the start menu it feels like I'll get some action-packed sci-fi game, and the game itself is a really pretty, fairly calming (except when you die from spikes for the thousandth time...) game with a great atmosphere. 

Finally, please add a way to exit the game without having to press alt + f4. The super simple way is to add a PauseMenu object that is inactive in your canvas, and when the player presses escape this gets set to active. In the pause menu, all you need is a button to continue the game and a button to quit. Application.Quit() will close the game. This takes 5 minutes in total. 

Good luck next game jam! :)


LuckyFeathers thanks for your awsome review i realy realy appreciate it as u said  i made a mistake in the camera and i will try to fix it as for free assetes i used the fluffy charcter from the assets store - non copyrighted music from youtube - background i put in a nice 4k wallpaper every thing else from coding to main menu to game over i made them as for the menu why is it diffrent from the game ? XD i realy dont know i just had the idea to do so ,  so i did same goes for the lvl i just wanted to foucs on one lvl at a time from the bg music to coding to bg pic i  wanted to ensure that every thing was perfect 

again thanks for the review it realy helps me know what to do and what no , i   will fix the camera for sure and more lvls 

im thinking about adding some skins to the game later on for ex ( saving a red furbie will grant you a red furbie skin...) so what im asking is that should i foucs on adding more lvls or doing skins ui and other thing like that ? 


When I said the main screen is different from the game I meant the art style and atmosphere. When I open the start menu I'm expecting a Sci-Fi space fighting game or something like that, and the game is very different from my expectations. It's like if you write a book crime novel book and put a colorful cartoon character on the cover. 

Firstly you should fix the camera and the other minor issues. Where you choose to go after that is up to you. You could have it so that if you save a red furbie you get a red furbie skin which has slightly different mechanics. Maybe with the red one you can jump higher or fall down slower or something. It's all up to you! :) Good luck


yup nice idea im defnitly gonna do that thanks any  way <3


I spent way longer than I should have playing this game. It was thoroughly enjoyable, and you should be proud considering it's your first solo game. The aesthetics reminded me of game like world of goo, and the platforming was tight, even if the jumping was a bit buggy. you might want to improve the camera, making it a bit more respondent to sudden movements. Overwise, this is a great effort!


thanks for you review i realy appreciate it as every honest review helps me know where my mistakes were <3 <3